FX Airguns Dreamline Power-Pup First Look!

The FX Airguns Dreamline Power-Pup is a new air rifle offering from FX that combines a lot of great features found in the FX Maverick and the FX Dreamline current line up. The one thing that stood out to me as a potentially awesome feature was the massive 80cc Power Plenum that will give you the opportunity to either push heavy for caliber slugs or gain a ton of efficiency for a higher shot count.

This day at the range was just a first look at the FX Airguns Power-Pup and only 50 yard groups, but I can tell you that the Power-Pup LOVES the Patriot Outdoors Javelin 30 grain slugs at 50 yards. These initial shot groups were literally 15 mins after me just slapping on the new Element Optics Helix 4-16×44 and I can’t wait to push it out to 100 yards and beyond.

After only a few hours with this new FX Dreamline Power-Pup airgun, there are two things I can say I love above and beyond the big Power Plenum. The first being the foster fill port. I know that sounds silly, but I really don’t like the need for a fill probe as a fill solution, because it will be lost very quickly. The other first look thing I loved was how lightweight and maneuverable this rifle felt. I was actually quite surprised being that it has the 700mm barrel kit, but being that it is in a bull pup format is what was allowing it to feel more maneuverable than a typical Dreamline in a 600mm or 700mm barrel format.

This was the first chance I had to actually test and use the Helix 4-16×44 optic and right away I got that “Element” crips and brightness, but what I loved the most about this was there obviously was a lot of consideration in getting that FFP reticle just right at both ends of the magnification spectrum. The weight savings of that scope was also apparent right away. I was running the Titan and Helix 6-24×50 all of last Deer hunting season. Both great optics, but for as much walking and bushwacking I due Deer hunting, this lighter weight scope is going to be perfect. I will be throwing this thing onto a big bore airgun or a .450 Bushmaster for the Deer hunting season!

More testing to come, but this first look at the Power-Pup but a huge smile on my face! Kudos to FX in how they are continuing to “mash up” different airgun technologies that exist in their arsenal to come out with new variants. LOVE IT!


  1. Ilyaskhan Khan より:


  2. Harrollexter harry より:

    Send to malaysia how much?

  3. someone else より:

    great demo

  4. Frog Roost より:

    I want to attach a QD handstop to the ARCA Swiss rail on a Dreamline ST Elite VP to attach a sling. Anyone know of such a fitting ? The attachment I currently own was used on a Steyr LG110 Match UIT rail.

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  6. R J より:

    I thought i wanted an FX Dream-Tac…. but now I want this. Hmm… both?

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  8. Joe pike より:

    FX, The Iphone of the airgun world. A new model before you even get your preorder filled on the last model.

  9. Greg McB より:

    Dope gun would love to get one in .35

  10. E.L. Robbins より:

    I’ve got a FX Maverick sniper in 25.cal. it’s a great gun.

  11. Dee Airgunner より:

    Bring back that Bobcat in .30 with a 85 plenum and carbon fiber bottle with the tune wheel at the back. Hell, throw in a slug liner 700mm barrel too.

  12. Billy Hellbender Outdoors より:

    Barrel looks like an accident waiting to happen. No support along the entire length? 500mm be ok 700mm I’ll pass

  13. Dallas Small より:

    How is the trigger break on this? And cocking force? Curious if it’s sharing the same general valve concept of the Crown/dreamline/impact.

  14. Deceptive Autobot より:

    Moving too fast for max accuracy, but who don’t know dat!

  15. Colorado Airgunner より:

    Great video! Awesome looking gun!

  16. Jim Celmer より:

    The barrel is to long for stalking.


    Do a pest control using that gun and 30grains

  18. Christopher Mccutcheon,ichibongun より:

    But it looks so different from all the other rifles

  19. kenlum hemang より:

    Maybe powerful but accuracy fails

  20. Nosherwan Adill より:

    Ur gun isn’t consistant…

  21. SNIPER TUBAN より:

    Nice gun man

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  23. drekceldude より:

    Got a feeling the Powerpup is going to cost similar to Bobcat MKIII Sniper or Maverick VP which as 600mm but dam near performs the same as the 700mm.