Lil Dicky, GaTa – We Good / U Mad, Huh (DAVE FX Season 2 Episode 10)

Davionte and David Burd’s beautiful song from the FX show DAVE.

What The Fuck Are Friends For?


  1. DAVE FX Soundtrack より:

    I’ll see y’all next season

  2. Brick Top より:

    This is so beautiful.

  3. Brick Top より:

    I need the directors commentary.

  4. Cynthia Greene より:

    Please God release this Penith album from Dave. That awards show was INCREDIBLE! Please LD, RELEASE THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!

  5. Apis より:

    The chills I got at the end

  6. josehimself より:

    This song sucks! It’s way too short! XD

  7. Christ Yeeter より:

    I want more Dave! But I kinda want season 2 last episode to be the last episode ever. It was so good.

  8. The World's Highest より:

    Its funny how many people that were talking bout how bad the show was at the beginning of the season now everyone loves it again lol.

  9. Heckin' Steve より:

    This moment made up for all of the parts of Season 2 that weren’t so great.

  10. Curtis James より:

    This scene almost had me in tears, they needed that shit

  11. M Sab より:

    This is SO GOOD

  12. Alijah Heath より:

    I was cryin like crazy durin this scene omg lmao

  13. Gregory Pron より:

    Lemme get this on spotify 🙂

  14. Educated Copper より:

    I loved how gata was so teary eyed that he had to wear sunglasses nice touch

  15. Jason Woniger より:

    This episode got me. I thought I was going to be let down then BAM!

  16. Rahul Gahlawat より:

    Gata wanted to feature, dave gave him a feature.

  17. E より:

    I don’t usually comment online cause I think it’s a waste of time but I had to say this. The bond that GaTa and LD share is so beautiful my eyes watered at the end. The friend group (Elz, Dave, Emma, GaTa, Mike, Ally) is so fulfilling to watch it fills a little bit of my emotional well up every time I watch the show. In all honesty I’m jealous of them and their bonds together. I wish I was in a group of companions (family) like that. But I don’t treat my friends right.

  18. B-Trone Skapown より:

    Perfect finale.

  19. Anthony Shannon より:

    Put it on apple & spotify!!!!!

  20. Robert Fisher より:

    Damn. LD n Gata soooo fire!!!!!!!!

  21. RobDog より:

    I’m so happy that LD brought out Gata it almost brought a tear just cause all they’ve been through and how just being himself with one of his best friends turned out to be the best decision in the end.

  22. s p i t より:

    whole scene made me tear up that was a gr8 finale, felt like i really grew w/ them this whole summer

  23. cody erickson より:

    This scene choked me up

  24. TNT Salcedo より:

    Shit goes hard

  25. poopproductions より:

    At the beginning of the episode, when Gata’s mom is shouting for him, me and my girlfriend at the same exact time looked at each other and verbatim said, “HIS NAME IS DAVE TOO!!”

  26. Lolo Lopez より:

    Only real man cried

  27. tomselek1000 より:

    I love this show! It is so deep and relatable. They have done such an outstanding job with all of the characters and taking the time to develop them all so well. Can’t wait for season 3!

  28. Rob B より:

    Imagine if MTV produced shows like this instead of reality garbage. damn

  29. Wyatt Barmore より:

    I actually cried when I watched this. Genuinely. Phenomenal job boys. I’m proud of you.

  30. Jonathan Spafford より:

    this was the best episode ever. So much heart! and this song is awesome! 🙂

  31. Lynam Up Productions より:

    Man, I really needed this. It made me cry tears of joy to see Gata happy and finally get to do his thing.

  32. Moise Duvert より:

    This entire moment the song, the performance made me emotional what a great show

  33. Nick fell より:

    nah the ending “DAVE” was fucking poetic. perfect end to the season

  34. Nick Wells より:

    Making a grown ass man cry.

  35. Kyle Drakes より:

    After watching him be a total dick for 2 seasons hearing him scream ” i dont treat my friends right” hit different as fuck….

  36. dupadupadoo69 より:

    I love how they were talking shit about Delaware in the beginning of the episode then at the end they’re performing in front of a hype crowd in Delaware

  37. Jamaal Sq より:

    This lowkey had me losin entrance for 4 episodes but the ending was worth it.

  38. Carl Gibbs より:

    Great episode, such a vibe. It was the collab I’d been waiting for!! What a way to end the season!!!! Bring on season 3!!!

  39. mike ramos より:

    Last epi hit so hard, the had me tearing up.

  40. RDYPLYR1 より:

    That season finale was epic! Mad respect for Gata and LD!

  41. goblue 75 より:

    This episode was so raw

  42. Hillery Hayfron より:

    Throw this shit up on Apple Music!!

  43. stendogore より:

    shit gave me chills fr

  44. stendogore より:

    1:46 gives me chills

  45. Jahnavi Rasaili より:

    For a moment I thought the ending only represented how it should have been but wasn’t. Hell I am still confused if it actually happened or was it a “it should have”? Lol

  46. yellowheartxo より:

    I need this song to drop already!

  47. Chocolate より:

    Fully prepared to see a dick surgery. Got a masterpiece instead.

  48. Steven より:

    Hope they release this with the sample in it, the sample Slaps

  49. Tactful より:

    Correct me if I wrong…but isn’t this the same rhythm as Ally’s song? “I fucked the whole thing up, I did it all backwards” and this are on the same pattern. This had to be intentional no?

  50. AlbearGames より:

    Watching gata cry at the end got me crying I felt so bad for him. Then we he put his shades on i fucking yelled oh shit he about to perform. Those were tears oh joy made me so happy for him.

  51. Cody Hurlbert より:

    Yess gataaa

  52. AlbearGames より:

    0:40 ” just keep real with me no turff” I love gata when he says this he sounds really genuine like he is asking Dave right there be real with me like if no audience was there.

  53. soul aquarium より:

    That didn’t i darondo sample jawn and then that kanyechance flip switch feelin like n64 golden eye 2 Oz n 7 grams

  54. Sean Villalta より:

    Teared up like crazy on this finale. Can’t wait ’till the next season.

  55. brian wilson より:

    This made me so happy man

  56. SatisfyMySoul より:

    We made it!!!!! Gata crying made me cry too

  57. samuel brown より:

    Only LD and GaTa could make a song that goes hard in the paint, and makes you teary eyed

  58. Jonah Flame より:

    S2: E5: 0:38 seconds in:

    GATA: “man I just wanted you to hear my new track before you dipped, that’s all”

    Elz: “oh man I thought that shit was hard. Honestly, I’m just waiting for the GATA/Lil Dicky collab.”

    DAVE: “hmm, oh yeah that’s for sure…..”

    Man if only we knew what they had in store for us in this seasons finale.

  59. Dre Haynie より:

    I legit cried on this scene bcuz I thought GaTa was at the crib bout to watch LD and when he came up I was like WTF
    good show
    I love DAVE

  60. Daniel Boyer より:

    Just like the end of last season, I was literally cheering during this ending scene. My favorite show ever right now

  61. Mohstep Digidi より:

    fucking finally bruh loved this ep Gata is s dope character positive vibe to the max. one lv from Angola in case you dont know is in the motherland lol waiting on 3season to see how much Gata blows up.

  62. KryosTheAwesome より:

    Best believe i got out my seat when Gata popped up on that stage. Great way to end the season.

  63. HIJX より:

    Literally cried during this, perfect season finale ❤️

  64. Rizwan Haider より:

    This song was dope!

  65. Red Seaford より:

    Finding out Gata ream name is Daveon… DAVEon… DAVE? So the show is really about the both of them and in the end of this episode it showed that.

  66. swiMClub7 より:

    Ski Mask Andy 2019 IRL Rookie of the Year

  67. Kourtney Alvarez より:

    I want all of the songs this season to be on his new album. So fucking good.

  68. Monica Reyna より:

    I had to rewatch this scene 5 times in a row. So happy for Gata!

  69. Dashawn Jones より:

    You good bro (questioning him)
    You good bro (forgiving him)
    You good bro (congratulating him)

  70. Jake Mitchell より:

    Best misdirect ever

  71. Dizzy 516 より:

    Bro this soundtrack needs to become an album it’s so good

  72. chris より:

    Great song!

  73. Dev TheDude より:

    We good

  74. Jon zebra より:

    Sick show

  75. Kieran Hallet より:

    the last scene made me cry ngl

  76. Ry JT より:

    I love how a large part of his album release was the fact the his album wasn’t doing well and was being pigeonholed as a “comedy album.” Then Dave’s initial plan is to do this big, controversial stunt and performance revolving around everything but the music, not understanding that stuff like that is part of the reason why he isn’t taken seriously by everyone as a musician. Then obviously at the end he just does this heartfelt sort of straight hip hop track that was all about the message and music while being more of a “normal” hip hop performance. It sort of connected with the theme of the Rick Rubin episode of just being himself and making music instead of trying to do too much. Then all of the relationship themes and arcs that came together… Really outstanding writing on this show that left me very surprised.

  77. typewhateveryouwant 25 より:

    yo put this on spotify please bro

  78. femi anthony より:


  79. xFoxHoundx より:

    if they dont release this song as an actual single/song then damn…can i have the track?? lol

  80. Chris Au より:


  81. Joshua Ortega より:

    Choked up hard when I saw Gata come up that elevator.

  82. Jamaal Sq より:

    This song sound like it should be on Madden or 2ks soundtrack.

  83. Dylan K. G. より:

    Where can I get that song Gata and Dave sung together. Please release it on iTunes

  84. papa megs より:

    Dave this made me so happy please make more music with him

  85. Erik より:

    Gata <3 Dave = fire shit

  86. Kevin Roberts より:

    Love this so much it hurts

  87. RobDog より:

    This song is so dope!

  88. HTX KMF より:

    I cried when i saw the excitement in Gata’s mom and sister.