FX Impact M3 25 cal – One Tune To Shoot Them All

In this video i was looking for a tune on my FX Impact M3 that could shoot the JSB 25 GR – 34GR and the Hybride slug just by a flick of the macro dial , resulting is some great groupings on paper at 75M .


  1. สหายลมPCP より:

    Very good

  2. Joie Lazaro より:

    nize gun and good tune sir

  3. TM Rogin より:

    Good shooting
    You might try sizing and weighting the Mll pellets
    It can make a difference
    Thanks for the effort TOM

  4. Ron B より:

    Slug power kit installed?

  5. Mikhail Ramos より:

    As always… Great Content! you did a very good job on the tuning here bud! I am still using the MkII but it shoots laser on 18 grains. just wondering if you’re gonna make video about the HUMA dual regulator fitted on the MkII. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  6. Cường Hà より:

    135bar OK. Made in Vietnam

  7. Jenny Sok より:

    Good video!
    My opinion is increasing reg to 130-140 bar and first reg 160 bar. Will be better result.
    As always love your video!

  8. Pedes Read より:

    Good video buddy. You could try the MK1s as higher BC, plus I run those on 953fps, MK2 at 965fps, 25.39s at 925fps & are lasers, all sub moa at 100yds easily. My rifle MK2 V2 700mm is on a pellet tune & I run around 10 different projectiles, Inc slugs without touching anything, not even the scope & all shoot sub 1″ at 100, some sub moa at 150yds. Amazing rifles really (mines on 109/110reg)

  9. Simon Edis より:

    Have tried the new superior barrel does that need indexing too

  10. KevinWood44 より:

    My 600mm .25 M3 is arriving in about a week. Do you think the Ronin is the best moderator for this gun??
    Other people’s opinion welcome as well

  11. eclampsie より:

    could you create a video with all best settings for each popular pellets or slugs available for .22?for example all jsb pellets/slug lines? there are nothing about good setting start set up.

  12. Simon Coher より:

    Hi very informative video , I am looking at either a .22 or .25 in the M3 but not sure what to get
    Use is for small game and long range targets up to 200 yards what would you suggest thank you ..