Introducing Roland ZENOLOGY FX: Authentic Roland effects for your DAW

Watch how to tap into ZENOLOGY FX and explore nearly fifty years of legendary Roland sounds, including over 90 genre-defining effects. Add delays to arps, larger-than-life modulation effects to chord progressions, and twist and distort basses and lead tones that leap from the speakers. Now you can harness the swirling JUNO chorus, feedback-drenched tape echo, and other storied sounds to add flavor to any instrument track or synth sound right inside your DAW.

Modulation effects include choruses, phasers, flangers, and more—and they work wonders on synths and other keyboard instruments. You can add movement to synth parts and enhance sounds so they seem to exist outside the bounds of your speakers. Plus, delays add space without taking away presence and immediacy.

ZENOLOGY FX includes a menagerie of unique Roland effects to propel your tracks into uncharted sonic territory. Explore the DJFX Looper and lo-fi effects from the SP-404, or the layered multi-effects of the famed JD-800 synthesizer. Or color your sounds with slicers, filters, overdrives, and other selections from the vast Roland effects legacy.

The Details:
• Includes over 90 authentic Roland effects
• Bring keyboard and synthesizer sounds to life
• Create sparkling arps, spacious keyboard riffs, monster leads, and more
• VST3, AU, and AAX support for popular DAWs

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  1. Raelene Willaims より:


  2. DG TV より:

    Is there no reverb fx?

  3. WOY Him Impaled יהושע Mashiach より:

    Love it!!! Does Roland offer any classes for recording?I’m a DJ and producer. I have several songs under construction. I’m using Zen beats with Ableton and GarageBand. Can’t forget my ensoniq asr-10. Do you offer any classes on how to work these instruments more efficiently together? Thanks for any advice I appreciate it.

  4. Sam Lowry より:

    Great – JP8 strings though a Dimension D – what’s not to love.

  5. James Bermingham より:

    The sleeping giant that is Roland, is now awake. Game changer. All in one box. Zenology is becoming a One stop shop. A dream addition to anybody’s workflow.

  6. Faided Beatz より:

    this is Dope!! but im still wishing that Roland will bring the JD-800 Model to the Roland Fantom……

  7. Chris Brisson より:

    Many effects available and many parameters to tweak. Is each and every parameter well documented with an brief explanation as to why it exists (i.e., use cases)?

  8. Null Void より:

    RE201 space echo? in my MC707? PLEASE?

  9. David Bailey より:

    I’m not interested in a subscription but would like to purchase Zen FX. Will Roland consider offering a lifetime key?