This video is an introduction, overview, and user’s guide for the FX Maverick airgun.

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  1. Joshua Gibson より:

    Oh yeah. Not even remotely a fan of FX. However, Steve does such a good job reviewing that I watch anyway.

  2. Terry Wells より:

    Still a great video Steve

  3. Joshua Gibson より:

    Imagine paying someone to tune your rifle. Guess I’m just a pleb.

  4. Fred Carter より:

    Steve how are you this is a great video
    Know why?
    I was In the market for FXM3 and they’re delayed 3 to 5 months so I looked at the day state delta wolf and you have to get on a list for that one so I decided to go with a maverick and now you’re putting out this video perfect timing thank you have a great day

  5. Tim より:

    Well there you are long time no see ! I miss the Q&As that you did with your wife ! They were just to funny and entertaining to watch !

  6. F B より:

    Another wonderful video!! I cannot thank you enough!!!!

  7. BIG EARL より:

    When will 30cal pellets be available? Or where can we get them…..kalibrgun 25cal or this maverick..it wasn’t available at the time so I bought the uragan 30cal, super accurate..good video and information as always

  8. Fred Carter より:

    How does a left hander shoot it with the mag on the side