FX Maverick Review | Orion the Iguana Hunter

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This is my review of the FX Maverick.
I hope you like it and Thanks for watching.

Video Timestamps
0:00 Intro
01:23 My story behind the gun
01:59 History of the Maverick
02:30 Technical Review
05:52 Will it group well?
10:28 WOW, that’s efficient!
11:06 Southern Precision Air Weapons, 5 stars
13:10 Wrapping up
14:43 Bloopers

My Equipment
Scope: Tract Toric 4.5-30×56 34mm

Rifle: FX Maverick VP .22

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~Orion the Iguana Hunter
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  1. Airgun Evolution より:

    Awesome video buddy, That gun is amazing..Awesome scope cam too

  2. mike foor より:

    Always spot on with your reviews and great scope cam views.
    Manufacturers should be paying you with the reviews and details you provide.

  3. Steve Yountz より:

    Thanks for your usual great video! Could this comfortably be used by a left handed

  4. Marcos Da Cunha より:

    Great video, Bro!

  5. James-M. より:

    HA! “The cars need Donny FL.” Now that’s a good one!

  6. Andries Sluiter より:

    Nice results Erlis. Mine is stil not doing what its supposed to do. There is progress but it takes a lot off time.

  7. Carl より:

    Great video again. the clarity is great. Happy for you mate. Here is my 2 cents on the matter … there are companies that are backing each other with their respective products, from the back of the gun to the front and top to bottom. Good for them. No hating on them. They all have something good going for themselves “together” … respect. My gripe is not with them, Its with those other PCP companies (and related products) that should realize by now that things are only going to get tough to compete with those “joint” organizations ….and therefore for me anyway, to keep up they need to first and foremost get their service department “spot on”. At least with their “service department” at tip top it gives them the only chance right now to keep up. I mean you try to support by buying their products….but. Once they’ve sold you the product, god forbid if you have a problem coz help and service is nowhere to be found. You get no response or help from them. Even their fingers go missing as its impossible to return mail … Come on “other guys” … my gripe is with you. Get you service /customer satisfaction at a high. Just look how chuffed Orion is … sorry if I;ve bummed on your channel Orion. Just happy to see you happy and “SATISFIED!!!”

  8. huck stirred より:

    I read about the professional ivory hunters , I have an entire bookshelf of nothing but the professional hunters The hide hunters of the great plains , The Ivory hunters in Africa . You seriously need to keep a very , detailed notes on each gun and each pellet . Journal about the hunts .
    When I started shooting black powder cartridge rifles no one seemed to know anything .There was no information at all on the 50 2 1/2 . If I would have wrote down my reloads , my casting recipes and marketed aunt O ‘Diels homemade soap recipe as bullet lube I would have made a fortune .I didn’t even have anything to hunt with that cannon except 2 deer a year . ” Did you know if you shoot the ground 6 inches in front of a ground hog with a 50 sharps it will die as if shot in the head”? This my friend is the great iguana hunt ! These pellet guns are the sharps and the Holland and Holland doubles of yester year