Sherelle on how to DJ with FX, rekordbox playlisting and hot cues | How I DJ, powered by Pioneer DJ

Sherelle is the latest artist in the return of our How I DJ series, powered by Pioneer DJ. In this episode, she shares DJ tips and techniques including how to DJ with FX, playlisting in rekordbox and using hot cues.

0:00 Intro
1:13 rekordbox
4:06 Effects
5:43 Hot cues
7:00 Outro

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Our new series of How I DJ explores the unique styles of different artists, as they demonstrate their skills and techniques. With breakdowns of different ways to use a variety of DJ tech, artists give us an insight into their unique approach to DJing.

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  2. Oswaldo Pacheco より:

    Geat tips

  3. JAZMINE DÜX より:

    mad props. Sherelle is dope.

  4. inF Andy より:

    I loved this different angle point of DJ’ing 🙂 Shows that sometimes even simple transitions can be the cleanest