FX Impact High Power Pest Control .25 cal Hunting pt2

This is part 2 of a Prairie Dog Hunting session. I am using 36gr H&N slugs and shooting them at 1035fps. Here is the details on the rifle-

Reg pressure 160 bar, 700mm superior heavy slug liner, FX slug power kit installed, and valve adjuster is 3 lines out.

Scope is an Athlon Ares ETR with a side shot scope cam mount, GoPro hero 7 black, eagle vision lens.

Suppressor is a Donny FL Ronin in .25 cal, bipod is a BOG carbon fiber Great Divide.

Any other questions, just ask! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Heath Halfhill より:

    Do you lube your slugs and how often do you have to clean your barrel? Very nice shooting by the way! I have been having issues with accuracy with a LW polygonal barrel in .25 caliber. I have cleaned the barrel several times and it never seems to be dirty?!? Im using Patch Worm and high quality solutions too. I’m using 34 grain FX pellets that in the past give me same hole accuracy. Everything is tight…rings, mount, moderator, shroud, barrel, and scope. Now even though they are at the same speed of 917 FPS I’m getting 1-3” groups at 50 yards and that’s not normal. Usually at this distance i get 1/2” groups. This is a LCS SK-19 and I know not a FX barrel, but any insight you may have would be awesome. Maybe I need to lube the ammo? Barrel is clean. I look at the FX barrels kinda similar to the Polygonal in a way which is why I’m asking you. They don’t bite into the ammo like other traditional rifling styles do and deform the ammo. Thank you for your time and an awesome video. God bless my friend.

  2. All about HPA Airgun reviews より:

    Stacking Dawgs lol

  3. Richard Ward より:

    200 plus yds. with an air gun!! I usually take shots like that with my 22-250. Your air gun expertise is very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. duffmanmark より:

    Great shooting as I’ve come to expect from your videos… keep up the good work

  5. Stedy One より:

    Holy Crap.
    With little or no wind you and the H&N slugs are putting the hurt on those pdogs

  6. Billy Hellbender Outdoors より:

    That’s some real nice shootin! Literally stacking them! HN looks like they’re upping their game as well!

  7. No Limit Racing より:

    Wow! Great shooting as always. What FPE are these slugs putting out for you?

  8. ALAN BRAY より:

    Great video all your hard work and testing is paying off, incredible shooting.
    Can i ask your advice please.
    My Wildcat mk3 Sniper .25 is standard out the box settings
    125 reg, if i up my reg pressure to say 150.What sort of fps increase/shot count would i expect with 34g/25 g pellets only.
    I know you been there, lol
    Alan Bray uk

  9. John Schniederjan より:

    Good shooting, my brother and I are planning on going to southeast Colorado in the spring any information would be appreciated.

  10. Roy Pijnenburg より:

    You have a weak valve return spring because of the slug power kit. So the valve isn’t really effective anymore. How can your gun be so consistent with your valve on 3 lines with a weak valve return spring?

  11. Ronald Lopez より:

    That one just went over backwards looked like the people in movies who get shot and throw their head back. Really nice shots. And great footage!

  12. Andrew Ewers より:

    What tripod are you using?

  13. James Kiser より:

    I’d would say great shooting but that would be a lie that’s just absolutely awesome shooting i just knew u we’re going take a long shot on one running oh yeah great video

  14. Bret Lawson より:

    Outstanding video quality and shots Daniel. Really enjoyed watching you shoot. Was reminiscent of my younger days plinking gophers back in MT. Sent you an email about the barrel band, works fantastic, fit and finish is perfect. Grouping tightened right up, esp at 50yds.

  15. Airgunning Colombia より:

    following this channel since the beginning, I really like to see all this progress!! nice video!

  16. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    Are you an MICT/paramedic?

  17. Jim Danvers より:

    That one that flopped over on top of the other one …. ‘wack ’em & stack ’em!’ 😉

  18. Scott Michael より:

    That shot a 5:00 was Dead on! (You see what I did there? Dead.) lol!

  19. visamedic より:

    I like the part where you helped the one prairie dog help keep the other prairie dog warm. Hypothermia is a killer with traumatic injuries like GSWs. The Karen’s out there should appreciate that.