Call of Duty Visual FX, PS5 Specs, Install Sizes | Sony Santa Monica VFX Artist | Broken Silicon 111

Chris Rey is a VFX Artist currently working on the new God of War, & previously worked on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He makes explosions, Zombie lasers, and Norse spells look cool! We discuss the organization of PlayStation Studios, Activision, & the hardware behind special effects.

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0:00 What made Chris Reach out? What does a VFX Artist do for Call of Duty Cold War?
9:52 Between various FX – what taxes gaming hardware the most?
12:07 Why don’t more Developers go on the Record?
14:58 Jason Schreier’s Reporting on PlayStation Studios, How Sony manages their Devs
24:19 How much do COD Studios share tech? How much do PlayStation studios share?
27:06 Does making a gen Crossgen hold back the next gen version?
34:42 Optimizing for AMD & Nvidia Graphics vs PlayStation 5 & XBOX Series X
38:35 What specs would you improve on the PS5? Would more actually RAM improve graphics?
44:07 What effects need more work by devs? Why does smoke look worse than Fire?
50:48 Does hardware ever limit art direction?
57:16 Why do so many games get delayed?
1:00:07 How did the COVID Shutdown affect Game Development?
1:08:26 XBOX vs PlayStation marketing – how soon should companies reveal games?
1:17:13 Differences between Call of Duty & God of War development…and fans.
1:27:35 Why is Warzone’s install size so large?! Did Activision expect it to be this successful?
1:34:51 Is there a way to stop Multiplayer Hackers? Does Activision have vulnerabilities?
1:39:46 Why don’t more console games support Keyboard & Mouse?
1:48:52 How do devs adjust settings for MP Completion? Why isn’t DX12 the standard?
1:59:51 Difference between doing VFX for movies versus Games
2:05:57 Advice for people looking to get into game development

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    I hate my life.

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    Too bad you didn’t ask why Cold War’s VSync setting doesnt work at 60 or lower FPS in multiplayer or why the Treyarch games are the worst programmed games in the CoD series.

    But interesting info as an artist, also Zombies works great!

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    Somewhere, Dan is out there…just not knowing.

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    Tom, do you ever sleep????

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    holy shit these just keep getting better and better

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    I’m sorry, with all due respect to the artist, there is no assets in the COD series that is worth 200 gig installs. Some generic guns with generic textures with generic sounds isn’t worth 200 gig downloads. This shit is ridiculous and it’s becoming an actual problem. People with data caps can’t even play these games because the download destroys the data caps.

    CoD isn’t the only game doing this btw.

    It’s not funny, it’s fucking stupid.

  12. The IGPU Gamer より:

    Tom has done more broken sillicon episodes than Nvidia has made rtx 3060ti

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    crazy that we could have new consoles in 2023, especially since these consoles were not under powered when they released.

  14. Christopher Mullins より:

    Getting on the road. Perfect timing, tom.

  15. Keep より:

    ps5 ram cooling is really bad…. i did a mod where i modified the cooling plate and soldered new copper on it to better spread the heat. otherwise great console.

  16. Alexander Jones より:

    I want to see next gen games push AI and physics. I don’t want prettier looking PS3 games. Bring on something new!

  17. Drew Sanchez より:

    This one is very exciting!

  18. Adam M より:

    Only skimmed a few minutes of the video so far, but looks like there’s some amazing questions and answers in this video!! Both of you guys seem like you’re having a good time too. Nice to see.

    Huge thanks to Chris for volunteering for the interview! Your answers are very insightful and I’m learning things that I’ve always wondered but never actively researched before

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    Ok…who downvotes stuff like this? Just random joes clicking on videos to down vote and move to the next one, rinse/repeat.

  20. sakib sarwat より:

    i ain’t buying or downloading new call of dutys unless they come back to their old sizes there’re lots of good fps games which are infact better than this game

  21. Brent Cox より:

    I love working at home vs in the office. My work still hasnt drug me back into the office yet and I am really doing my best to show I will be more productive if left home.

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    It’s not a broken silicon if you don’t hear ps5 ssd multiple times

  23. Laughter Chief より:

    I built my first gaming pc last year and got cod bo cw. I’ve never played other cods. I like cw. From what I’ve seen, i love how vibrant cw is. I got to play mw when it was free during new seasons. It was alright but i just like ttk, movement and colors of cw. Sbmm is painful, it kicks in after 2 decent matches. Plus if i don’t install the 4k textures and campaign, then it takes up around 70 gb. Which is not alot considering zombies maps, outbreak maps and combined arms maps. For me, its great and i have a good time. What do u guys think.

  24. Tim Apple より:

    Chris is great to listen to. Hope he comes on more.

  25. Alex より:

    Okay I know he’s not trying to be toxic by saying call of duty fans are never satisfied, but when you’re served shit compared to what you where served a few years ago you obviously should say something smh.

  26. NightRogue より:

    Ps1 Games looked the way they did because it was lacking the proper hardware to properly scale or render 3d environments, or something like that. I think they had to do a lot of software rendering….

    MGS2 Looked as good as it did because a first party team that was working on it, who had become very familiar with the hardware

  27. VegaIsAgingWell より:

    What really annoys me about Modern Warfare is that you need to download Warzone even if you only want multiplayer. Super annoying. Tom also PS3 was super easy to hack. It got so easy you could literally jailbreak it with a usb and some vulnerabilities. Before you needed to take it apart and flash the NOR chip to allow downgrades of firmware.

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    Great episode! Your guests are cool to listen to, so much interesting tidbits to soak up.

  29. Tux Penguino より:

    That was great. Very informative. I have been trying to inform gamers that you cannot compair a company like CIG, makers of Star Citizen, to Activision. Activision is established, has support studios, and WAY more money for production of “AAA” games (not a real standard guys, its marketting wank. tangent sorry.) CIG didnt exist 8 years ago, had 5-10 developers, and had no structure. Now 700 memebers and an engineering team that is VERY capable.

  30. BrotherO4 より:

    At 1:40:00 aka you mean the steam controller which is the best gamepad to be released but instead of people trying it and learning how to use it they simple talked shit about it?

  31. Phill Bands より:

    That’s not dust covering the 3090 that’s smoke

  32. bistrobmusic より:

    Consultants and other “hourly billed” professionals operate the same way – if I don’t have much to do on one project they will loan me to another. Maximum utilization is the key.

  33. kiooo9 より:

    God I’ve been loving all the game developers in art directors talking here lately. It’s very nice to hear people like this especially with no GDC this year. I’ve been missing this kind of conversation. Would be so unique to hear how people innovate this kind of stuff. Would love to have somebody from sucker-punch because I really like how ghost of tsushima did their art Direction but I understand if you don’t want to have another Sony person on for awhile

  34. user 28 より:

    Always great and interesting interviews! Thank you 🙂

  35. MAB より:

    Some games I prefer playing with controller & some with mouse/keyboard.
    IDK why that is.. intuition maybe?

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    Like, like… Like?

  37. Viipyilevä Miete より:

    At 44:15 didin’t they answer literally the opposite what the person was asking? It was really unfortunate as the guestion resonates with me. I want more AI and other gameplay improvements, not necessarily graphics that are indistinguishable from reality.

  38. Blank Blank より:

    great guest, another awesome podcast.

  39. Necro Spencer より:

    He sounds like tech jesus .

  40. Clement Moraschi より:

    The bit about Microsoft killing-off Microsoft Games Studios was very painful & true. The OG Xbox & the 360 came out swinging with great new IP & what seemed like grand experiments in the medium as a platform for distribution (eg. XBLA). Even the old XSN sports lineup was fantastic.

    Don Mattrick has a legacy of mud with Xbox, and whoever was responsible for the likes of pushing Lionhead to spend years on Kinnect before shutting them down – it’s just mind boggling. Some suit really got it into their heads that Xbox should try to compete with the Wii & put ALL the eggs in that basket case! It’s almost like someone at Microsoft was trying to sink Xbox, and as Don was on the way out to Zynga maybe he decided to sweeten his severance in exchange for being the face for some unpopular decisions.

    A decade of breakout success, torn down in just a few short years by ridiculously out of touch higher-ups. Nothing is so harmful to a company as bad management.

    I’m glad there’s been such a radical reshuffle of management for Xbox, but Phil Spencer’s job for the past 5 years has just been attempting to rebuild the Xbox brand and as Chris says – these things are years in the making. You can’t shut a studio down, scatter the collective knowledge, creative culture, experience, structure & cohesion of the studio to the wind – then put some dollars on a spreadsheet next year & pick back up where you left off.

    Somewhere, some rich idiot got paid more money than I’ll make in my entire life, to “make their mark” and almost sink the Xbox brand in the process.

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  42. Obake より:

    “Give credit to Activision for monetizing every part of that game.” How about no. That’s one of the big problems with modern games.
    And yeah, 200GB installs are insane.

    Multiplayer hackers are a plague without a good cure. The only way to really combat them are ever more intrusive anti-cheat software. I dunno about everyone else, but I’m not comfortable giving some random company complete remote root-level access to monitor everything my computer is doing just to make sure I’m not cheating. That’s draconian beyond measure. The other option is quarantine – a return to LAN gaming and private servers. Comes with some inconveniences such as no more centralized matchmaking and ladder systems that people expect these days, but at least you can avoid hackers that way.

  43. Metta Alpha より:

    So ps5 pro 2023?

  44. DeonDray Ainsworth より:

    new favorite?

  45. BCBtheBeastlyBeast より:

    Was hoping you’d bring up Ratchet and Clank in the cross-gen discussion–that game would have to make heavy compromises to run on PS4, no? And also, in the first God of War you have the “fast” travel by way of the world tree or whatever–which exists because of PS4’s limitations and the design goal of the one-take. If the sequel were PS5 exclusive, there could potentially be a change there. Because it is no exclusive, there almost certainly won’t be. You could argue that it’s fine because they’ve already set it up in the lore of world, and I would agree, but the talk was about what could be held back by PS4, and the means of fast travel definitely qualifies.

  46. Isaia M より:

    This is still not a good reason why a sub par optimized Game needs +200GB of space on a hard-drive. And on the other hand, there’s a good reason why gamers aren’t a fan of CoD games monetizing the ever living crap out of everything. A good example was CoD BO2 where buying the Peacemaker was essentially pay to win. A highly OP DLC gun that shredded everyone in close to mid range. ActiVision has bigger problems at the moment with the allegations about their Frat boy and sexist company politics. Even going so far as just ignoring misconducts of sexual nature, enabling cube crawling and marginalization discomfort of female workers, unsolicited flirting regardless of their relationships, making more or less female workers “sleep” their way up if they want even the smallest promotion and even driving two female colleagues to suicide by their own superiors by making them do sexual favors.

  47. Devilaxes より:

    I do not agree all the call of duty games are different from each other, in fact Cold War is one of the shittiest cods in a long time. Its down there at the bottom with Call of duty Ghosts holy fuck that was terrible, optimization is horrendous in cold war, when they added cold war into warzone that Smoothness that was there before is totally gone…. they made something worse… Well done

  48. Lycon Xero より:

    I hope you can continue to get game devs on like this because these last two episodes with devs in particular have been fantastic and incredibly insightful.

  49. Josh P より:

    @ 31.14 I’m confused why he was saying they didnt increase memory? Haven’t we now got like 13gb usable on the ps5?

  50. CuteFaceJay より:

    So almost 300gb for skins? Are these all in 16k resolution these skins?

  51. Entertainment より:

    Isn’t the entire point of the ps5 is that you can render only what your character is seeing basically eliminating any point in extra memory because your using the IO to push out textures and content out continually making much better use of ram? I know third party devs it’s useless because Xbox and pc doesn’t have that but even then for the ps5 version you wouldn’t have those issues as you could just push it more for that specific version

  52. Shahaan Saleem より:

    Let him finish talking man. You are cutting him off every time he talks.

  53. jimmy cachero より:

    So whenever I see a piece of floating particles in game on COD …this guy… that’s awesome… adds to the total immersion, any Warzone input??? Tracers?

  54. Astrea Kaito より:

    Sony and all their modern devs sucks.

  55. G Rex より:

    I wonder if the revisions of the PS5 and Xbox series S/X Will have more ram or be more efficient but still have the same power

  56. zZz より:

    Could they utilize SSD storage for temporary memory? Even 64gb reserved would not be missed.

  57. Silent Observer より:

    This was so insightful

  58. Nirmal Singh より:

    38:35 yep, i disagreed with Brian in the last pod-cast, RAM is not just for “textures”, all particle effects, GPU vertex animations, pre-calculated physics and even player data for multiplayer games have to be cached, 16GB is not enough since in 2021, since both CPU and GPU take fair share of ram, which can’t be inter-used…

  59. Sam Wallace より:

    Great content always looking forward to every Broken silicon

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    Finally a good thumbnail. Love u Tom.

  61. Terra Nigma より:

    Unfortunately Warzone is filled with hackers and A LOT of streamers use aimbot and wallhacks. Check out BadBoy Beaman channel. He makes videos on Warzone streamers hacking. You’d be surprised at how complicated aimbotting settings can be. Anti pc console fanboy rants are usually filled with ignorance and disingenuousness but they’re not 100% wrong when they talk about cheaters in PC gaming. I love pc gaming but hackers ruin games and it’s a shame.