Dropping Rockchucks with the FX Impact…They never saw it coming:)

Out and about in Northern Utah with the guys from Utah Airguns and Side-Shot. A good time was had by all! (except the chucks)

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  1. AirArmsHuntingSA より:

    Special Edition 70 FPE “Matt Dubber Slugger” Impact available now from Utah Airguns:

  2. Tanmoy Karmakar より:

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  3. Toh Kok Hau より:

    Speaking of Chuck, it reminds me of Chuck Norris.

  4. jahan bahrami より:

    The price of this weapon is several,?

  5. Havendale Farms より:

    In the Northern town of Utah, Grouse Creek. I shot Whistle Pigs from 10 in the morning until 8 that night non stop. Your video looks like the Logan area

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  7. DrFrankensteam より:

    Hey you Rockchucks! Stop chucking my rocks!

  8. Rick Westom より:

    Do have to a trapping liscesne for yellow bellied marmots

  9. ماجد الحلاق より:

    Why do you kill a squirrel a crime against wildlife, just birds to eat

  10. ماجد الحلاق より:

    Why kill squirrels messing with wild life.

  11. Milko Del Castillo より:

    Why would you kill animals for fun

  12. MR. DMG より:

    So are you going to eat these little guys?

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  19. Dev Ratewal より:

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  21. T A より:

    Matt, I enjoy your videos. But maybe do a couple situps here and there. Firm up that flat tire.

  22. MOVIE HUNTER より:

    Don’t kill animals plz they have their own family ..plz fell it

  23. The Airgun Tribe より:

    Best video of all time!

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  25. Kaleb Wiebe より:

    Love the slow motion videos

  26. Ketut Antara より:

    Very good but even one I don’t have a rifle because I can’t buy it

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  28. Marc Grecco より:

    When are they going to come up with .30 caliber air slugs

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  30. Ze Ferreira より:

    O ser humano e pior bicho da face da terra mata so por matar!!!

  31. Mizaan Essack より:

    Where did you get this rifle from

  32. Roy Pijnenburg より:

    What will you do with them after you shoot them?

  33. EdWilsonPhoto より:

    Utah is so beautiful!

  34. Marcelo Fisherman より:

    que bosta de vídeo.

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    Do you guys use NFA suppressors? Or are those an airgun suppressors?

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  54. PoHr Folks Historical Society より:

    Freakin awesome video!! Kill em all!!

  55. Michael Fritz より:

    Wow…those suckers are big…..nice guns…..nice shooting….

  56. Zionson ajei より:

    How many price in this airgun ?I really want to know n buy it.

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    Boa noite! Só do Brasil

  58. Edvan Nicolini より:

    Poderia me ajudar, estou a procura de uma forma para produzir meus próprios chumbos Slug 5.5mm

  59. Edvan Nicolini より:

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  60. GreeneAlien より:

    Great Channel thanks for the footage

  61. Silk Customs より:

    That’s how Dahmer started out !!
    Look at his face @ 4:13. Owwwww, WTF

  62. Rui Sarmento より:

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  66. True Scotsman より:

    its funny you say “they never saw it coming”. ive had a few instances where the critter was shooting at saw and reacted to incoming fire. in one case it was a squirrel using the 9mm Impact X MKII. another case was a feral cat a huge tomcat that prowls our farmland we’ve been trying to bag. I had him one day and he turned his head just as i pulled the trigger and he saw the inbound round and was able to dodge a head shot and took a glancing blow to the shoulder. now we’ve seen him limping around. he definitely saw that shot coming and was able to react a split second before it reached him. the reaction time of most animals is extremely fast and will allow them to move just enough to reduce the effectiveness of a good shot to a virtual miss.

  67. Nikysony より:

    These FX gun is amazing. But so expensive…. About 12 minimal wages here in brazil.

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  82. Ly Brice より:

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  83. oceandiv951 より:

    If you want to try for turkey in California, let me know.

  84. Oculus Angelicus より:

    These slugs make all the difference! I use Remington Yellow Jacket hollow point .22 LR bullets for Varmint killing and with those bullets, you know that if you hit anywhere in the upper or forward torso near the head, you’re going to get an instant kill shot, they hit like a runaway freight train and the bullet almost never exits the body of the creature. I do not like to see animals suffer so I use yellow jackets or stingers, anything else is likely going to NOT kill the animal right away, and therefore causing unnecessary suffering of the animal. WIth hollow points you can expect the slug to break apart milliseconds after impact that causes catastrophic damage. The one shot in this video (04:31) the round enters behind the ear, and severs the brain from the brainstem, instantly killing the animal. is the kind of shot you can expect from Yellow jackets every time you hit, the round never leaves once it enters and the animal wouldn’t even hear the report of the shot, it’s only after the animal is dead that the sound reaches the ears of the already dead animal. That is a perfect clean kill, and it seems these rounds are the same as the yellow jackets. I only wish the prices of these airguns were a little more reasonable, over a thousand dollars for an airgun is blatantly ridiculous, as they have lower performance all around for a much higher cost than a .22 rifle! If the price was commensurate with the range and speed of the projectile then they would be in line with reality. As it stands, these and other airguns manufacturers’ rifles are priced out of my price range, and have lower performance on top! It’s a shame, really, because I would Love to have one of these things! THanks for sharing this video, I’m enjoying the quality of the rifles and the great kills you are getting from them! Look forward to seeing more!

  85. Flatcap007 より:

    In the after life your coming back as a Rockchuck

  86. buford baberiii より:

    “They never saw it coming.” Umm….would they know what it was if they did see it coming?

  87. Chris Abraham より:

    I saw a video of these slugs open up pretty well on ballistic gel, do they open up the same on the game you shoot.

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    Speaking to much is injurious to health, so please don’t speak too much.

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    what do you do with the meat ?

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    Love ur videos they make my day. Hope you all are safe in SA.

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    Amazing Videos,, Keep it Up Bro. Thanks from Indonesian

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