FX Airguns Impact Prairie Dog Hunting – 400 yards with a Field Optics Pro 39-Mil Tripod!

Gear used:
Field Optics PRO39-MIL ASFPL Tripod:
FX Impact in .22:
NSA Slugs in 31 grain:
Saber Tactical Arca Swiss Rail:

Check this off the ol’ airgunner bucket list! Not only was I able to go hunting with Justin Jacobson at Utah Airguns for these destructive and disease ridden prairie dogs, but I was also able to beat my personal record for my longest kill shot with the FX Airguns Impact.

We got 278 – 350- and 400 yard kills shots on video, but I will tell you, this prototype of the 800mm FX Airguns Impact barrel kit in .22 cal was dropping slug bombs all around prairie dogs out to 600 yards all afternoon long. It will be a few months till we see these in the wild, but WOW! Just WOW! We are getting .22LR powder burner power with the precision of a Vudoo Gun Works .22LR competition rifle from an airgun!

What blew me away was the stability and adjustability of these new Field Optics ASFPL Tripods from Utah Airguns mounted with the Saber Tactical Arca Swiss rail for the FX Impact and FX Maverick. I have had a love hate relationship with shooting tripods and loved the idea of them to get up off the ground while shooting, but have hated some of the other options I have tried. The milky smooth gimbal head on this thing is what sets it apart from anything else I have ever used in the past. Quick rotation of the locking handle on the gimble and your tracking and adjusting to get on target. Lock it down and you are ready to rock.

Utah Airguns not only carries some of the best gear in our industry for FX Airguns, but the team of people working to tune these guns to perfection is what I love about Justin and his crew. We showed up with our luggage thinking we were going to be checking into our hotel… NOPE! Get in boys – we are driving 4 hours to some ranch land that needs our services. Justin handed us all pre-tuned FX Impacts and every single one of them was dropping slug on slug on a 50 yard zero. All day long I was clicking all the way on on the scope and holding to the very bottom of the glass and consistently dropped MOA groups at HUNDREDS of yards away. Crazy good.


  1. someone else より:

    I did not believe it until I saw the 800mm barrels…400 yards of awesome

  2. George Deeds not words より:

    I might be interested in one of them 800mm barrels in .22 cal . How long of a wait is there going to be ?.

  3. Supreme Renegade より:

    Unreal! Wow

  4. Bret Lawson より:

    Nice! That was a poke with a centerfire Chris let alone an air rifle! Look out RMAC! Always a pleasure watching your videos man. Be blessed with all that you need.

  5. OriOn The Iguana Hunter より:

    That was amazing, Chris! What a great shooting!! That long shot OMG Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. E.L. Robbins より:

    Damn nice shot at 400. I’m not a skilled long range shooter, yet. I have all kinds of problems past 250 yards with the wind. I shoot a 25 cal Maverick sniper by FX. It’s not the guns fault.

  7. michael balazki より:

    I would LOVE to see the UA truck makes rounds like the Ice Cream Man.

  8. Philip Ballard より:

    Fantastic shooting

  9. Andy Higgins より:


  10. Kamakazi Hunter より:

    I like this…

  11. Nate Goodwin より:

    Now you tell me there’s an 800mm…as my 700mm is on the way. Balls.

  12. Stedy One より:

    Dropping bombs on the p dogs

  13. Alfredo Rivas Camacho より:

    Very Very good, si señor, muy bueno, y que habilidad.

  14. WRXXXual より:

    I need a tripod in my life…

  15. WRXXXual より:

    When that lead meteor comes screamin’ in… ☠

  16. au smith より:

    nice stuff.

  17. Greg McB より:

    Hey I think I have an idea on how to cast lead free slugs!
    I think if you used tin/antimony alloy (basically lead free solder) and use bullet cast to cast it, Tim/antimony alloy is basically just a soft lead so you probably wouldn’t need a tighter twist rate, maybe throw a tungsten ball or something in there if you really want that extra weight but I don’t think the weight difference is that huge

  18. Jim Celmer より:

    A bunch of grown men having fun with pellet guns. What is this world coming too? LOL I got my m3 on order from you guys. I can’t wait to be a kid again. It’s not the old daisy is it fellas.

  19. Hajimoto Productions より:

    That is some incredible video to watch. Freaking amazing shooting guys!