Pellets vs. Slugs In The Field | FX Maverick | New Element Helix 44mm

This week the boys go on a hunt with very different setups. Keith with pellets, Norm with slugs! We have an FX Maverick, an FX Crown, a SaberTactical Chassis, the new Element Helix 4-16 x 44mm, crazy good tripods from Utah Airguns, I mean this hunt is absolutely packed with cool stuff. Join us for the fun!
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  1. Air Gun Hunting ZW より:

    Nice one mate

  2. Kirsebergs Plåt & Mekaniska Verkstad AB より:

    What tripods are you using here ?

  3. Francisco Carvalho より:

    Show turminha esplêndida sucesso meus amigos vocês merecem like garantido sempre vídeos top

  4. sniper amatir sumatravlog より:


  5. The bearded airgunner より:

    Excellent shooting gents!!!!

  6. Cesar Muller より:

    Sensacional! Estava falando hoje de como os slugs se comportam em comparação aos pellets e surge esse video. Sensacional! Sucesso pra vocês!

  7. jims funbirdhunting より:

    Great shooting guys

  8. gil yost より:

    awesome job !! hey how do you all like those tripods?? was thinking about the BOG pod but those look pretty substantial….?

  9. gil yost より:

    was norms mav slug kit enhanced?

  10. CoyoteKllr より:

    Nice shooting ! Norm your maverick is dialed in , what did you set your regs at ? Great video. Always fun to watch you guys.

  11. Casper Boo より:

    Looks like it was Norm;s day, great shooting mate, tell Keith to load his rifle first it helps, Lmao, only joking mate, really enjoyed this as always, great watch Cheers

  12. Jr Nascimento より:

    Amigo aonde eu compro esse scope cam???

  13. AirGunner Bob_O より:

    So awesome!!! Those look like new grain bins yes?

  14. Derek Kightlinger より:

    Need to watch American air gunner. Wish I had tv lol

  15. Bret Lawson より:

    Definitely was a fun video guys. Lots of cool equipment to look at. I watched Matt’s intro of the Helix 4-16 x44 yesterday and that is definitely on the wish list, thinking a couple of them even. Slap one on the .243 “winny” Mtn rifle and the other one for an airgun. Scope cam footage might be a little clearer than your previous but hard to say..?? Matt makes a good argument with the shallower deflection angle on the bell but I am not convinced just yet.Either way its all good stuff. I spent the last several weeks in Seattle as my mom is in hospice but did have opportunity to school my big brother on using the P-rod he bought from me. He had never used a pcp before and was blown away by how accurate and fun it is. I didn’t tell him that it is on the lower end of performance as far as pcp air guns go….he is pretty jacked up and ready to shoot so he will figure it out or not, either way another air gunner brother is born. My sister joined us one evening and outshot us both (with a lame shoulder I might add). First time the three of us have done something like that in many years and it was absolutely delightful.Be blessed with all that you need.

  16. Tom Campanale より:

    Good seeing you guys, thanks for sharing. Tom LI NY More headlocks Norm

  17. Dj B-SHO より:

    68Whiskey , ,Perfect!!!!

  18. 17chuckster より:

    Great shooting! I need to find a place like that. I’ve only found one small farm that lets me shoot pigeons.

  19. Craizg35 より:

    Still waiting on my compressor and in-line chrono, but loving the new M3. Been thinking about a tripod or shooting chair.
    Those were some pretty birds, good shoot’n.

  20. Reef Roid より:

    What do you put on the back of the slugs to highlight them please ?

  21. Simon Coher より:

    Another great video guys great shooting..

  22. reynald ANDRE より:

    bonjour je recherche le système que vous avez sur votre lunette pour la GoPro

  23. MarkLondon より:

    Hello Lads, a great video as always…I have a hand full of Airgun channels that I follow and you blokes are in that hand full! I have always been inspired by your channel from the beginning and now I am “trying” to give it a go myself…(It’s not bloody easy) So, I have now started my own YouTube airgun channel and put up a “Farm Pest Management – airgun Trailer Teaser”…just to start out with…I love the quality videos you both put out on your channel and hope to someday come remotely close to what you have both achieved!
    Cheers, Mark
    Farm Pest Management-Airgun

    PS: I have been an avid Air-Gun user for 53 years and still loving it!

  24. Mr. Whisper より:

    so the new scope is 2.2 ounces lighter than the previous Helix and .1 inch shorter with a smaller objective for increased fov.

  25. Chris B より:

    I bought my Maverick because of you guys. No ragrets!

  26. Justin Hromek より:

    Nice job last night keith (or whenever that was filmed) on American airgunner. Finally a gun you’ve got lots of experience with! Fun to watch!

  27. Adam Cramer より:

    Great shooting! I love the Maverick and the tripod. That’s quite a setup.

  28. Justin Hromek より:

    Absolute precision Norm! Nice job!

  29. FX Pest Operator より:

    Awesome as ALWAYS!!!! What ever happened to good ole Steve? Sure miss seeing him – guess he won’t come back after locking Keith’s gun in the car! hahahaa

  30. NOREENULR50BMG より:

    Got my M3 i ordered on your advice, put the Element Titan per your advice. Used JSB Exacts 81gr. Ordered Strelok pro at your advice. Took it out for the first time using just the air Utah Air left in it. We ranged a beer bottle at 178yds and dialed it with a 14mph cross wind @22° left to right in our face. Busted the bottle so easy. This is by far the most accurate piece i’ve ever owned. So glad i listened to you guys. Top notch. Cant wait to put a scope cam on this Titan and get some footage.


    try use call 177 to long range

  32. Jesse 0311 より:

    Another excellent video. Thanks. Keith is looking good on the American Airgunner too.

  33. Oğuzhan Kocabaş より:

    If the .stl file of the 3d printed camera holder is anonymous, can you share it?

  34. markmtbrider より:

    Love the Maverick. Just looks right. Can just about get a maverick vp and one of those fancy dan , shootin’ stands for the price of an impact 3. No?

  35. Liam より:

    $800 for that trip-pod??? my goodness

  36. RavenShield78 より:

    Utah air guns rules!

  37. Ali Nur より:


  38. paul Ham より:

    so are you finding 860fps to be best for the 34g jsbs

  39. El Lobo より:

    Great shooting as usual. Was badass when Keith opened the beer bottle on American Airgunner !