10 Movie Trailers Released Before FX Was Added

Sometimes the effects just aren’t done in time.

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  1. harshit sharma より:

    First view and comment

  2. Repo Man より:


  3. Obaid Aldhaheri より:


  4. Millyonz 258 より:

    Should have added BattleField Earth as an entire scientology passion project trailer where the SFX weren’t finished!!!

  5. Jamal Vargas より:

    Transformers (2007) I Had So Much Hype for it a longtime ago

  6. windwaker0rules より:

    People defend rise of Skywalker

  7. Perturabo1981 より:

    There’s a Keeper of Secrets lurking in your window =)

  8. Yoss Nutt より:

    I’ve said for a long time that no one hates Star Wars more than a Star Wars fan.

  9. RH1812 より:

    Were. Were added

  10. Ivan C. より:

    One of the Bourne movie trailer had him jump across a building to a balcony window. That window wasn’t there on the first trailer.

  11. GG R より:

    Star Wars fans were just butthurt over a woman and a black man being main characters….desperately looking for things to hate while denying their cowardly prejudices

  12. Patrick Radcliffe より:

    Gonna defend Star Wars IV here. TV resolution was horrible back in the 70’s something like the light sabres colors was washed out and not clearly seen.

  13. Andy B より:

    War is not Hell….
    Hell hath no innocents.
    War is made of them.

  14. Callum より:

    You look like a cyclist to be fair

  15. IRON-PANDA より:

    I am a massive LEGE!

  16. Steven Anderson より:

    How damaged am I for always being in fear when Jules is reminding people to take care of themselves that I’m waiting for him to admit he’s joking? I mean, he’s nicer to me than I am to myself and he’s never even met me

  17. Al M より:

    How’d they string that, uh, dangling D.A. along so smoothly under the low door? Does one of the wires run horizontally?

  18. Bruno Cavalcanti より:

    Ghostbusters 2 had a lot of memorable moments? Ghostbusters 2??Ghostbusters 2????

  19. Lambda Lambda Lambda より:

    I don’t understand why Josh Brolin just couldn’t be given an actual metal sleeve. Smh. It’s really annoying when CGI replaces things that can easily be made with an actual prop.

  20. Paul McElligott より:

    Some of the the effects were finished for the _Ghostbusters II_ shot, since everything from the top of the door up was either a miniature or a matte painting.

  21. Al M より:

    Idea for a meta-joke if Deadpool and Cable encounter each other again: Deadpool sees him and whistles Greensleeves.

    Wonder if anyone would get it. 😉

  22. Kta Miura より:

    Wait Jules is bald?!

  23. BD Boricua より:

    The snyder cut wasnt a masterpiece

    Get out of here

    It was four hrs of the same crap

    Story was unchanged with a few minor details which had no real influence in the story

    “Masterpiece “

    Jules <<<<<<< this guy lololol

  24. Al M より:

    Never knew there was such subtlety and consistency in the sequel trilogy! Clearly, after their interaction on Crait, Kylo liked the late Luke’s cloak so much he decided to keep it on through the final film.

  25. AndyFrom TheMurray より:

    I love the segment jules has about mental health and him calling the viewer a ledgend I hope he knows we think he’s a ledgend

  26. Buchi Chu より:

    “Four-hour epic masterpiece” are you kidding me? Was that sarcasm? And stop trying to make “stonking” happen. “Stonking” isn’t going to happen, Jules.

  27. Mr. Pudding より:

    What is it? It’s it
    What is it? It’s it
    What is it? It’s it
    What is it? It’s it

  28. Paul Battifora より:

    I’m a Star Wars fan and I think episodes 8 & 9 sucked

  29. Brian Logan より:

    The greatest part of all of Julie’s videos isn’t how funny and reliable he is to me. It’s his caring for his fellow humans mental health and it helps a lot.

  30. Hot Girls Video XXX より:

    My life will be beautiful because of you

  31. EL à Nore rigby より:


  32. Broken Lantern X より:

    Borg: Resistance is futile.
    Riker: Existence is futile, more like.
    Borg: Mate, are you alright?

  33. Dan Miller より:

    I always figured they hid Tony’s appearance in the trailer because they wanted people to have a huge reaction to how sickly he looked in the movie, even if that wasn’t the case it still worked on me lol

  34. Zzay 334 より:


  35. Peter bumper より:

    Gladiator, a scene in the coliseum, camera pans around Maximus and the top of the coliseum is missing

  36. Carcharodon vicarious より:

    I’m sorry but the only thing that’s going to stick on my mind after watching this video is the ad at the beginning that popped up with guys powdering their balls – wth?!

  37. ultramaximus より:

    You should do a video where things changed from the original trailers like the “The line MUST be drawn HERE” on First Contact, the Hulk running in Wakanda in Infinity War and Hela destroying Mjolnir in an alley instead of the coast of Norway.

  38. rcastro752 より:

    0:43 to skip intro.

  39. James Robin より:

    I really appreciate your messages at the end of the vids dude x

  40. Anthony Mcdonald より:

    In Dunkirk , the entire film dropped without the visual effects being complete . The relatively empty beaches were somewhat incongruous to any one familiar with the historic event . I realise it was an artistic choice on the part of the director , but it was my single biggest problem with the film.