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Booming Bulls is an initiative for the young generation who is interested in making more,
willing to step forward and be free from financial situations.
We provide knowledge that is based on self-learning, experience and theoretical implications on the market.

In general, trading is considered a business not suitable for everyone, but this is just a hoax which we clear by letting you learn about the strategies that can provide a good profit.


  1. Fun Corner より:

    Thank you So much Anish Ji. Now i am earning because you changed my psychology.

  2. Himanshu Chouhan より:

    Forex pe bhi video bano bhi me bhi forex bhi krna chatu hu

  3. Abhishek Brahmbhatt より:


  4. Priyanka Das より:

    Bring more contents on technicals…You explain the process very nicely ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Yogesh Shinde より:

    Mcx silver micro के बारे एक विडिओ बनाय plz

  6. Abdul Latif より:

    You should make another channel.. only for forex

  7. himanshu Jain より:

    Moving average sikhne k liye
    Steve Burns ki Moving Average 101 achhi hai na sir?

  8. Krazy IS2 より:

    Sir but was not silver in a long term downtrend? But you took a long position ?

  9. Polaroid Gaming より:

    Sir, I have taken lupin 1000 CE at 17.57. Please tell me should I hold or exit ?

  10. Pranay Palle より:

    thanks anish bhaiya

  11. Shravan Kakde より:

    nice sir , stay continue like that forex videos your trade is so great sir.

  12. SUDIPTAM DAS P より:

    Sir if we want to do trading in mcx in silver can we follow the forex chart of silver.?? In mcx silver charts r all 6 to 9 months future contract charts. Don’t get the entire chart in mcx while trading silver.

  13. ansh ajit より:

    Bhai, ur are advanced level trader

  14. Akshay Kataria より:

    Sir pls make a video on account opening of exness like u have maded on zerodha

  15. A R 07 より:

    anish bhai beginners ke liye forex ke accurate strategy share kariye .

  16. Keerthy Leiju より:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Been waiting for your forex video.Since the forex market is open 24 hrs , how do you track the entry exit levels?!

  17. Amir Khan より:

    TP1 hit hone pe aapko ek trade poori tarah se close kar dena chahiye tha aur dusra jo trade tha uske TP2 hit karne ka wait karna chahiye tha…

  18. parth rana より:

    Love the way of your simply teaching forex thank you anishsir for giving us clear visison♥️♥️♥️

  19. Atharva Gite より:

    Sir plzz make vido on candle stick

  20. Saeel Naik より:

    Sir. Make a video on future of XRP

  21. sagarbhai khandhar より:

    Excellent. Analysis…Sir….

  22. Pradyot Rajput より:

    Forex k Loss ki video kb upload karoge…

  23. dhairyasheel deshmukh より:

    Khatrnak bhai

  24. Sanket Asgaonkar より:

    Great best of luck for future trade.Go on.

  25. Niharika Bhandari より:

    during the process of learning with you, I have found myself to be liking you as a human.
    Great work man, hope to meet you someday, SOMEDAY!!

  26. kasera ajay より:

    Can use make in video indus name in word video nois is not propely ..


    how much capital was being risked in this trade?

  28. kamal suyal より:

    More powee to anish bhai.
    Thanks for teaching us

  29. Everything Possible より:

    Now a days price action not working properly

  30. abhishek nayak より:

    Bhai how can I explain my love and respect towards, you seriously changing lots of people’s life day by day and am one of them and in a short time am learning few things after watching your videos and trying to be better than yesterday and most importantly your energy is creating energy in me and feeling confident and coming out of fear of losing and trying to improve always.

    Lots of love and respect brother and thanks a lot and keep doing this great thing.

  31. dhiraj patel より:

    Sir can u guide trading in silver and gold in mcx

  32. Sara S より:

    Pls post videos in English

    It will be useful for all

    Like if u agree guys

  33. Charanjit Singh より:

    Ur genius.

  34. Sun Uncle より:

    bohot accah video tha


    Describe a big feliar in your life an how did you handel’it

  36. Rupesh choudhari より:

    Always love your video.. Nice Analysis.. always learns a lot..

  37. ramesh kumar より:

    Super its valuable video

  38. vimal より:

    Bhai time frame konsa use kare?

  39. vipul chouhan より:

    BC other youtubers kuch bhi kahe positive vibes toh hai not because of he’s profits because of he’s teaching and honestly sikha bhi bahot hai anish se and it doesn’t matter he is good or bad person sikha raha hai sikh loo.

  40. All Video より:

    Kia baat hy sir ap a he gay forex main bohat dair sy wait kar raha tha ap ki video daykhi sir bohat khushi hoi ap great hain sir

  41. Prince Ahlawat より:

    Sir aur video baniye please

  42. Khoda Zinzala より:

    Health, wealth, itihaas,future,culture economic,self improvement ,secret ,a sab topic ki books konsi suggest karenge aap.

  43. Hemant Sanga より:

    More Videos For Forex

  44. Bijay Kc より:

    my entry was also at the same level with same lot awesome coincident

  45. Vishnu vardhan より:


  46. SUMIT KHULE より:

    bhai aapko margin kitna milta hai

  47. Ravindra Patil より:

    It is best to learn and confideance

  48. Shubham Sharma kCrCWJydCB より:

    Bhai yrr analysis video dala krro

  49. Sudip Nath より:

    Sir In your previous video u said Forex trading is illegal in India & it’s a non bailable offence..But sir u are trading in forex…Has the government rules changed..plz kindly reply…Sir

  50. Pradip Nakum より:

    its osame

  51. Deepak adi より:

    last time live video ke loye comment kiya tha and thank you bhai ❤❤

  52. Vivek Patil より:

    Fantastic …. You are my inspiration Bhai love from kolhapur (Maharashtra) need your opinion on below,
    Forex market ka price action and mcx market ka price action ka kuch connection hai kya

  53. Hearts & Minds より:



    Broker konsa hai
    Phele to bola tha trusted broker nhi hai koi a broker kon sa hei
    Or real acount hai yar demo sir

  55. Farhana Ahmed より:

    Please make a video on how to trail stop loss #Boomingbulls

  56. Incredible India より:

    By which method we can withdrawl our money from exeness.. bcoz there is no phonepe option on withdrawl side

  57. Avinash Sharma より:

    trade btcusdt on binance. purest price action one can ever trade on

  58. Chandra Prakash Tulshyan より:

    Bahot sahi bhaii, maja aa gaya

  59. Sagar dhunna より:

    Best video

  60. amit より:

    Which forex broker u r using? Is it eligible for indians also? Means can we trade from india? #BoomingBulls

  61. FX より:

    love it bro .

  62. Harsh Vanzara より:

    Please make a video on binance..

  63. BGM musical より:

    Anish bro kaun sa application h

  64. Hydra より:

    Indian market plzzzzzz

  65. Anubhav Mishra より:

    Bhaiya how much capital used to take positions?

  66. M. K. compilation より:

    Appreciate your ur video man learnt a lot

  67. Roy Rasheëd より:

    Best lesson learnd from this genuine channel this my 1st comment

  68. faizan kaliwala より:

    hello i have seen this video and some people haven’t noticed that anish has took 10% risk on silver and not 1% so keep in mind making money in forex is not easy anish is making money because he has the good system so he can take that much risk so if someone who is starting in forex and took the same trade with $8k capital ur profit would we 120$-200$ and not the 1700-2000$ hope it help no offence

  69. Bushra Baina より:

    Amazing plz make more forex videos they are helpful alot and share your price action technique of forex market plz

  70. Nish N より:

    Great learning.. One request if you can anishbhai plz upload forex analysis early on sunday. so we can go through it before week start.. Love your content in forex and Shares.. love your blog content as well..Thanks for ur effort..

  71. Dev Choudhary より:

    thank you SIR for this video…….FX LOVERS