Falcon FX Reacts to BBC Documentary Insta traders I A Must watch! @Sam KB | @FTMO | @BBC Three

What’s going on guys & Girls,

In this weeks episode we have something a bit different for you.

This is a reaction style video to the recent BBC three documentary of “insta traders”

Many of you are serious about your long term success in this industry and I felt the urge to share my thoughts of so many important parts.

I hope you take strong positive messages away from this and cut through the noise using your own independent thinking.

I have some behind the scenes footage for you guys also so make sure you tune into the whole episode.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!
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  1. emmanuel udemezue より:

    Good evening Mark

  2. CORELEAN Malapane より:

    I’m happy to watch you ❤️

  3. Bheki Thabethe より:

    I am happy to see someone address the misconceptions about trading.

  4. Ndukwe Kalu より:

    Thanks for this information, Mark

  5. middlesbrough123 より:

    Maybe try and get the bbc lad on for an interview and see if he has balls .

  6. Ntamanyile Sichula より:

    AUDNZD proving difficult

  7. Ben Lee より:

    Hopefully this reaches all new traders!!

  8. robbie edwards より:

    Bloody hell! I’ve been working for 4 years studying this craft. My family were believing in me and then my mum watched this documentary if only she had watched a proper one!!!

  9. John Shamwene より:

    Thanx for the video man..Especially for us new traders with all odds against us..been self teaching and it’s tough but we’ll get there..really learnt alot from the videos you post!!

  10. Karım Imran より:

    They’re here to limit our thinking as always nothing new – I believe everyone can be successful in trading if they’ve the right mindset and think long term

  11. JoJo Blaze より:

    Anything good in life takes time, research, study, faith, discipline, nothing good comes easy. Forex takes education, common sense and capital.

  12. spiritual peace より:

    These BBc stuff is mean

  13. Mukhtaar Maxamuud より:

    Such a good info for new starters,

    Thanks Mark for enlightened us about it…

  14. Asal الأصل より:

    This is the sad real story of fx needed to know every new trader

  15. JoJo Blaze より:

    Mark, I love how you come in and represent for forex. Forex without a doubt is not something you will get rich quick on. It is a amazing way to learn how to grow money quickly when learned properly. Unfortunately, a lot of young people get caught up in IG glam that are not already financially achieving. Thank you for taking the time to make this vid! Forex is not get rich quick! It takes time and work. Fully worth both. Blessings.

  16. Kanyanga Eberhard より:

    I was angry but then I started laughing. The documentary maker seems like someone who was given a decent beating by the market. Like all losers they become sore and bitter, they then start spreading misinformation and fearmongering about trading. FTMO is legit, regardless whether it was started by teenagers or not. If you don’t have a high pain threshold, trading isn’t for you. To me trading is like being a battlefield, literally like a soldier in combat.

  17. Satch Huston より:

    The intro was very cringe and the intro itself did not give a good name to the industry. The intro was like the IM academy and flashing money money money. Absolute rubbish.

  18. Satch Huston より:

    Yo IM academy is a joke, bunch of clowns in a circus. Looool

  19. Nkosinathi Ndaba より:

    My heart was fuelled with anger and my blood boiled watching that thing…I hate it coz it’s a concept or that can destroy someone’s path in Trading while that person alone can change the life his or her community…it’s like destroying a nation before it’s even built properly

  20. Kenneth Chinedu Igwe より:

    Forex Trading is a profession
    And must be treated as such.
    If doctors, lawyers and others could spend 4-6yrs studying, why would one just give up after 6m-1yr trading?

  21. Faustino Tukas より:

    Really Good advice @Falcon Fx

  22. Abdullahi Dahir Ahmed より:

    I do not know what I imagine but this is the most useful thing to watch especially New traders Thnks Mark and falcon chanal We love you mark

  23. Wycliff Flacko より:

    Mark always on point

  24. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ より:

    If I remember correctly 97% of people fail the ftmo challenge, too many people are rushing it

  25. Ibrahim Raja より:

    Such a good video which comes at a perfect time. Great to see Mark shining more of a light and even inviting Sam from KB trading so we can hear his side of the story. These big biased channels always get away with peddling their own agenda, and it is time we fought back! #powertothepeople

  26. kNOwLedge Thief より:

    Spot on reviews, Mark! I started my FOREX journey with IM and you’re right there are some truly genuine people within the ranks of the company. I don’t regret joining IM I mean I was able to learn the basics and I was even profitable, just not consistent. I joined because I wanted to learn how to trade. I had no interest in “building my business”. Then I came across you and FalconFX! I am super grateful for the twisty path that lead me to FalconFX. I appreciate what it truly means to LEARN this skillset and not just copy signals. Thank you Mark for being transparent and changing mine and my family’s life!! Cheers to discipline and consistency!!

  27. Trieu Vy より:

    That’s television, selling dirt that’s ridiculous.. glad Sam is not get shut down

  28. Leano Samwinga より:

    Watching that documentary wasn’t even surprising I mean come on it’s the BBC their entire aim is to lay flat a narrative to attract viewers. It was for entertainment rather than education. It is what it is though, if there’s someone out there who was interested in trading but got influenced by a BBC documentary telling them every reason why not too trade then trading probably isn’t for you… Solid episode this week though.

  29. Liam Woodcock より:

    Great Video Mark. As an aspiring and newly funded trader it is a shame to see stuff like this being published mainstream. I understand the negative stigma around the industry due to signal scams, broker affiliation and MLM’s such as IML, SOFX etc. but they have failed to capture the positives and feature individuals that are prop firm funded making a living from this. It all boils down to finding a good mentor/community and working your arse off. The serious will never give up until they make it and I fall into that category. Hopefully this puts off the half hearted folk leaving the serious people to go the distance. Maybe the success rate of new traders will increase if media like this is enough to put off people who think they can copy trades or dip in and out of the market for a living! Mad love to you and Sam. Can tell they came in with an agenda and Sam conducted well. His attitude shows that they were negative and digging him and his business, compare his short firm responses in this to the Sam you get in his videos, says it all.

  30. Félixia より:

    Where can we watch this ??

  31. Ratidzo Goredema より:

    Hey Mark, can we (the public) see your verified trading results? You could squash this whole thing pretty quickly by just making your trading results available to the public. And by that I mean verified by a credible third party. Even a small account will do, in case you worried about privacy etc. -The cornerstone of science is verified, repeatable results!

  32. Gomolemo Setshedi より:

    Trading is legitimate it took me 4years to get my edge in the markets,I’m on my 4th year trading.Never give up and it takes time to be consistent.

  33. Anti Social Outcast より:

    Absolutely love Sam, very honest and great guy

  34. Kumar より:

    Dude, he’s talking about failure rates. Which industry doesn’t have high failure rate! If one doesn’t put his efforts he’s bound to fail! Garbage BBC interview ☺️

  35. Susan Costigane より:

    There’s no quick fix in anything in life, I’m 60 now and believe me I know. You have to be discerning and ask yourself questions before jumping in with the promise of quick riches. Social media really isn’t the best place to find genuine traders. I found Mark and Falcon via a Trading Coach who has been in the business for over 30 years, I attended a talk he gave at the Society of Technical Analysts in London, then subsequently I listened to a Podcast where he interviewed Mark, THAT was what got me interested, credibility and a track record, do your research people, just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true, especially where trading and the BBC are concerned !

  36. Connor Smith より:

    Sams held him self really well, feel bad for him as he said he got put in the firing line. kudos to the guy from ireland moving over too. Brilliant break down of the ‘doc’!

  37. AnjanFX より:

    I am trying to succeed in this extremely difficult market. If any of my relatives and family members see this video from BBC they will have a huge laugh at my future. But after i feel more motivate than ever.

  38. Abrahim より:

    at 27:25 I 100% agree with what u said.it’s all about never give up otherwise humans will never be able to reach the moon with out failing.

  39. Iman Roshan より:

    My only question is..why do all this funding prop firm company strt now?why does the current economy condition appeal them?why does it strt popping up now?how do you think ppl react to current global economy?do you think these funding prop firm gonna last at least 10 years?

  40. Sir Hen Sir Hen より:

    The physiology of trading is no joke. I have been trading for little over a year, I know my setup that makes money, my money management is on point, but when it comes to psychology and taking trades which I know doesn’t make money, that’s the problem. Psychology of trading can’t be learnt overnight. I will conquer my psychology or I will die trying. No going back!

  41. Abdirisak omar より:

    Very Well informative Topic thank you Mark

  42. Tamale Moses Jr より:

    wats the best broker

  43. Tshenolo Mokwana より:

    This is really insane, they are actually programming people to stay out of real possibilities, In everything you do in life when you start the odds of losing are very high cause you get hyped up by thinking u are going to get rich quick soon but as you keep on putting the work,, things start to make sense. This is so disappointing. Thanks, Mark for clearing all this noise.