No One Cares about your AXE-FX | VC314

The people coming to see your band? They came to be entertained. Nobody cares about the AxeFX you’re playing though. Seriously.

0:00 – Nobody is interested
00:42 – Where are the Good Songwriters?
02:34 – Why Glenn, Why?
04:06 – Having a Trade and a Studio
06:07 – Optimizing Windows for Audio
08:01 – Cheap Mic for METAL Vocals?
09:02 – The Butthurt of the Week
10:26 – Big Drums, Small Car, Smaller Brain!
11:01 – The Best I Could Do
12:13 – Couch as Bass Trap?
13:00 – Best Cheap Studio Monitors
14:13 – Rack Effects or Plugins?
15:37 – Do All DAW’s Sound Alike?
17:26 – Vocals Like Dog Farts
18:30 – World’s Greatest Reamp Box
19:05 – Anime Opinions?

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  1. Ariel Vinda より:

    “pro tools does sound different”… If you get audio that should be clean but it’s colored, unless absolutely intentional (Harryson Mixbus’ case), you suck as a software engineer. You cannot have same sample depth and rate in two daws, raw audio in, and have them sound different because there are no transforms happening to the signal there, it happens on the audio-interface and os drivers level. You could have difference at rendering stage if you render in lossy formats or downsample somewhat (there’s a natural downsample from 32bit to 16bit depth, and from 48khz to 44.1khz), which i faintly remember an old version of protools didn’t perform antialiasing and sucked balls, altho i cannot find the video showing that. To reiterate, you have to reaaaally suck at your job if you get anything but clean signal in a software that is intended to deliver clean signal, because right out of the gate the OS handed it to you that way

  2. SteampunkBelladonna より:

    Great songwriters / songs would be cancelled today. Only thing still safe is “Oh, Ima luva you. If I don’t see you, Ima gonna die” – quote from the Godfather

  3. Patrick Perry より:

    There is a test on YouTube comparing stems mixed on Pro Tools and Reaper by Blue House Sound Studio. He did a null test and there was sound at -175db so they do sum the slightest different. Personally I’ve only ever used Pro Tools First. The biggest difference I found was the plugins. I really like Pro Tools compressor, and reverb, and if I could afford it I would like Pro Tools’s sans amp, I’ve heard it’s better than the TSE BOD. Pro tools first not allowing third party plugins turned me on to REAPER. REAPER of course, as you know has the best transparent effects I’ve used (if you can’t tell I’m broke so take that as a grain of salt). I always use your vocal ping pong delay settings in REAPERS delay, and when I get my hands on live drums I always use reapers gate. REAPERS fir plugin is good when the singer doesn’t realise the fan shouldn’t be on when tracking, and I use REAPERS sample plugin to use my YouTube to MP3 drum samples.

  4. Rito Aguirre より:

    I personally use PT because I prefer the workflow but I use studio one and logic very regularly and I can’t say it sounds better. It has heat which is a console emulation built into the mixer. With it off, there is no difference.

  5. jakobole より:

    Regarding Windows and RME : A computer free from hardware issues will run daws on windows 10 trouble-free. No tweaking needed.

  6. Alex "Axe" Lewis より:

    It’s just not true that no great singers or songwriters exist in the last 15 years it’s just there is soo much more music to get through and the market is heavily saturated.

    I would hold up Miles Kennedy as an amazing vocalist and with songs like – Isolation and Addicted to Pain there are massive memorable chorus’

    Harry Armstrong from Blind River is an incredible Rock vocalist. Check out Blind River – Can’t Sleep Sober.

    How about Devin Townsend – Kingdom what a song what a voice.

    On the Metalcore side there are still bands writing brutal but memorable music Architects – Nihilist for example.

    You can’t tell me that M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold doesn’t have chops and songs like Bat Country are just great songwriting.

    Will Gardner from Black Peaks has a great range and Can’t Sleep is an amazingly well written song.

    There’s always a tendency to generalise and be negative about new music – but I promise you there are loads of talented people out there

  7. Greg Scott Pringle より:

    Leprous and Sleep token are two incredible bands.

  8. Bill McGinnies より:

    Technology is a double edged sword. Technology has certainly made multitrack recording available to the masses. The downside is technology doesn’t bring talent to the masses.

  9. Big Daddy J より:

    Windows audio video please!

  10. BigBadBalrog より:

    3:33 “there are some pretty gay great plugins you can get”
    Lmao, are those the ones Brojob uses?

  11. javiercojoba より:

    Click bait winner!

  12. scottham Pinkham より:

    Lmfao that intro was way to true Jesus

  13. audiomix1969 より:

    I’ve been using ProTools since around 1999. Does it have a sound? Probably. But it would be like comparing Ampex 465 to Scotch 226 2″ tape. The differences are subtle, and there were still the tape machine, console, and outboard to take into account, so the difference becomes negligible. I personally really like many of the stock PT plugins. Their 1176 emulation is pretty damn good, and the stock parametric EQ (EQ III) is also really useful. D-Verb is a great reverb, and I use the stock gate (DYN III) on drums all the time with excellent results. Avid’s pricing scheme is highly questionable, but the software works great for what I do, so it doesn’t REALLY bother me to pay for a major upgrade every few years.

  14. jules brunton より:

    Ah fuck me glen we’re getting old. Remember when you didn’t want to sing along to metal, you just wanted to shout along with a word or two in the chorus? When the rate you could flay your glorious locks to some brutal blast beats was more important than knowing the words you couldn’t decifer or , through bleeding ears, couldn’t even hear? I can’t remember them either. Must’ve been reeaally fun fun 🙂 when everyone else is perfect i will be special

  15. Maaq Trkk より:

    if your’e cuping a mic.. dont cup it all the way. use it like an realtime eq/compressor only with growling/darkvocals and dont over do it. with cleans… just don’t

  16. LanerJ より:

    I switched to Mac for college and its making me want to record again, not having to use ASSio is awesome!!!

  17. Slick Studios より:

    Back in the day I compared SAW to Pro Tools to Logic. SAW sounded the best with Logic in a close second….

  18. Mike DeCamp より:

    Another great ep! Thanks Glenn. Very interested to see the Mic video when it airs. Also very fun to touch on anime after a long while. I noticed Warren keeps a bunch of toys and collectibles in his studio, and always take close notes on the cool Robotech swag Glenn rocks on his T’s. Any other toy, comic, anime nerds out there?

  19. heresjonny666 より:

    If you want to test whether protools sounds different vs reaper, just do a null test.

    Get some audio files recorded in a third system, import them into both reaper and protools, then apply the exact same settings for the same third party plugins to both projects. Export at exactly the same quality, bitrate, samplerate etc, then null test the resulting two mixes.

    There should be no difference in volume if you use the same settings on the same plugins on both, so you should end up with silence if they’re the same, or if there are differences in how either DAW handles audio, handles running a plugin etc, we can see.

    I’d be kinda interested in seeing the result of this actually!

  20. Stephen Heling より:

    Hi Glenn! How would you feel about recording music in Atmos? Of course it could be made to be compatible with stereo, but it could make music totally atmospheric. Could ya imagine ambient pads or 360° guitar delays, etc?

  21. Jeff Mason より:

    Van Halen did NOT write Where Have All the Good Times Gone — that was Ray Davies and the Kinks they were covering. And Ray is one of the best songwriters in rock.

  22. Roger Furer より:

    “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?” was written by Ray Davies and originally done by The Kinks.

  23. Andrew Stonerock より:

    The daw is really just personal preference at this point. I prefer studio one. We use protools at the studio I freelance for. I fucking hate it. I took my gaming laptop in and threw it on their system and was breezing through shit with studio one. It’s your work flow, do what’s best for you. Fuck protools.

  24. buzztheimpaler より:

    How about your thoughts recording and mixing in the same room? I’ve put up acoustic treatment in my practice room/mixing room. I can’t put my desk 1/3 back from wall. And also about placement of drums in room. Bedroom sized basement room (8’ ceilings), but it’s is fully carpeted and drywalled.

  25. Kevin Siegel より:

    Super cheap way to do a quick room treatment/bass traps: Head to your local big box store that rhymes with “BallFart” and grab a pair of Intex single air mattresses and a pump. Inflate them and put one in each corner vertically. The Intex brand is excellent because there is a “faux velour” padding applied to one side, and that’ll get the job done. You should be able to grab 2 mattresses and an electric pump for under $100 USD, and you can deflate them and put them away when you’re not mixing.

  26. garbagebrain より:

    What ever happened to making music that YOU, the artist likes? Who gives a fuck about what’s interesting to other people or what’s “lame” or “dying”. How about make some shit that you enjoy, stop worrying about being fresh and different and “competing”. That’s how you end up making boring shit that you don’t even enjoy! Make shit you like. Make shit you would listen to. Fuck everything else. Thats how the greats did it.

  27. lola a より:

    Mixing is just adding numbers, nor ripper nor pro tool actually make this addition, your processor do. So this sound debate when it come to specifically mixing, it’s like saying that one particular keyboard make the same calculator to performe better addition than with another keyboard. Seriously guys this is science and technology not magics, just learn about it if you have interest in it.

    Now that’s for mixing, it is totally possible that for the overall use of a daw, one have effects/plugins that you would prefer over those of another daw. But specifically for mixing … WTF ???

  28. Andy Tullis より:

    Metal lost me about 10 to 15 years ago. It all started sounding the same. Nothing but loud screaming isn’t singing! Which ruined melody! Get back to using your talents to write as Glen said memorable songs with great melody!

  29. amsyar zerø より:

    I think that making an episode on rock/metal bands that make anime openings would be a great idea!

  30. Adam Stock より:

    dude please leave the (general) computer advice to people who know 🙂

  31. _ Spadix _ より:

    I really enjoy Glenn’s content when he isn’t yelling, I actually really liked this video although I understand how the character is written

  32. Revelator より:

    Please make that Windows setup video

  33. The AtomicBunny より:

    This channel has given me tools that you cannot find anywhere else, and the courage to tackle the DIY education. THANKS and F.U. GLENN!!

  34. Daniel Dry より:

    The only people who died on jan 6 th were 4 rioters and a police officer whose family SAID HE DIED OF A STROKE

  35. Leon Evans より:

    Hello, my names Colin Grigson, I play the bass guitar for Bad News.
    My name is Den Dennis, and I think its a load of bollocks..

  36. rishab より:

    please make a video for setting up windows for audio production,mixing/mastering .

  37. Joey Greenwood より:

    I’d love a video on setting up Windows for audio!

  38. Liz Masoner より:

    “Violence sucks! No matter which side of the political spectrum it comes from. That shit needs to stop.” 1000x this!

  39. kandahman より:

    Where have all the Good times Gone was the Kinks, whose primary songwriter, Ray Davies, is one of the best. Funny thing, when they wrote the song they were in the early twenties.

  40. QUEL NEGRO より:

    I understand recording at home or in a studio and stuff but WTF! ever happened to different bands getting together and just having a really cool jam session in someones garage and having fucking fun?


    Why are you still using reaper in background

  42. getblurryman より:

    Except the Kinks’ Ray Davis wrote “Where Have All the Good Times Gone”, not Van Halen.

  43. Corey Sorrenti より:

    Windows for audio?? Yes PLEEEEAAAASE. I’ve been on mac for the past 10 years or so and have just come back to PC with my new build. Any help getting Windows to run as smooth as possible for audio would be awesome. Oh..and Fuck You Glenn

  44. The Mad Scientist Musician より:

    My studio is mainly for myself and creating songs and vids. It makes me no money but gives me an out for my music and video creativity. Plus lets me get vids to people. My main money maker is my custom MX trike and quad shop and fish breeding.

  45. Justin Brett より:

    The problem with new metal bands especially this djent rubbish is it’s like maths with music like a bad jazz band and all the bands go for this sound ….but the media will champion it too and the fact is the actual people who like that style is so small why are they wasting there time (nobody understands it unless your a musician yourself?) And even then its nonsense okay yeah there great musicians but it’s all just over mist peoples head the biggest style in our kind of genre Is rock …something you can sing along to and bang your head there are still great bands like that out there butbits the media that holds them back by ignoring them thinking there the cool ones banging in about things not many people actually like

  46. theseansterful より:

    I love this channel, and nobody cares except me, yeah I’m an Axe FX owner, but I’m also not a songwriter and I bought it because I spend 75% of my time playing cover songs at bedroom levels. Pretty perfect for that, so I’m guessing the butthurt Axe owners consider themselves songwriters. Personally, I’ll probably never really invent my own tone when I struggle enough just writing my own riffs…which leads me to a fucking stupid question here: If I ever sit down to write something, I *could* plug into my 100w dual rectifier and dial in a pretty amazing to me, says fuck you to the neighbors, and…that I’m pretty sure will sound like absolute dog shit in a mix – so is it better to try to dial in a custom preset from scratch on an Axe, or use the dual recto and later make mix adjustments? Not being sarcastic, I really don’t know.

  47. jules brunton より:

    “Pro revolutionaries” dont want revolution, they just want to not be the first against the wall when it comes. And they want vinyl back

  48. Withinthrall より:

    People just need to stop wondering if what they’re writing sounds original, or sounds super unique, and just focus on quality. I mean how many times have we heard, “OH this band is new and so original! They sounds like a combo of x band with y band!” You can sound just like Metallica for all I give a fuck, just make a good fucking song. Stop going after pop artists for being successful just because the bands you listen to can’t write an interesting or catchy song.

  49. Jesse James Orwell より:

    Hey Glenn… THE ONLY PERSON WHO DIED ON JANUARY 6th WAS ASHLEY BABITZ, WHO WAS SHOT AND KILLED BY CAPITAL POLICE. Maybe get your facts straight before getting so butt hurt and lecturing the rest of us.

  50. Cailean Hunt より:

    If you haven’t seen it ‘One punch man’ is a pretty good Anime show.

  51. Welcome To Babbylon より:

    I used to fit a double bass kit in a Yugo!!!

  52. The AtomicBunny より:

    Politics suck.

  53. QuorthonsInferno より:

    Something interesting to say

  54. Studio-D TV より:

    Glen, I think you are going to LOVE the sE Mics. I have a pair of sE-8 condensers and they are just incredible. Always wondered why sE mics seemed overlooked so far on your channel, Looking forward to hearing what you think.

  55. AAAX より:

    Win 10 and protools . The only problems i have had are not understanding the settings so well other than that…

  56. Fatt Philosopher より:

    Your Japanese pronunciation is pretty good, Glenn. I’ve been in Japan 26 years. If you wanna say, “f*ck you a$$hole,” in Japanese, try “Teme Shine” “TEY- MAY SHE-NAY”

  57. Ben Perry より:

    yes windows optimization video

  58. APT-GET より:

    Hey Glenn! Your comment on how bands can record their own stuff got me thinking: What are your thoughts on and experiences with bands making demo tapes? I’ve listened to several from the 90s and they all sounded like absolute ass, but at the same time they feel like a core part of metal culture. Are demo tapes even still a thing, actually? Thanks and fuck you Glenn

  59. XJR15ftw より:

    Suisei No Gargantia (Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
    ). Very unknown anime, and it’s absolutely amazing. One of my absolute favs from the last decade, and it’s short and sweet.

  60. Nelson Velazquez より:

    A band in totally digging with almost everything they’ve put out is Turnstile. Their songwriting and aesthetic is unique.

  61. Anton Dvorkin より:

    JBL LSR 305 are a bit cheaper (and smaller) than Kali LP6. I’d pick them if l were looking for the lowest possible price. And they sound and look similar, even that ugly blue LED. IIRC Kali folks are ex-JBL which explains the heritage.

  62. speedingpenguin より:

    10:21 you do realize that the only violence on Jan 6 was the cop shooting a woman who was trespassing, right? Yeah, a crowd of people wandered through the halls of Congress and a few morons broke or stole some government property.

  63. AbelsRevenge より:

    Her name was Ashli Babbitt Glen.
    Love you man, fuck you!

  64. Ragism Rotzrochen より:

    Regarding songwriting… Yes, exactly my words. Sure, there are tons of great Youtube videos about great plugins and tones, guitar technique and drum beats, and they are very helpful – no question about that! But most bands think these technical aspects are what is most important. They are not. It’s the songwriting, man. Writing a catchy hook. Having the singer make you want to sing along. I’d rather play a great song with the shittiest of amps than your standard lackluster ripoff on high level gear.

    That has always been the problem with all genres. 95% of charts were always trash. But with modern YT education, I feel the focus kind of shifted unintentionally.

  65. Nicholas Heckingbottom より:

    That “the best I could do” is a great idea!

  66. Florent Jendrysiak より:

    Hey Glenn ! What would be your advice to share music on the internet and get feedback and advices ? I use Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud to share my music, but only my familly and friends are listening. What is the best way to share music on the Internet and get feedback ? Thanks for your videos, always liked your honesty and the way you try to be as unbiased as possible. Keep it up !

  67. SquidCaps より:

    Rage against the Machine: restore democracy, return the power back to the people, help the weakest, treat the sick.

    Jan 6th: we lost the elections so we will forcefully re-insert our strong man leader, a wannabe billionaire narcist, tyranny loving asshole to the one seat of power.

    Yeah.. THAT is the difference. One is defending the weak and are for the people, for equality, the second are racist, bigoted assholes bullies that love dictators.

  68. BradsGonnaPlay より:

    1:37 Glenn, I beg of you to invite me on this show. I will recommend you and your audience DAYS of bands and songs that fit your bill. YOU are not looking hard enough.

  69. LadyAxe13 より:

    There are still good songs and great songwriting, but because they have clean singing, nobody gives a shit to listen to their metal.

  70. Jaddok Productions より:

    That band is funking awesome.
    Battle beast
    Fucking awesome.

    I like operatic metal.

    That’s my taste.
    Check them out

  71. Austin Klinger より:

    Yesss dude, Re: Zero is so good, especially season 2.
    As far as records that will stand the test of time, I think Trivium has a few, The Sin and the Sentence from 2018 is a recent one. Unleash the Archers last two albums, esp Apex. Spiritbox are making very deserved waves with their new stuff. Audrey Horne’s 2018 record blackout is massively underrated. Good shit’s out there as it always is

  72. Lightning Strikes より:

    The ‘Greats’ generally relied on a team of producers, engineers, songwriters, Martin Birch, Bob Daisley and so on. Look at how Ritchie Blackmore chopped and changed vocalists to an almost neurotic level. Now everybody’s trying to be the songwriter/producer/guitarist/engineer/cinematographer all at once.

  73. Record Heat Studios より:

    Honestly I been recoding digital since it all got started. Many a daw have I saw! The “sound” of the daw never really has been the issue when choosing one over another. It comes down to layout, features, and ease of use. Its bad enough we bitch about the soundcard quality! But wut a typical musicians feedback loop…its yer soundcard, its yer daw, no…no u got to have X with Y …….all bullshit make the music, write a great song!
    Anthony Paul, Record Heat Studio, Phx. AZ. USA

  74. Jarrus Jenkins より:

    Hi Glenn, i’ve been playing guitar for a while now, I’m into rock and metal and I’d like to improve my playing. Can you recommend any good resources to look at or a good teacher to talk to?
    Fuck you Glenn

  75. Wali Shahzad より:

    YES PLEASE!! Make the video about optimizing windows. I’ve been using logic pro and now I’m really struggling to get used to windows and the DAWs that I have available on windows.

  76. MeTuLHeD より:

    In case you missed it, there was this thing called The Revolutionary War.

  77. Cloudy95 より:

    My fav is always the butthurt of the week one, cus it just shows how little brain people use nowadays

  78. Vallabh Sivaprasad より:

    Glenn do you like attack on titan!? Honestly one of the best soundtracks also

  79. migas balasteiro より:

    I’m not a big fan of Pro Tools, but recently I had a work of a class where I had to mix and master a couple tracks, and I was shocked how different DAW’s sound. The biggest difference was indeed in Pro Tools, I dont like how different it sounds, it kinda sounds like the sound in the project gets a bit too much digital like if the sample rate on the DAW get up and the sample rate on the PC and interface is lower… oh well…. Slow Fools (Pro Tools)

  80. Old Яomans より:

    Naaaah, we don’t need more Donny Osmond vocals in metal….we need more Chuck Schuldiner influence.

  81. White X より:

    You know that “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” is NOT a van Halen song?

  82. TedintheShed より:

    *Imagines Glen running in anime*

  83. killzer48 より:

    I have to agree that most metal bands come from an assembly line, sound the same just a peak faster, for example, take slipknot, they were able to play hard, fast, edgier and groundbreaking, but, take the album volume 3, you’ll get two legendary ballads, memoriable and bound and the entire album can be played and appreciated for what it is because of the ability to compromise and adapt, the spirit of metal should be playing what you feel, not what your girlfriend and a bunch of music snobs expect everytime, all of the time.

  84. T G より:

    Really wish you would just drop all the political stuff in general. Big government is the machine, most Americans don’t want to live under authoritative States like California or nations like Canada which want to control every aspect of your life.

  85. James Satterfield より:

    Watch To Your Eternity, it’s currently airing and the first episode is a literal masterpiece

  86. Rodrigo Blotte より:

    Glennnnn! The thing I’m always struggling to understand from you is: if I play my parts as close to the grid: IM BORING AN NOT ROCK N ROLL AT ALL, and if I do not play up to the metronome then I’m a piece a garbage…..I’m always confused on your stand with this. Hopefully my comment make sense and you don’t make fun of me. Cheers and fuck you!

  87. John Patitucci より:

    Let me say this….

    Today’s metal, whether it’s garage bands or signed bands suck. Yeah I’ll get some hate from that statement, but I don’t care about your feelings. I’ve done research on current bands and frankly, it’s boring and tiresome. The same cookie-cutter BS sounds with the same cookie-cutter BS vocals. To me, screaming in a song is telling of the lack of real vocal ability. Sure it takes skill to do it, but what’s the point if nobody can hear or understand what you’re saying? The industry needs more Mike Howes, and less demonic possessions. But hey, that’s only my opinion, right?

  88. Alan より:

    Would love to see the “best i can do” series. You talk so much about working with mediocre musicians but most of the content you (and all other producers) work with on YouTube are some of the best stuff you work with. Making good mixes by polishing a turd would be very informative for all of us!

  89. Black Sites より:

    Re: songwriting, I’d humbly suggest checking out our music. Proggy, old-school metal with plenty of hooks. No Axe-FX, no pitch correction, no drum correction. It’s not for everyone but some of you may dig it.

  90. Guillaume Lortie より:

    you’re always welcome in montreal, still need to pay you a couple cold ones

  91. AAMix より:

    Pro tools has a “sound” when HEAT is enabled
    Studio one has a sound when one of their console emulators are enabled
    Harrison mixbus has a sound cuz of its emulation of the console
    So I guess the question isn’t “does your daw have a sound”
    The question “should” be: CAN your daw have a sound
    IMO, I like pro tools HEAT more than studio one’s mix fix engine, but that’s just personal preference
    Reaper doesn’t have those features but slap some slate virtual tape machines on your busses and the vmr with the mixbus channel and your good to go.

  92. Mathias より:

    Sacrifice’s new album is pretty good

  93. David Robinson より:

    Don’t toy with me, Miss Nagatoro is a really good romcom that came out this spring. Probably the best spring anime release if you ask me. To your eternity is another popular spring release but I personally hate it.

  94. lordlemmingman より:

    If it’s in your wheelhouse I think it would be fun if you did a “How to write and record an Anime Intro style song”

  95. Jordan Harzke より:

    I need a “Violence Sucks” tee!!