American Horror Stories (FX on Hulu) “A New Nightmare Every Week” Promo HD – AHS Spinoff

A screening of a forbidden film has disastrous consequences. Written by Manny Coto; directed by Eduardo Sanchez. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more American Horror Stories season 1 promos in HD!

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  1. BBB M より:

    Horror sucks!!!!

  2. Ilahmae Cunanan より:

    I’m excited!!

  3. courtney browning より:

    It was good I liked it

  4. Hunter Pope より:

    I heard it sucked

  5. unamed より:

    The first two episodes were kinda good

  6. mahdi edit より:

    am i the only one who liked it

  7. orhan emre çakıl より:

    how can i watch

  8. Ryland Haze より:

    I’ve only seen the trailers but that edgelord’s acting is super annoying already.

  9. stephane prieto より:

    i liked it too!!new actors,new generation 🙂

  10. Dylan cooltoddler より:

    It was probably the worst show I have ever seen but hopefully it gets better

  11. JHolland より:

    Last season with the Friday the 13th vibes was so good – this isn’t proper American horror story though right ?

  12. Alex Hoptowit より:

    Loved the first episode. Hated the second

  13. Babe より:

    Idk why everybody hating on it was actually really good

  14. Dylan より:

    The first two episodes were kind of lackluster. It felt more like a drama than horror. Also I could not stand that 40 year old dad dressing like a 22 year old hipster from 2014

  15. Sam K より:

    I kept waiting for some of the original ghosts to show up in Rubber (Wo)man

  16. abandon hope all ye who enter here より:

    Hopefully the other episodes are more horror, less teen drama

  17. Necessary Distraction より:

    Anyone else feel like 1& 2 should have just all been fit into 1?

  18. The Custodians より:

    The first two episodes were just horrible, and I’m a huge AHS fan

  19. Louise Emborong より:

    Ep. 1 is intriguing and good. Ep. 2 is a teenage mess. Ep. 3 is gonna be great by the spoilers