Clearing Out a Field of iguanas with my FX impact M3! Iguana Removal Job!!

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  1. Terry Wells より:

    First today lol . Still some dang good shots keep’em coming and keep’em in your crosshairs +

  2. Logan Hiles より:


  3. Daniel Munroe より:

    get an iguana dog

  4. michael shramko より:

    Great thumbnail pic

  5. WaldenSpawn より:

    Just googled that FX PCP rifle price, was guessing $600. Nope $2099.99!!

  6. efrey1911 より:

    What ammo are you running?

  7. Janet Doten より:

    Try to keep a shirt with your advertisement on it to wear while hunting, bright yellow are good and bring your life jackets ( your mother speaking here lol) thanks for sharing

  8. The Scott_t_k より:

    Just a piece of advice, you should look into getting a single or double point sling for your rifle. You can just let the rifle hang on the sling and have two hands free. You wouldn’t have to carry the rifle all the time.

  9. Cunninghams Law より:

    2:44 Gun safety guys! If you missed that lizard, that round would skip across the water and hit the house or possibly a person. TAKE HUNTER GUN SAFETY COURSES!

  10. Dean F より:

    Love your video. Good positive vibes.

  11. Jerre Norton Jr. より:

    Looking forward to the next hunt

  12. Cali Ken より:

    I’ll take a large iguana egg omelette and two orders of iguana nuggets…..To Gooooo.

  13. Artie Johnson より:

    Great Job guys. Can’t wait for the next video in the boat. You will fill the boat up!!!!!! WooooHooo

  14. kyro jag より:

    How much does killing.iguanas pay ? Seems like a fun job. Or is.most the income.from yt

  15. Mrs. Denise Jauernic PuppySaver より:

    You had zombie iguana, but you forgot to mention the disco iguana

  16. Adam Estrada より:

    Rock on. I’m there with you guys

  17. Gabriel Espinosa より:

    what pellet size on the fx

  18. Jewels より:

    Garter Snakes have a mild venom in their saliva, for humans, a bite is not dangerous

  19. Mike Honcho より:

    That pellet gun is dirty af

  20. Kurt almeida より:

    I feel like for every kill 100 are born

  21. Cirilo Sosa より:

    Loved the video I’m from Wisconsin I was wondering if u could invite me to go hunting I got F.E.X dream line

  22. comfortably numb より:

    Get a sling for your rifle. It helps carry your rifle and you can use it to stabilize your shots too.
    Thanks for eliminating the invasive critters from Florida. I’ll be moving back there soon and I will kill invasives too.

  23. Terry Lybolt より:

    As usual great job

  24. Black Panther より:

    Why didn’t y’all bring some mango’s to lure them out in the open ?

  25. wayne p より:

    why don’t you get an hat, backpack and shirts or jackets with sleeves with the words IGUANA REMOVAL. LARGE PRINT on some so there is no mistaking what you are doing with that scoped rifle..

  26. Josh より:

    You need a .25 for those big monsters

  27. John Kinnard より:

    you should carry an air pistol for dispatching.

  28. Barbie J より:

    Looking forward to the next video with the John boat.. Might want to dial it up a smidge to make sure you’re able to drop the Godzilla iguanas!!!

  29. Chip Sammich より:

    Tip.. tell camera guy to be quiet

  30. Vijay Nandlal より:

    Hey iguana man i suggest you try using some heavier pellets or slugs for those big alpha ones. That rifle has a lot of power and it will take down those lizards. Hate to see them get away bro…

  31. Al's Palava Hut より:

    Nice video! I see you got the Mohawk trimmed!

  32. Colin Doyle より:

    Do the Jon boat video around the whole lake

  33. Fabrizio Debernardi Buzeta より:

    Hey bro ! whats up! this is so cool! I am from Chile SouthAmerica If I had the opportunity to go to Florida! I would definitely help and work with you guys! cheers! go get those Godzillas!

  34. motorgearhead より:

    Will body shots with 30 cal or larger anchor an Iguana or will they still run off before dying? Kinda seems that a head shot is best way to anchor them but just wondered what would happen if you body shot one with high (130+) FPE 30 cal?

  35. Athinna Alinna より:

    looking for a rifle .just wanna know if this is your favorite the fx m3 and what cal is it?

  36. shane stamball より:

    You really need to watch SA airguns video on pellet skip on water, you’re setting yourself up for a huge failure and potential legal issues shooting around populations and water

  37. Yasharahla-Asa Israel より:

    Get u a sling, easy to carry

  38. RickJason より:

    It looked liked Ninja was sparklingly, but actually it was just the nats.

  39. Robert Conner より:

    Iguana man should invite a DNR officer to help shoot some iguanas

  40. Robert Conner より:

    Hey iguana man you should go python hunting too

  41. Carlos Ramos JR より:

    time to puutttem in the baggggg

  42. Morteza Bakhtiyari より:

    This guy is so bad at hunting

  43. Chris Figueroa より:

    Awesome video man great shooting keep up the good work on getting rid of all those iguana ….. I need to take a trip over there so I can get some thanks for sharing bsafe guys ….