.22 Cal Fx Impact M3 – Air Rifle iguana Hunting – How Many Did We Remove?

For iguana removal /tour

Email me redfishraj@gmail.com
Ig/fb iguana man fl

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  1. J And より:


  2. Outdoors Bryce より:

    That’s such a dope gun bro

  3. it's me kasambahay より:

    I am new subscriber from the philippines good health and god bless

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  5. Janet Doten より:

    Great job keep up the best videos.

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  7. Dave Syens より:

    Bad ass Gun – congratulations on the new FX -M3 – bad news for the iguanas lol
    For filling it up – get carbon fiber tank at least 88 Cu ft -since your in Florida- can get refills from Scuba shops for few dollars- Tank give you lots of re-Fills. Can add high pressure air compressor- there’s budget Chinese ones ( ok but longevity of them is not there) or can by high Quality one, but their pricy. Lots of options for Tanks and compressors, depending on how much want to spend. Honestly better off paying for high end equipment than budget- Then cleanest most dry air is best for PCP guns.

  8. Treeboss Mike より:

    Use the same set up Iguana Solutions has. You need a air tank to take with you to fill up your guns. You can fill up those tanks at any dive shop. Make sure though to invest in a good air tank. Don’t buy a cheap one.

  9. Gregory Serrano より:

    Portable PC Compresor to refil the air tank.

  10. Anthony Hewitt より:

    Fill with scuba diving tank or 300bar air compressor that runs off of car engine battery

  11. blackdiesel より:

    Keep an eye on Air Gun Nation classifieds for a used carbon fiber tank. You can get a paintball shop to fill it or buy a cheap compressor and fill it yourself.

  12. Captain_Dirt より:

    You didn’t “catch” any ! On the other hand , YOU KILLED A SHIT TON !

  13. Marc Grecco より:

    Nomad II by Air Venturi, good price , portable . You can connect it to your car battery or plug into your house socket.

  14. RickJason より:

    That Iguana was dewlapped. Buy a compressor. They sell them at dive shops. I believe You can write the cost on your taxes as a business expense.

  15. Steven Marin より:

    Fx impact. Just subscribed .

  16. Guns and Sti cazzi より:

    Use a scuba tank to fill up the rifle and you can refill the scuba tank at a diving center