FX Airguns BOSS FT Edition (Full Review) .30 caliber Tack Driver! Sub MOA Accuracy

The FX Boss was one of the original world class PCP air rifles. Since it’s introduction, this .30 cal powerhouse has been winning air rifle competitions, and putting in long range field work for countless satisfied shooters. One of the most accurate PCP rifles available, this dedicated .30 caliber air rifle is at home on the range or at the bench. The steller accuracy and royal legacy of the FX Boss ensures that this outstanding rifle will continue to win contests, and wow shooters, for years to come! Thanks for watching! -Nate

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    Bugaboo hell ya, thanks for the review,

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    Bom dia amigo carabina PCP linda

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    Now that was different , where did Bug-A-Boo go off to .

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    Common sense, if the dog doesn’t listen when you’re shooting then put his ass inside or at the very least edit those parts out because him not listening and you having to yelling at him just made me mad. I don’t like hardheaded dogs, remember you’re the human he’s the animal period. Obedience must be enforced in all dogs it’s what keeps the owners from getting sued just fyi.

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    They still sell the FX BOSS.

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    And what are they going for in price .

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    Wow wow beautiful air gun … very nice …..

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