JPTR FX WARLOW // Fuzz Monstrosity

The Warlow by JPTR FX in a glorious purple ltd edition!
Pédäls on Thomann* —————–►
Bäss on Sweetwater* –►
Learn more —–►

bassist: Frank Itt
void guy: Gregor Fris


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  1. Thallishman より:

    Could you do a quick run-through Demo of the new Ashdown pedals? Double shot, retro drive, Sub harmonic generator etc

  2. Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff より:

    That is wonderfully silly, I like it a lot and of course improved 101% by the Frank Stank Face

  3. CaspeR_CR pFA より:

    Dear Santa,…

  4. Natsuki's Studio より:

    I really want to try this pedal. Thanks for always posting great videos!

  5. artr2 より:

    Awesome playing and pedal!

  6. mrpositronia より:

    Well, you can’t say it doesn’t distort.

  7. Mark B より:


  8. Sebastian Bisurgi より:

    NO, no no no no God… no.

  9. Josh Baker より:

    the return of bass face

  10. michael balazki より:

    FRANK BASS FASS !!!!!!!!!

  11. Prof K より:

    Does the Fuzz Pedal have a knob to adjust my bass face?

  12. KALFU _ _ より:

    Las autoridades ya están en contacto con los familiares de las víctimas…….