Insane Long-Range Hunt | FX Impact M3 Compact | FX Crown Mk2 | Air Venturi Avenger – Pest Control

Welcome to AirTac Hunting. On this channel, we will hunt, design, engineer, and play around with high-precision airguns. It’s all about having fun and learning together. In this video, we visit a brand new dairy farm with a massive pigeon problem!

Your host,
Roelf Vorster


FX Impact M3 Compact with a Smooth Twist Superior liner in .22, Element Optics Helix FSP Scope, and DonnyFL Tatsu silencer shooting 23gr .218 Javelin Slugs at 930fps.

FX Crown MkII with a Smooth Twist Superior liner in .22, Element Optics Titan Scope, and DonnyFL FX silencer shooting 23gr .218 Patriot Javelin slugs at 930fps

Air Venturi Avenger, Element Optics Helix Scope, and DonnyFL Tanto silencer shooting 23gr .218 Patriot Javelin slugs at 820fps


Canon XA11 and Rode Video Mic
Eagle-Vision Scope-Cam with a GoPro
DJI Mavic Drone

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  1. Dan V より:

    1st comment! Get ’em Roelf!

  2. rizen detorres より:

    Love hunting love fx m3 sana all

  3. Mahadi channel より:

    Hello my friend, this unit looks really cool, high accuracy covers quite a long distance and is awesome. I hope you have a nice day friend

  4. Saqi minhas official より:


  5. Heath Halfhill より:

    Really like the Avenger and for the cost…can’t beat it. Love mine in .25 caliber. I also have the Liberty in .22 and it’s really been a great gun for years now so buying the 2 Generation of it was a no brainer.

  6. Patchit Again より:

    Roelf, do you shoot more than you film ?

  7. Ron levin より:

    Cats stole your dinner

  8. Randy Panlilio より:

    Great gun M3 try cook adobo .

  9. Jowo Hunter より:

    Wow,so many bird..

  10. Tony V より:

    I have been watching your videos from the start. Seems you never run out of pigeons to shoot. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  11. Renato Francisco Santos より:


  12. Gary Postell より:

    Love to have the .30 cal impact 3 700 mm barrel omg accurate and powerful

  13. Briceida Rojas zapata より:

    Umarex origin please

  14. Gary Postell より:

    Now is best time there are some amazing entry level guns available

  15. Gary Postell より:

    Here in the US you can easily have 3k in a impact 3 or more!

  16. Andries Sluiter より:

    Nice to see that a gun like the Avenger holds up nicely. We know that the FXs do the job well but nice to see an other airgun in the field. Nice job btw, chassis mounting / making on the Avenger.

  17. Bali hanting より:

    it’s special

  18. Tim John より:

    Impressive performance out of the Compact. Excellent videography and commentary. Nicely presented.

  19. Kiagengselo Sorenglogo より:

    Best shot

  20. facts hunter より:

    Incredible content. That popping sound of the avenger says a lot about the gun. Awesome as always. Regards.

  21. Stewart Rodrigue より:

    Good shooting Roelf
    Are the pigeons edible

  22. Julian Weeks より:

    hi Roelf another great video and like you have said in the past that pop never gets tired lol big thumbs up from me

  23. Yasser Nada B7R より:

    Man i love your content and it was so great to see another pcp, fx is nice but its interesting always to see another pcps performing, hoping to see variety of pcps on your channel.

  24. leftymadrid より:

    Excellent content, and great new shooting pals. The pcp world… what a hobby!! 🙂 🙂

  25. Derick Strauss より:

    Hi Roelf , I would really like to know if you’re friend with the custom avenger does he sell the tactical stock and what does he ask . I think it looks really good , also busy upgrading my avenger ! Thanks for the video and would like to see what the avengers can really do , and it would be great if you can do a tune and custom video on the Avenger ☠️ please .

  26. Sir Gillium より:

    Really impressive editing, it’s awesome to see your progression each video. Thanks for the great content.

  27. zerlgi より:

    Great to see the four different guns and some new faces aging a great day out pesting.

  28. zerlgi より:

    That “pop” sound as the Javelin hits home.

  29. Eoin Westman より:

    Great video.

  30. Khurram Shahzad より:

    how do you adjust aim when shooting at an angle ?

  31. Philip Ballard より:

    Fantastic location brilliant shooting

  32. Steve Woodruff より:

    I’m happy with my avenger as well it holds it own

  33. Hinano Bubbie より:

    Awesome to shoot on a new permission and make new friends who enjoy this same hobby.

  34. Bruce Devilbiss より:

    another great AirTac Hunting production. But I did miss Maggie.

  35. Deivis Pacheco より:

    Show!!!!! Parabéns!!!!! Belíssimos disparos!!!!

  36. NUMIZA Airguns より:

    Awesome man

  37. ناصر قنبری より:

    Perfect perfect please next video long reng ok . Please. Tanks tanks

  38. ناصر قنبری より:

    Very good

  39. ناصر قنبری より:

    Roelf Very Very good and perfect

  40. Akato Shimrei より:

    I want to buy too

  41. Pc Biaka より:

    For a compact 160m very very nice wow….. 300 or 380mm

  42. FaridZ Hunter より:


  43. Gary Postell より:

    Absolutely more pleaseeeee