Y: The Last Man (FX on Hulu) Trailer HD

Based on DC Comics’ acclaimed series Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, Y traverses a post-apocalyptic world in which a cataclysmic event has decimated every male mammal save for one lone human. The new world order of women will explore gender, race, class and survival. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Y: The Last Man season 1 promos in HD!

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» Watch Y: The Last Man Mondays on FX on Hulu
» Starring: Diane Lane, Imogen Poots, Barry Keoghan


  1. TheOneJonasSith より:

    On my must watch list

  2. Dave Brown より:

    Holy shit

  3. John Patrick Fay より:

    You wont have to worry about mixed signals..

  4. Davion Flick Star より:

    A feminist dream come true

  5. Saiesha Narula より:

    I’m literally half famous because i know quincy kirkwood, i know i know save your applause.

  6. Romarruk より:


  7. Fishfins より:

    Hmmm I spy no monkey.

  8. Gregory Pineda より:

    Woke world

  9. haskell420 より:

    COVID: The Y Variant

  10. Ryan Cunningham より:

    Oh come on, I’ve got to stream this?

  11. Andrew Stewart より:

    Do they use sperm banks to repopulate

  12. SG Rapness より:

    So if I don’t have Hulu I’m out of luck?

  13. faithnkeira より:

    Looks brilliant

  14. C Peterson より:

    One of the best comics ever written.

  15. Brendan Roche より:

    Who is going to open all the jars….??

  16. Ray Lynch より:

    Idk yet… Hit me wit’ Trailer 2
    Then I’ll make my decision

  17. John Wolfchild より:

    Covid lockdown pretty much

  18. Quantum より:

    I’ve legit thought about this concept so much and I’m glad finally someone made a show for me!

  19. L.A. Cayabyab より:

    death… BY SNU SNU!

  20. Moses Allow It より:

    spoiler alert:

    Rember 1st story arc in which a bunch of republican civilians tried to start a coup against Congress because they didnt like democrats were majority and theyfelt it was unfair. What a ridiculous and unrealistic scenario.

  21. Necr0Mancer より:

    If there were only women left, there wont be war, there will be 2 teams not talking to each other.

  22. Manhog Bear より:

    yay men’s bathrooms are way less likely to have piss on the seat now!

  23. Dimitry Anyanwu より:

    Damn, and I thought being the last man was gonna be cool

  24. Md. ibrahim より:

    song name?

  25. gregcoe93 より:

    worlds end harem, anyone….

  26. XenoKaiju より:

    Judges Anderson and Hershey together at last haha

  27. EndingsBeginnings より:

    so it would be a happy world without wars, violence and rape?

  28. MCR Smash より:

    Looks like some feminist woke garbage

  29. Ejz1988 より:

    Don’t fuck it up Hulu!

  30. Trash Bandit より:

    looks good, though i cant wait for certain people to call it woke.

  31. TRon Ron より:

    I would so love to be the last man.

  32. sharon curran より:

    Why would it be a man’s world if only women are left? Why is a male perspective of a women’s world the most likely? To point to the obvious, it’s currently a man’s world, I think women would do better. But, God forbid, a more positive imagining be shown.

  33. Spartan WarX より:

    2 ways this goes down to repopulate:
    1. Incest
    2. monkey business

  34. Breaking Rick より:

    Welcome to Woke World 2021. Where Man is finally all killed off. A beta man remaining is not a Last Man.

  35. Spartan WarX より:

    I’m sure all those men are just napping cause the president said he was fine so he must be fine… just tired right?

  36. Peep より:

    No matter what gender if half of the world dies the worlds gonna shut down

  37. joshfactor1 より:

    wait, but i still have questions. are they going to use a real monkey? because i think that would be pretty cool

  38. Alex Shopov より:

    I just wondered the last week if they will ever make live action of this comic and how would look.I didn’t know they were making it lol

  39. Arindam Ghosh より:

    Feminists will be very happy, if this happens for real

  40. Mayank Kumar より:

    This thing is my dream

  41. José Luis Montilla より:

    it’s not a porn, right?

  42. Mike Jorsch より:

    You know Elvis had a Twin brother Y first line

  43. MrSenpai より:

    Can’t wait for yall to see “The Daughters Of Amazons” show up. They are basically self-proclaimed feminists whose decree is to wipe out all men, including transgenders. All I will say is this, if your a feminist, this show is gonna piss you off. If you part of the “I hate all men” or “we don’t need men” or “the world will function fine without men” or boot camp, this show will trigger you. If you are in the belief of “wars happen because of men” or “women are better than men”, this show will trigger you. For everyone else, this will be an interesting show based on an amazing DC comic.

  44. ghost245353 より:

    How awkward would it be if he had a sexually transmitted disease?

  45. Omegaslashbuster より:

    If your a The Last Virgin Male then you have no excuse not to get laid.

  46. Big Bad Dragon より:

    Sounds like a feminists dream XDXDXD
    Note sure this will do well but will wait till it comes out XDXD

  47. Chuck Wu より:

    How come they dont put the release date any where

  48. QuEsT X より:

    If they stick to the graphic novel this show is going to piss off alot of the extreme feminist community, I believe I read this has been in the making for years and they specifically didn’t want to release it during the handmaid tale era

  49. 0000 0000 より:

    “this is a mans world” plays 300 times in this trailer

  50. Murilo Neto より:

    The last season will be call “the menstruation”.

  51. RaphGirl より:

    Been eagerly awaiting this! Love the comic!

  52. VaticanCameos より:

    oh. finally!! been waiting for more than 4(?) years now

  53. IT より:

    Two words. SPERM BANK

  54. Mustafa S.Kadhim より:

    Worst cast worst story

  55. Roland より:

    predictive programming…

  56. Christopher Neufelt より:

    The luckiest man alive!

  57. Kostja08a より:


  58. jonty Quinn より:

    Who else couldn’t stop laughing

  59. Marquelon Sigler より:

    I was not that big of a fan of the graphic novel but I’m willing to give this a try

  60. Dare - wait for it - Devil より:

    It’s on FOX. Maybe better not get attached to it. I’ll check it out if it goes past season 1.

  61. soundofspace より:

    more white men hating woke shit written by a lefties who probably abuses actual woman and children in secret

  62. FartyFat より:

    good thing the last man on earth is gorgeous. What if it was an old fat balding man instead lol

  63. Akhil Antony より:

    Nice concept, even though its not new, even though we have atleast once in our life time thought abt such situations, still this looks interesting as i haven’t seen anything similar to this concept in the movies or series imo

  64. Radio Active より:

    Well at least they didn’t all scramble for a stupid mask and hide in their closets.

  65. Asher Fillmore より:

    I am too hyped for this! Please adaptation gods, dont let me down!

  66. Xtreme Slator より:

    I think the feminist would be pleased

  67. Spooky Cookies より:

    Wow the casting looks spot on. I can’t believe that this is actually airing after all this time.

  68. Leona VERERAT より:

    Name of this music please ?

  69. Peace Men より:

    please dont let the show get woke, make it a harem of a show for the last man.

  70. GRAVINAtv - Danilo Soares より:

    Essa serie vai fazer muito homem chorar HAHHAHAHA

  71. aweha より:

    Feminism: Endgame

  72. Asterisqke より:

    Feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this. Hope it’s good.

  73. John Bainivanua より:

    Intersex people be like: ……

  74. uderzo1984 より:

    I see a lot of “reeeee” in this show’s future, lol.

  75. Joshua J Lewis より:

    Ok. Looks good

  76. night witch より:

    It’s every women’s wet dream.
    It’s every guys wet dream.
    It’s every sparm bank owner’s wet dream.
    It’s every Lasbian’s wet dream.
    It’s evey over protective dad’s wet dream.

  77. Greg M より:

    Just finished rereading the comic in anticipation for the show. This trailer made the series look more dramatic that I thought the comic was. I always found it to be more campy and lighthearted than serious.

  78. Young Wolf より:

    This shit actually looks hella good but they gona cancelled this shit anyways after one season

  79. Renegade LK より:

    1:17 i thought she was going to say horney at the end

  80. Sima より:

    A black bad ass leading lady, count me in!!

  81. Sougat より:

    Music Name: James Brown – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

  82. Neo Cortex より:

    Looks like a Wet Dream for all the Twitter Folks. But they will rage cause one white hetero CIS Male survived! Thats why they will make him a Sidechar, unlike the Comics.

  83. Peter Kovic より:

    Every radical feminist’s wet dream.

  84. Michał Ptak より:

    i remember reading a manga about this situation, i wonder how this will turn out, also lol society collapses without men i wonder how feminists will react to this one 😀

  85. Willis Allen Jr より:

    You’ve gotten my attention.

  86. Steven Daniel より:

    This isn’t just loosing males, it’s loosing sons, Fathers, brothers. The women wouldn’t be as happy as we would think, same way if all the females are suddenly dieing! That would be horrifying! For some reason I feel it would be so much more terrifying being the only female vs being the only male but one this is for sure, it’s both terrifying. I love this concept and I’m so interested in this

  87. BOY - MIYAGI より:

    Thought this was based on a manga

  88. Miss Vyette より:

    I clicked so fast. The comics were great!