In this episode i do air gun hunting with my Fx Maverick Sniper and Compact version. This air gun hunt is a pigeon pest control job i did for a farmer in South Africa. Air gun hunting is a big passion of mine and the Fx Maverick from Fx Airguns is the perfect air gun for the job. The sniper version of this air gun is setup to shoot high powered air gun slugs and the my compact version is set to shoot pellets. Slug shooting is perfect for pigeon pest control and a good hunting experience for beginner shooters. Join me on this high action adventure where i do air gun hunting and give you some mind blowing slow motion footage that you can enjoy and i hope that i can educate you as well with my expertise in the air gun hunting world.

My 2 Air gun Setups is:

Fx Maverick 22 caliber Sniper/Fx Maverick 22 caliber Compact
700mm barrel/500mm
Superior heavy liner/superior standard
Element Optics Helix FFP Mrad
DonnyFl Tanto silencer
Accu Tac Bi-pod
Saber Tactical Body Kit (Adjustable budstock/ Bagrider/Extended dust filler cap


Canon Ax11 for main camera
Rode video mic Pro
Sideshot scope cam recording system
Go pro Hero 6
Canon Rebel 250D


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    Pressing thumb up before even watch the video!!! Perfect video as usual !!!

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    I ordered one 6 months ago. And no word on when it’s ever Gonna arrive

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    You can get biltong in the US from amazon. Jerky has a bunch of sugar in it that biltong does not. Modern jerky is smoked at low heat, whereas biltong is salted, spiced and air dried in a cool, dark, dry place. So, technically raw. Eating biltong is the secrets to the Boers’ long range shooting ability.

  11. Rick O'Shea より:

    You can get biltong in the US from amazon. Jerky has a bunch of sugar in it that biltong does not. Modern jerky is smoked at low heat, whereas biltong is salted, spiced and air dried in a cool, dark, dry place. So, technically raw. Eating biltong is the secret to the Boers’ long range shooting ability.

  12. mike foor より:

    Your weather doesn’t look too bad for the middle of winter. I’ve been expecting heavy coats and maybe even gloves. Hope unrest in SA stays clear of you and the shop. Pesting is a great hobby it is a benefit to all involved and some are lucky enough to call it a job

  13. Gilson Alves より:

    very good video, dream weapon…from curious Gerhard, what is done with the slaughtered birds? Gilson from Brazil..

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    What is your job on the farm?

    Gerhard: “I am the head shooter”.

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    If only I had fx impact my hunting would be more exciting, but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy this unit

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    try the experiment of shooting a cow from a distance of 100 meters

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    On several video’s by ernest rowe I noticed him stating not to go over 150 bar on the rear regulator, both on impact and maverick vid’s, to avoid too much wear and tear.

    You have it set on 200 here, so I was wondering if you are running this with the FX standard back regulator, or did you tune the spring discs in the rear regulator for higher pressure, or did you use a huma extra high pressure regulator?

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    your videos are the best, my dream is a fx maverick , pity that here in brazil the price is absurd.

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    Mr Gerhard my request plz don’t shoot sparrows plz plz

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    I want to work in this cow farm. Please give me a visa.

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    Another great video Gerhard. really enjoyed it, spot on Cheers

  42. Morten Nissen より:

    Hello my friend… I dont know who i should ask, so now you get the question.

    I have an FX Impact X Mk2 .22 where i shoot the FX Hybrid Slugs, with about 1010fps.

    But… it is very hard to get the FX slugs in Denmark… but… in Denmark Javelin 23gr .22 is available.
    Soo… i think i will have to change from FX slugs to the Javelin slugs 23grain.

    The question is, what will the fps be with these Javelin 23grain with my setup right now ? And which speed should i aim after ?