Red light night time iguana removal! .25 Cal Fx Impact M3 iguana Hunting!

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  1. Lewis Thompson より:

    Too Bad we:re Not Allowed to Vaporize these Iguanas with #8 Bird Shot.

  2. gloxK Boi より:

    I wanna move out their to hunt iguanas

  3. Dutch 1722 より:

    Try .25 cal wadcutters. Your ranges are not too far. You don’t need all that power that gun has for residential areas. 12-20 fpe and 25 cal is big medicine for your quarry. You will get huge wound channels and humane kills.

  4. PlanetGani より:


  5. Darrel Fraser より:

    Can you come Trinidad and catch iguanas????????

  6. Stephanie Simmons-Ashorobi より:

    Love your night hunt vid. Awesome!.

  7. brian dunn より:

    Couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo

  8. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    Man….with all the police and people getting killed by cops accidentally..I’d be really careful hunting at night. It takes only one jerk to call them. Do you have a sign on your car? Light a Dominos or pizza hut delivery driver? Or do you have someone by your vehicles or your entry point? Again thanks for the videos. We don’t have iguanas where I’m from..I’m actually very jealous of you guys.

  9. William Liddell より:

    Awesome as usual

  10. Gwen Patton より:

    Iguana Man: We got a couple of questions for ya… What just went through your mind?

    Iguana: A .25 caliber lead slug?

    Iguana Man: You’re guilty as charged. Bailiff, put him in the bag!

  11. Gwen Patton より:

    It’s that a Charmander on your vests? Be careful Nintendo doesn’t go after you. They are anal about their intellectual property.

  12. Robert Conner より:

    Put them in the bag

  13. Robert Conner より:

    I can’t wait for iguana man to do a python hunt

  14. TheWizard より:

    I can’t stop watching this

  15. Paul Hooper より:

    How do you dispose of the iguanas which are not eaten


    The dive tho. Lolol…….

  17. Ben Dejo より:

    Why is there only one person in your group wearing eye pro?

  18. Daniella Uribe より:

    Won’t the noise scare the iguanas away?

  19. Al Gerard より:

    Is it legal to use lights and scopes after dark???

  20. TPCTRASH より:

    Nice. Can you use a thermal spotter to help find the iguanas?