I’veBeen reading comments and suggestions. Finally decided to up the ante and get my dream Air Rifle ! FX IMPACT m3. This gun is going to have everything I need to do my job as most efficient and humane and productive as possible made out of aircraft grade aluminum carbon fiber accents and 28 Schott Rotary magazine system let me know your thoughts on this new machine in the comments down below!


  1. Underscore Nishan より:

    Love the pcp air bro good hunt

  2. tartol103 より:


  3. Carl Geiger より:

    That’s my Grail gun… I’m still saving for it.
    I’m seriously jealous at the moment. Use it in his health

  4. George Simeone より:

    You still say “y’all” too much. Work on it.

  5. Ringo Star より:

    was this a sponsored video? if not can you wright off the cost on your taxes

  6. Terry Wells より:

    Man oh man that is one sweet Air rifle iguana man from all the videos I’ve seen about that gun you are gonna be in love with it .!!! This gun will be the only one you will want to shoot from here on out , Congratulations bro .!!!!

  7. jmease96 より:

    Shut up and kill sumn dam

  8. qicpic007 より:

    Man you dropped some serious coin on that , congratulations

  9. Cali Ken より:

    Woooooooo! IM got a FX. Tastey lizards beware!

  10. Mr. Whisper より:

    Now your stomping with the big dogs!!!! M3 is the truth; I own the M3, M2 and a Maverick. FX is the truth!

  11. Cali Ken より:

    A skool of lguanas. I prefer a herd or a Slither of lguanas. But l’m in California. What do l know. Lol

  12. adrian white より:

    Can’t wait until I have the stones to spend the money on an fx airgun. Congrats on your new toy

  13. Jay Washington より:

    Y’all gonna need a bigger bag with that new airgun

  14. Tlotlo Senai より:

    Wow, Nexus scope from Matt Dubber & Ted

  15. Pete Nadela より:

    Congrats to your new M3, Im from IL due to some restrictions on air rifle I end up settling for the Mark II from a local air rifle dealer but mine is the 35 cal. planning to order 25 cal barrel kit for varmint hunting maybe I can visit Florida to do some hunting with you. Good luck. Love your show and keep up the good work.

  16. Bill Cooper より:

    How many times does “y’all” get said in the last five minutes of this post? If they get an iguana for each time it’s said, the eradication would be nearly done!

  17. eldjwr より:

    Some FX models you can interchange the barrels so if you need to change the caliber you just change the barrel not the whole gun. Look into it.

  18. tim nolan より:

    .for that air gun !!! DAMNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Heath Halfhill より:

    Man oh man! That is a super nice gun and scope! Very high quality and precision. Very happy for you!

  20. Yasharahla-Asa Israel より:

    Get ur air tank with iguana mam on it, decorate it nice and u have to give her a name