Wall Street Traps Them Again…

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We look at the S&P500, Nasdaq(QQQ), Bitcoin, USDX, Silver, Gold, Russell 2000, and TSLA, AMZN from a technical analysis perspective to try and make some sense of what’s exactly going on.

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  1. Doctor Horton より:

    Thank you Tom ☕️

  2. Trio より:

    Stop trapping us Wall Street, geez

  3. Shane より:

    After earnings this market going to dump

  4. 4 cLoVeR より:

    You you you make me happy Tom

  5. Anissa Griffith より:


  6. crruzzzer1 より:

    Tom, Hola my friend…
    Give me a lowdown on a despac’d ticker… the ticker is INDI thinking of a long-term hold.

  7. BretC より:

    Im in need of some “Ape Technology” merch bud. Hats and t’s would be cool!!!

    Lithium, Nickel, Copper and gold starting to look good.

  8. Magnus Burns より:


  9. Conor MCgregor. より:

    CAT will drop soon.

  10. AkioAkemi より:

    Those inflation numbers are a lot different than reality.

  11. Geoffrey Hinck より:

    You aren’t kidding! I suck at timing the market

  12. Adameld619 より:

    It’s not timing the market, it’s time in the market.

  13. Wilfred Teo より:

    Keep shorting the markets and get rekt.. don’t follow the fool and wait for the market crash. How has shorting the S&P500 been working out for you, since 19 May, 21 Jun, 20 July of this year? If you kept all the shorts, you will be margin called by now.

  14. Donnie Pangborn より:

    I gained like 2% today with my boomer portfolio.

  15. TheMAC0876 より:

    Unholy Moderna!!LOOOL! We were on the same page with MRNA. I was saying 70pts up and then 90pts down and by golly it got down. I thinking it would hit $516-526 and it hit $497 and then plumeted. Well down goes MRNA. It will be back. PFE tomorrow or Friday same set up

  16. Alex Gutierrez より:

    Like how u put that on mRNA the news is a powerful thing. The news Can get u believing white is black and black is white.

  17. Pete McKevich より:

    Holy shit….you’re way out of touch. The market is not performing in a standard way. Don’t believe this chump, You’re a hedge fund shill.

  18. David C より:

    Great work Tom

  19. Philip Mills より:

    The core COP data is a FAKE! …Coming in exactly on the estimate? BS!

  20. James Love より:

    Seeing food prices rise – makes me a sad panda.

  21. James Love より:

    IWM is forming a wedge. I have a strangle. I am expecting the upside… I also have shares with a stop loss in the green.

  22. Long Lost Puss より:

    Moderna is a perfect illustration on the difference between trading and investing.

  23. Mahmoud Nasser より:

    Nowadays a great variety of forex signal providers have appeared, but as a recommendation it is good to analyse their origins, since most of them are brokers or brokerage firms with years in the market that have adapted to the internet modality (low-cost brokers), but there are many that try to stand out and their trajectory is not completely reliable.
    You should always remember that in the trading market trajectory and confidence go hand in hand and this although it is not a guarantee gives greater security, that’s why I suggest you trade Scott Huffman. He’s made a good name over time due to his excellence in trading.

  24. Hamish Hone より:

  25. Tom Ngo より:

    Monthly history means absolutely nothing when the pandemic reset the market in march. Nasdaq peaked in september last year. Just follow price action instead of muddling stuff with correlations that mean something until they don’t.