Robot Mouse Playing Effects Pedals Over The Internet – STOMPENBERG FX

Today we Try playing STOMPENBERG FX, which are real #effects #pedals wired up over the internet. With a robot mouse! you can play these pedals free at the Thomann Site :-

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Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the “museum of everything else” one day




    name an effects pedal

  2. Paul Potter より:

    Fantastic. And great screen fix.

  3. Gael Jaton より:

    Look Mom Lot Of Computers…. X)

  4. 8Bit Evolushroom より:

    Lolo if you come to switzerland I’ll give you a laptop 😉

  5. b0000kify より:


  6. css172 より:

    Mouse on a bit of string….it’s the future I tell you 🙂

  7. Nuff Inaff より:

    This is one of your most absurd inventions yet… and I absolutely love it!

  8. _ より:

    Stompenberg is one of the coolest ideas ever.

  9. Iñaki より:

    They should add a way to input MIDI to control the knobs.

  10. insert generic name here より:


  11. Lutzifer31337 より:

    hahahahahaha absolutely love the pragmatic repair job you did on the laptop xD

    thanx for sharing that <3

  12. Chicken Lickin' より:

    where the fuck is peter honore, fist full of barbie girl!

  13. Ora nge より:

    1:39 EEVBlog multimeter!

  14. Ora nge より:

    Huh. I wonder what that schematic at the back is for. Looks pretty good on the wall actually

  15. Daniel Simu より:

    That site is genious, but so is your automouse. NICE

  16. Niklas Wejedal より:

    Genius! 😀

  17. Rejected Circuit より:

    I just started learning PyAutoGLUE I mean PyAutoGUI.

  18. J 3 より:

    Seems like an waste of raspberry pis to only have 1 per petal? Unless maybe they’re all isolated servers? Or maybe to cut down on audio delay?

  19. Евгений Королёв より:

    It looks creepy 🙂
    But you can immediately connect to the fotodiode of the mouse circuit. Or learn the protocol and send the binary commands of the wheel directly to the USB.

  20. Crackalacking_Z より:

    The notebook, the mouse thing, this is the best VHS tape ever!

  21. Wonky Robot より:


  22. Galileo Gaming より:

    Listening in the US to an artist in the UK playing an instrument in Germany…what a world

  23. Money Penny より:

    That’s still pretty look mum I might need a computer just to communicate to you..

    Your laptop is fucking rad! You are the best Sam. Always looking forward to your vids

  24. kvfive より:

    Laptop with a detachable Velcro screen…. Only Sam 😉

  25. tjousk より:


  26. GlowingShutter より:

    Your mouse on a string is the most sophisticated LFO I have seen 😀

  27. traida111 より:

    bro i spat my coffee out when I saw you put another screen on top of the other screen. BRO Ur a god damn genius LMAO

  28. William Meyer より:

    I wonder if the site has crashed at all since this video has been published?

  29. Ennar より:

    This is proper mad scientist content!

  30. Knuckles the Echidna より:

    You’re literallying a lot in this one!

  31. Troy Schrapel より:

    I love your energy and enthusiasm. And the fact you think of something and just do it (robo mouse). I’d procrastinate on it for way too long.

  32. Mark Keen より:

    Why? Because they can, that’s why. LOL

  33. djdeath42 より:

    That mouse is really… something else… Probably should be in the museum.

  34. 404 より:

    Hi Genius!
    Ant colony synth!

    You can use a sensor, that detects the movement of insects and translates it into sound. With multiple ants if possible we would have a natural granular synth I think…. that’s possible?

  35. dileo DJD より:

    I don’t care if you use a computer, just don’t ever sing barbie girl again… ever.

  36. CambridgeMart より:

    I love the push-pull lines from the servo to the mouse; as an aero-modeller I approve!

  37. Mathieu Martin より:

    That is completely bonkers. I love it.

  38. Justin より:

    Love that laptop, I also have the same “aftermarket upgrade”

  39. Ted McFadden より:

    Thomann seems to be an amazing company. If I find myself in their part of the world I must visit. I hope this sells a lot of guitar pedals for them, and they expand this to other audio processing!

  40. David Karas より:

    6666 views. lol

  41. Gordon Chin より:

    Stompenberg is so incredibly ambitious I would have never believed it was possible.

  42. Luō ēn dasnewtron より:

    a device that can modulate real fx pedals & knobs would be mad

  43. Noel Goetowski より:

    That robot mouse is about as close to not being a computer as you can get without it actually not being a computer.

  44. IdealSound & Performance より:

    I’m most impressed with the delay for live mode. Wow. (As someone who ran a big internet radio starting 20 years ago)

  45. IdealSound & Performance より:

    Omg here i was thinking we need to hook up midi knobs some how (web midi could do it if they wanted to) and you bust out the mouse. Classic

  46. Aj Steph より:

    Sam, why not moving a piece of paper under the mouse instead of moving the whole mouse. glue a piece of paper on a servo or stepper motor and let it move the piece of paper under the mouse’s optical sensor.

  47. Charles Hulsey より:

    Laptop screen- roflmao

  48. Nick F より:

    The mouse thing is the most “look mum no computer” computer peripheral I’ve ever seen.

    Now add CV input to it.

  49. Christian Bloch より:


  50. Blad より:

    He actually built a digital to analog to digital again converter

  51. Malfattio より:

    You could always hack into a USB gamepad and then load up Xpadder to emulate mouse controls

  52. 정 Jung선우 Sunwoo より:

    진짜 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I love it!

  53. Aeoteroa より:

    dude this is so awesome for guitarists. i can finally test pedals at home before i buy

  54. Make Art より:

    Next step: driving the mouse with a voltage controlled output from the synth

  55. Rehevkor より:

    This is what happens when the world produces a wholesome mad scientist. You’re amazing dude!

  56. Pauer aka より:

    Hero level!!!!!

  57. Damien West より:


  58. Woo Six より:

    Could be way to try pedals before buying them

  59. the TOMSTER より:

    what I love most about this video is that second screen solution for the broken 1st screen, thats so fitting to this channel

  60. Florian Euchale Blum より:

    Stompenberg was actually build by Musikhaus Thomann, who are funnily enough the second largest internet seller after Amazon in Germany. They are fantastic, have bought quite a lot of music equipment from them.

  61. Mike Cains より:

    Used a computer, unfollowing, lol

  62. Jeff Wertman より:

    The screen hack restores my faith in the slogan. 🙂

  63. Ryan Main より:

    Look mum half a computer hahahahahahahaha , your Chanel is awesome and inspirational For what you do with things that would go to e-waste and technology that people seemed to forget about 🙂 not offended to see a computer , but maybe you need a new one 😛

  64. Tim Knight より:

    Ah, the good old days of linear editing with S-VHS systems and an Amiga500.

  65. Black3ternity より:

    Wait – you are NOT sending your VHS Tapes via pidgeon to the nearest celltower so the little electrical gremlin can then upload that for you?

  66. Andrew Faraday より:

    Look Mum, no… never mind

  67. George B. Pryor より:

    That mangled Macintosh is a thing of beauty.

  68. fizzy Vlogs より:

    mouse controller for events

  69. Rocket Child より:

    Considering that mac is notorious for not being customisable, your crazy f-ed-up macbook is insanely wonderful and truely matches your brand, Sam.

  70. gower1973 より:

    Lol the state of that laptop, that’s how they repair them at the Apple Genius Bar

  71. Mr DeathScrn より:

    Yes to all of it, just YES! (Love the throwback to the good ol days when the kids played barbie girl non stop in their cars, slowly driving around the block)

  72. geecen より:

    Interesting! Do they need one actual pedal per connected user? I presume so. So how many people can actually connect to the service at a time?

  73. Thru My Eyes Photography より:

    Your laptop is even better than I had hoped.. 🙂 Keep it up, mate!

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  75. zugel より:

    Thanks for a fantastic and creative video. Have a nice weekend.

  76. Merbert Ancriwalli より:

    Very Heath Robinson – plaudits!

  77. Paavo Ylönen より:

    Look mum, my computer is battered up.

  78. eti313 より:

    Look, Mum, lots of computers.

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    What a genius idea and you are the man. Keep the energy flow. Gonna visit you 4 sure in the future.

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    Look mom, computer

  82. Cryptonic より:

    your computer looks exactly how i would expect

  83. Charley Edwards より:

    the classic pokemon stickers really bring it home mate

  84. playlist666 より:

    This is the kind of advertising I don’t mind watching. Good move Thomann!

  85. drummer4hire12 より:

    I use Reaper on a Pi4

  86. Frank Bockwurst より:

    You are the divinity of sound creation.