LEARN the M3 in 5 MINUTES (FX Impact M3 Tuning Guide) + JSB/FX 18.1gr & 25.39gr Tunes!

The FX Impact PCP rifle has been the top dog in airgunning since it’s introduction in . Every contest, from EBR to RMAC, has been won with the FX Impact. Every top shooter owns one. FX never stops working! They have continued to improve the already perfect Impact. As well, FX continues to push the limits of what PCP air rifles can do. If there was ever a time for firearms enthusiasts to put an airgun in thier stable: it’s now! Like Fred said, “An airgun you can shoot everyday”. Trigger time is trigger time. If you shoot a PCP airgun like the FX Impact M3, the accuracy it provides will reward you with confidence…and alot more. No matter what, you will become a better shooter. This easy to understand (and quick) FX Impact M3 Tuning Guide will show you the few easy steps to tuning the M3. This FX M3 Impact Tuning Guide will provide you with an understanding of how to tune the M3 Impact. This M3 video also provides you with the factory tunes for both FX and JSB 18.1gr and 25.4gr pellets. If you decide to buy an M3, and you click through my affiliate link for Pyramid Air, I will recieve 5% of the sale. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Chris Ungureanu より:

    You couldn’t help it you got another fx airgun

  2. Gary Hill より:

    Good job man. Never know I might have one someday.

  3. LP より:

    Thank you for posting this quick guide! I have a .22 M3 700mm myself and have been tinkering trying to find a good tune. Looking at your settings for the .22 JSB Exact Monster 25.39…would this tune work for the .22 JSB Knockout Slug 25.39 grain? It’s the same exact weight so I’m very curious.

  4. Haven Maine より:

    You lost me after 2 minutes of working on the fx,I like something straight out the box,but it’s always a pleasure to watch your channel buddy take care out there

  5. Simon Noble より:

    Greetings Nate , how are you ? . i hope your well . thank you for this show . ive got the FX bug now . they are such amazing RIFLES . ive bought 4 fx rifles . the m3 has only just come out here inn the uk . its been hard to get hold of FX rifles . they sell out very fast ! .
    Will the M3 be a keeper ? take care Nate .
    cheers Simon from York England

  6. Air Rifle Vermin Control UK より:

    A great tutorial on tuning, thank you for making the video and sharing it. Great job mate.