Dialing In… TRON UP (MuTron III) | Legacy FX Line 6 Helix/HX Stomp/PodGo

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In this episode of Dialing In… I take a deep dive look at one of my favorite Legacy FX in the Helix/HX Stomp/PodGo, which is the Tron Up model. This fx block is inspired by the MuTron III effect and is a very interesting fx block for inspiring new ideas and textures to your music. I really hope you enjoy the video.

As always, thanks so much for watching…

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  1. SrP2 Music より:

    Nice. I’ve been using the Tron Up since the m9. It’s epic for sure.

  2. Anthony Lee より:


  3. Dave Lanciani より:

    If this effect is in the POD Go, I need to try it out. Auto-Wah is really cool for solos, … I really want to try it on Lap Steel.

  4. Picksalot より:

    Shades of the 70’s and the Mod Squad.

  5. Jerry Reff より:

    Great video