American Horror Stories (FX on Hulu) Trailer HD

American Horror Stories is a weekly anthology series that will feature a different horror story each episode. American Horror Stories is a new anthology series from Emmy and Golden Globe award winning producer Ryan Murphy spun off from FX’s biggest, longest running original drama hit, “American Horror Story”. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more American Horror Stories season 1 promos in HD!

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  1. stan yoongi for clear skin より:

    oh god kaia is so pretty

  2. Sean Lann より:

    “We are concerned with the effect of the violent contents on our society” says Mrs. Gore

  3. Nahuel Facundo より:

    me parece una falta de respeto que no salga evan peters

  4. Souley Naille より:

    Yes, I can’t wait to watch this!

  5. Juan Andres Fuentes より:

    Miss Kaia!!

  6. fav movie characters より:

    iʼm confused with this trailer

  7. Devan Moran より:

    cant wait to see the trailer for ahs season 10 (:

  8. Jennifer Hensley より:

    This looks like a teen slasher. I’ll wait to see the real show.

  9. Devan Moran より:

    is evan going to have a cameo in this show ?

  10. Pamela Renee より:

    I saw kaia, I clicked

  11. Gordon Jones より:

    I haven’t been this excited for AHS since the first season trailer of AHS

  12. Miecole Beverly より:

    It looks like a mash up of a couple seasons.. very interesting..

  13. No No より:

    So many professionals actresses around and they hire the daughter of a top model. Ok.

  14. Artur Mouradian より:

    Danny Trejo – Santa Killer

  15. Stan Larcombe より:

    When a show becomes a parody of the parody of itself…

  16. dust より:

    im so happy i got hulu

  17. dust より:

    ahhh i saw madison bailey im so excited omg omg

  18. Nistoroiu Florin より:

    I can’t wait

  19. JorgeParagliding より:

    So its this only going to be available on Hulu? Or can we watch on FX on cable as well?

  20. VV Lowe より:

    Lol looks like dog doo

  21. impossibrugirl より:

    It looks like they’re just rehashing all the old story lines. Eh

  22. adriana ramirez より:


  23. AHS Admirer より:

    Random: tell me your personal Top 9 AHS Seasons! (I know very well that this is the spin-off American Horror Stories)

    My personal Top 9 AHS Seasons is:
    1. Coven (Best)
    2. Hotel
    3. Murder House
    4. Apocalypse
    5. Asylum
    6. 1984
    7. Freak Show
    8. Roanoke
    9. Cult (Worst)

  24. Elin Eriksson より:

    Wait… is this a spinoff or the latest season of the regular show?

  25. vincenzo raspavolo より:

    i mean kaia….

  26. Earth Bruja より:

    Ugh nepotism. Nepotism everywhere. Except Billie lourd. I love her.

  27. Rihanna TEK より:

    where is Sarah and Evan??????????

  28. YesseniaKass より:

    I’m excited cause it’s AHs but where are all our classic AHS stars !

  29. Ricky Ricardo より:

    nothing will ever top first and second season this show went wayyy down hill

  30. An Ab より:

    What the…

  31. Alejandro Contreras Romero より:


  32. Alex W より:

    0:05 hold up……Olive???!

  33. Roller Girl より:

    Ugh now Cindy Crawford’s daughter is trying to act. Your mama couldn’t act hon and neither can you. stick with modeling And hanging out with your hot as hell boyfriend

  34. jayxfrost より:

    0:10 – Tate? (since it looks like his and Violet’s room)

  35. Talia Bettendorf より:

    Damn it this is only on Hulu??

  36. Christian Callahan より:

    Hopefully this is good because I haven’t enjoyed a season since Hotel

  37. Kartoffel より:

    0:44 omg is that Matt Bomer!!! In AHS Hotel?! Good to see him hereee omg❤️

  38. NYC2020 より:

    Idk what I just watched but I’ll tune in

  39. Omega Hagan より:

    So, 13 Ghosts?

  40. The countess of Dolor より:

    What this song “be careful who you trust”?

  41. jennifer rosier より:

    I’m almost ……. getting a Thirteen Ghosts vibe??

  42. Trina Wills より:

    The lace on that beard!!!!!!!!

  43. ᴘʀᴏᴅ. ʜxᴋᴛxᴋ より:

    0/10 no Jessica Lange-y no me like-y

  44. ÖmerNB より:


  45. The Dark Dna より:

    İşte bu sonunda geldi

  46. The Dark Dna より:

    1.sezondan piggy man ile bayan montogomery nin bebeği de var

  47. denise garcia より:


  48. g0th isaa より:


  49. Vesbox_mb より:

    my girl Naomi finally back

  50. Emmet Stone より:

    This looks sweet!

  51. Kim Banigo より:

    Wow! Can’t wait to watch this,am a die hard fan of AHS..

  52. zara porter より:

    naomi looks so good wow

  53. UHI GPP より:

    i am only watching the one with the crazy goth girl

  54. Hammer 927 より:

    Season 1 was the best!

  55. Bob Watson より:

    Where’s all the happy ghosts?

  56. veja razvi より:

    Sarah Paulson? Evan Peters? Emma Robert? Kathy bates? Taissa Farmiga? Angela Basset? And many others, where are they?

  57. Nick Milligan より:

    This looks so good, I think anthology works better with the AHS format so each episode can be self-contained and the story doesn’t get dragged out too long

  58. Rovipeli Voltaire より:

    génial !

  59. Carlos Augusto より:


  60. Kaiden Wilson より:

    danny trejo as Santa, never knew i needed that but i do

  61. sanquis より:

    they are going after tipper gore thank you so much

  62. louidewitt より:

    ah hell no! not latex man!

  63. Rodnei de Oliveira より:


  64. luis remelli より:

    Omg. Just that

  65. Erlisch より:

    maybe they can finally make something scary for once

  66. rafa gar より:

    I’m finally terrified in the best way possible again

  67. courtney より:

    Garbage cast
    Where are Tate and Violet???????

  68. Lois Geal より:


  69. Adam Angel より:

    Omg Paris Michael Jackson !!!

  70. lilitha swana より:

    OLIVEEEE?!!! Omg

  71. Tamuna Tati より:

    Is that Kaya?

  72. T より:

    ohhh nepotism baby is acting now.

  73. potato head より:

    Why is no one talking about Danny Trejo? Thats like a Godlike addition to this season

  74. Nicole Smith より:

    Not going to even bother. It’s always the same formula for AHS. It gets you hooked in the beginning, starts lagging off in the middle and disappoints at the end.

    I don’t know why people get so excited, when you know it’s going to suck. The storylines are predictable and lazy. A lot of sex, camp and over the top gore for shock value.

  75. Nick Hyland より:

    More gore porn…yippee…*yawns* glad he finally realized Emma Roberts can’t act >.<

  76. Le Conteur より:

    Stop commenting about Kaia “I don’t know who she is” Gerber. THERE’S Dany “fucking” Trejo as as killer Santa Claus in the cast guys !

  77. wesley alves より:

    So excited yaaaaasss

  78. Chi Chi's World より:

    That was Kaia Gerber! Cindy Crawfords’ daughter!

  79. Tiana Peri より:



    MURDER HOUSE!!!!!! the 2nd best season to COVEN!!!!!!!

  81. Shaniese Robinson より:

    CANT WAIT!!!!

  82. Mia Rosenbloom より:

    As long as we’re still getting American Horror Story Season 10: Double Feature, then cool.

  83. Jay B より:

    Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy are gone again…??
    Won’t lie, I won’t watch it if this is the same crap like 1984… Lily Rabe saved the damages at least

  84. Curas1 より:

    I feel sad because I know I’m gonna watch it
    But we all know it’s gonna be bad, oh so bad.
    Ohooo this is like freeforms american horror story

  85. efrrren より:

    Looks about white

  86. Preston A より: