Putting a Smack Down on iguanas with .25 Cal Fx impact M3! Iguana Removal Job!

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    What up homie I hope your doing well good shooting

  2. TinyGunnz The Entertainer より:

    He accurate and with that Sniper

  3. dlvmark より:

    Dude get a frog gig on a long stick for the ones just out of reach. It works great!

  4. Terry Wells より:

    K dog is taking them out And as always Iguana Ninja has the eyes on the iguana’s great shot to Iguana Ninja ..

  5. Robert Conner より:

    Is this still the job where he need 300 iguanas

  6. michael shramko より:

    Are those fx guns semi automatic??

  7. Erik Lambert より:

    Awesome!!!! About to do bobcat, gator, rabbits, hogs etc in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. Wish we has iguanas to shoot though. Jealous

  8. Marcus Thomas より:

    You should hire a kid and buy a cooler on wheels to follow everyone to collect them as shot. That way you don’t have to remember them.

  9. Heath Halfhill より:

    I am super impressed just how much you have taken too airguns and just how good of shot you really are. Please be careful with the slugs. As you most likely already know…they fly much much farther than pellets and retain their energy and could cause harm to property, people, and the airgunning community in general as far as legal ramifications. Stay safe my friend. Love what y’all are doing.

  10. Rabbit Hole Resident より:

    I wish I could get a FX man. Prob get the dreamline lite essentials combo on Airgun Depot.

  11. Kyla Graf より:

    Everyone is hungry…..Awesome good shooting…..

  12. MakroPavlo より:

    What optic is he using?

  13. RickJason より:

    Ninja almost gets badly injured and you guys think it’s funny.

  14. john madsen より:

    very god shuting

  15. David Tebbitt より:

    Why are you killing them??

  16. Mark Cloud chaser より:

    Awesome, what’s the Ft/lbs of your rifle. Cheers mate

  17. Chris Fairnot より:

    You can’t stop the Pop