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Welcome to AirTac Hunting. On this channel, we will hunt, design, engineer, and play around with high-precision airguns. It’s all about having fun and learning together. In this video, we are stretching the legs of the 18.13gr JSB pellet in the FX Impact M3 Compact.

Your host,
Roelf Vorster

DonnyFL Youtube Channel:


FX Impact M3 Compact with a Smooth Twist Superior liner in .22, Element Optics Helix FSP Scope, and DonnyFL Tatsu silencer shooting 18.13gr JSB pellets at 880fps.


Canon XA11 and Rode Video Mic
Eagle-Vision Scope-Cam with a GoPro
DJI Mavic Drone

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  1. Tetea Hnialum より:


  2. Rufus Blair より:

    y’all limited to22 caliber the LAW

  3. Hugo Hernandez Andrade より:

    very good shots, we need more videos followed

  4. Duata Sailo より:

    Thanks for video of impact compact. Please upload more impact compact

  5. Gijs Koopman より:

    Which Gopro and lens do you use? Great shooting btw!

  6. Juan 80ï osvaldo より:

    Excelente video¡ saludos desde Chile

  7. Laltanpuii Puii より:


  8. Nuno Silva より:

    Hey great shots, as usually..
    I can´t find the video where you set the tape turrets on the scope.. is it not available anymore?!

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  10. mike foor より:

    Hope unrest in SA stays far from you and yours

  11. Ron B より:

    Hafa Adai from Guam! Another great video. Love the M3 quick tune system. What is the heaviest slug you would recommend to use with the .22 cal 500mm barrel? Cheers.

  12. Sniper Kito より:

    Не могли бы вы объяснить мне, сэр, как вы можете определить, падает ли гранула вправо или влево, когда я вижу, что ветер не дует?

  13. Hugo Hernandez Andrade より:

    how many meters over seconds the wind runs

  14. TUBAGUS HUNTER 007 より:

    maggie is back

  15. Renier Dwinger より:

    Super nice video just Wana know hoe to get in contact with you if possible

  16. Daniel Garcia より:

    Wow even with a shirt barrel it still hits hard my origin has a 23 inch barrel 15.89 at 910 fps on the high end and that hit hard too i like that too much

  17. skip campbell より:

    great job by you two,i shoot zbroia tactical and daystate huntsman regal both in .22 works for anything i do.hello from the us i live in north carolina.

  18. Kiagengselo Sorenglogo より:

    Fx impant nice
    Maggie nice to

  19. Ron levin より:

    Why only 22 pellets are allowed in South Africa ?

  20. Saqi hunters より:


  21. Carel Heydenrych より:

    Altyd lekker om te sien hoe goed julle met 18.13g patroontjies skiet!

  22. Andre Lewies より:

    hi wat is the cost of the impact m3 pleas

  23. thaimei sajan より:

    Please show us your gun collection and others equipments if possible



  25. Soni Hunter より:

    Gak ngerti bahasanya
    Tapi saya penonton setia y..

  26. Eoin Westman より:

    Great video guys. Hope you guys are all safe with everything going on

  27. NUMIZA Airguns より:

    Nice shoots guys and I enjoyed it



  29. Mike Simão より:

    Dark times live in South Africa these days. I hope it passes quickly Abraço de Portugal my friend

  30. Roy Pijnenburg より:

    Roelf the impact is the best airgun ever made its perfect for every scenario

  31. Roy Pijnenburg より:

    I have shot a fx dreamline 30 cal great accuracy but then i bought a new impact that changed everything. It is also a .22 because i shoot slugs they have the best bc

  32. Marios Haridimou より:

    Hi Roelf & Maggie. Another excellent video! I have a tuning question for you guys.
    I live in Cyprus and the limitation for us is 177 only and no power limit.
    I would like to shoot my FX Impact MK2 using the new JSB 13.43gr KO slugs with a 500mm barrel.
    Based on your experience, what is your suggestion with regard to speed (I am thinking around 930-950 FPS) and at what regulator pressures.
    Would I get better accuracy with high pressure and a lower HS or a lower pressure and a higher HS given the short barrel.
    Many thanks and keep the videos coming.

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  34. Marc Grecco より:

    I hope you are safe in this situation in South Africa

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  36. Philip Ballard より:

    Yet again another spot on video with bloody good shooting

  37. Norbin Fernandez より:

    waooo very good video I wanted to know that you advise me I want to make my channel but in Spanish I am from the Dominican Republic what do you think I could get a sponsor

  38. leftymadrid より:

    Excellent shooting, ALWAYS a pleasure to watch your channel. Gosh, what more can a guy want? A beautiful wife that loves shooting airguns, and the husband who I’ve seen shoot wonderful videos with Gerrard. The presentation of these videos are just perfect.

    Now I think I heard you state that up to a 22-pellet caliber is only allowed there?
    But I am one who thinks, 1.77 caliber and the 22 caliber in different set ups of power tuning are my favorite calibers…

    Stay safe you two!!! 🙂

  39. Airgunner LeoVuitton2020 より:

    Awesome marksmanship! Maggie is coming up on you fast. Please stay safe. I know things are a little hectic out there. I pray your country finds peace

  40. Mark Gruenberg より:

    Shooting such small targets at those ranges is truly remarkable. Well done.

  41. au smith より:

    Are you guys trying to Out Fur Matt.

  42. Scott Michael より:

    Although I’m allowed Any caliber, I stick with .22! My thought is, ammo is cheaper (it’s getting crazy expensive) shot count is Much higher, and the fact I’m more urban close range (50ish yards) for iguanas and am concerned about over powering or pass throughs. Cheers! 🙂

  43. Billy Hellbender Outdoors より:

    Great shooting as always! Are the House Sparroes there the same from England? The males look a little different than here in the US. Hope you guys are doing well with the Civil unrest in SA!

  44. Hank Vana2 より:

    Hi, I’m shooting a .22 / 700mm Impact MK2 – Do you think it would be beneficial to install the aftermarket 2nd regulator from HuMa? Stats: 25 g Monster Redesigns @ 944 fps; Reg= 115 bar; ES is typically less than 9 and SD under 3; have occasional ES of 12 or 14 – Thanks!

  45. Chris Figueroa より:

    Awesome video guys wow what a very accurate compact gun thanks for sharing bsafe guys

  46. Santos Almeida Del Rosario より:

    Exelente vio mi amigo mío felicidades

  47. skywagon185d より:

    Ever since you started Air Tac Hunting it has been a hit. Then, you added lovely Maggie and super editing tools, you have made it even better. Hopefully it pays off for you… I can’t imagine the “hours” you put in to get these finely tuned shooting videos to the broadcast stage….

  48. Klaus より:

    Nice to see you and Maggie back out enjoying the day together. Stay vigilant.

  49. Adrian Soto より:

    Curious on how you would compare this M3 compact to the FX Maverick Compact. Any thoughts on one over the other one?

  50. ปั๊มลมแรงดันสูง より:

    In the clip, what gun settings do you use? Use with .22 balls. Weight 18.13 gr.

  51. Arif Hunters より:

    Fx impact good

  52. PST より:

    Awesome! What bipod do you use?

  53. Harold Gino Helgeson より:

    What are costs of these guns?

  54. Jeny Bendil より:

    A loyal viewer from Indonesia, my brother, Mbah bendil embeleweh .

  55. Remdrix Deguzman より:

    Nice shot idol

  56. Giovanni m より:

    Great channel Roelf very professional…..

  57. Tony Howell より:

    Hi R&M I felt for you in the intro when you were loading pellets in the field. Drop me a message on eBay and I will post you some speed loaders to use, I have had a few customers in SA already so I know what the postage will be – my shout…

  58. Rute Órfão より:

    Hi. I’m a big fan of the channel. I purchased a wildcat MK3 and I have a small leak at the end of the pipe in the thread where the liner is pressed but it only loses air when it is not cocked, when it is there is no leakage. I know it’s coming from behind the gun block probably from a damaged orring or pin valve. I just wanted an expert opinion to help me pinpoint the exact source of the leak so I can fix it so I don’t have to replace everything. Continued with the excellent videos. Hug

  59. Alvin Brown より:

    You guys can really shoot.

  60. hristoss78 より:

    Hello. Great video and the previous one too. Are the gearbox settings the same in the second video as in the first 180/150 bar?

  61. robin gibson より:

    How do you dope the wind? A rifle I can do. A pellet gun gives me problems.