1. SpurtZ より:


  2. beez kneezz より:

    This show is fucking absurdly amazing.

  3. dani cruz より:

    We are witnessing history. LD is a genius forreal. The world needs Penith.

  4. Bro im Dave より:

    Bro this show is so fire

  5. k co より:

    Fuuuuuuck ya

  6. Trent Curry より:

    How y’all watch this already? Comes out on Hulu in 3 hours lol

  7. LakLakGOTCHA より:

    “We do the worst to become first” damn

  8. Kami Kashi より:

    Penith really needs to be released! What a beautiful piece of work!

  9. justin spencer より:

    Penith is the album we all want but don’t deserve.

  10. Willy G より:

    Honestly if he actually dropped an album at the same time it would be wild but seems to good to be true that’s why I won’t get my hopes up. I just hope bro is doing well

  11. Austin Kaner より:

    This song at the end is about to blow the f*ck up. You heard it here first. The season finale was fire!!

  12. Ian Leslie より:

    What an amazing season of television.

  13. Tterraj Smailliw より:

    Bruuuuh. That season finale was everything… When Gata came out I damn near she’d a tear. I never thought about the fact Gata name could be shortened to Dave. Then when Dave finally told Elz and Mike how much he appreciated them…. 10/10 season finale

  14. Kai Ri より:

    The ending <3 I think Gata really is the star of the show, I love him.

  15. Ryan より:

    That final performance was enough to make a grown man cry

  16. jjay より:

    i can not wait for this album

  17. Matthew Hollis より:

    who the fuck would click dislike on this. honestly.
    This is too good

  18. Antony James より:

    whats the song at the very end?

  19. Austin より:

    Need LD to actually drop this song in real life ASAP

  20. joseph guajardo より:

    Is the beginning gonna be a song on its own later y’all think ?

  21. JustSayNo より:

    playing the fruit and vegetable song for my girlfriend everytime she tries me with some brocoli like fuck outta here woman. Im grown

  22. 2Dank 4U より:

    Loved this finale . Didn’t think season 2 would top 1s finale but godamn it did!

  23. Marko Beslach より:

    Man the final scene was something else such a range of emotions gata is an awesome actor as well as Dave

  24. Holiday Gaming より:

    Gata and lil dicky was like Dre and em to me such a great duo loved the ending better then last season

  25. CLUEL3SS より:

    the other song where there bald version of him is dancing to that song is also this one so mabye this is the full version or sum

  26. Evan Meyer より:

    Is this whole thing on SoundCloud somewhere ?

  27. Jorts MacDonald より:

    0:45 goes hard

  28. iL LEUMAS より:

    These tracks gave me chills. Can’t wait for the new album

  29. Bong Zilla より:

    This show is fucking FANTASTIC. Can’t wait for the future projects this man comes out with.

  30. Ryan Tatum より:

    We will hear 75% of this on his irl album and you all know it

  31. Erik Smith より:

    Damn when you think he was falling off.. GaTa comes in like a g

  32. Mr Pancake Man より:

    Is this gonna be on Spotify?

  33. Keegan Kerstetter より:


  34. notthereal billybobthorton より:

    The penith billboard was unnecessary!!!! If it were a Christian I would think the same! I like to hope it was the higher ups making him do it, but dave should know religions are not a joke or someones death.

  35. Randy より:

    Am I the out one who be wanting this album frl???

  36. sean moose より:

    This show might be goat can’t lie

  37. BrownPaperbag より:

    Penith= professional rapper

  38. REFxUxG より:

    Sick ass ending!

  39. Kdubb815 より:

    I need the full Penith in my ears

  40. Adam Aizenberg より:

    LD hands down my favorite right now…

  41. Logan より:

    So good

  42. Yanni Psomiadis より:

    Penith > Donda

  43. Quan Pettis より:

    Album Release?

  44. Thurl man より:

    This song caught me off guard

  45. Bobs Burgers より:

    after the first couple episodes this season i thought it was gonna suck but wow did it ever come together beautifully

  46. Mike G. より:

    We need this music ! He needs to drop a new album

  47. Ty Tompkins より:


  48. Vale より:

    I need….Season 3…

  49. CeeTime 99 より:

    If these snippets of songs are all on an album that’s gonna be released I’m gonna cream

  50. Andrew Warner より:

    Imagine if you put all these full songs in one place on the internet in a form called an album. We could all buy them and stream them in exchange for money. It’s a pretty cool concept. You could get even more paid!

  51. Kai O'keefe より:

    This slaps like a drunk kangaroo

  52. Alexander Dinkel より:

    God the beats on almost every thing he does go HARD! Shoutout to whoever drops the beats cause man they just make LD (and Gata) just that much better to listen to!

  53. jared beard より:

    I have to admit it. I need Penith in my life NOW

  54. rockyroad2410 より:

    I joke a lot, I know
    The voice inside of me is 12 years old
    Yeah, I need guidance
    I just turned 30 and I’m still freestylin’
    So this how,
    ‘YOLO’ beats doubt
    And hope breeds vows
    I won’t be proud til’ I’m crowned
    You holdin’ me down, or
    You holding me down?
    Will I break out,
    or will I break down?
    I’m callin’ my shot, AW
    This is my plot, AW
    Just let me be not wrong
    Everything is right in front of me,
    So I don’t see what’s right in front of me
    I’m only seein’ what it’s gonna be

  55. nathan より:


  56. Jo Olmedo より:

    Gata ❤️ I’m not crying you’re crying. Loved this finale. This show is low key the best show so many people aren’t watching.

  57. Amber Johnson より:

    It makes me so happy reading these comments that there are so many other humans in the world that understand what a masterpiece this show is!!!

  58. Luipr より:


  59. Zak Kwiatkowski より:

    Favorite show, I’m mad I’ve been watching it as it comes out. The wait is too long!

  60. FrostBite88 Aight より:


  61. krunkjuice2069 より:

    Please drop the full album Dave. I’ll buy it first thing I swear. Dudes a legit genius.

  62. RLaheyGames より:

    First track another part of Menage?

  63. Kaitlyn Ohley より:

    fuck this goes so hard i need an album so bad

  64. D.O.B. より:

    Shit goes so #Hard

  65. julian より:

    yo does anyone have the part with the angelic harmony, that part was sick

  66. Jackson F より:

    Why won’t he actually release penith. The world needs it more than Donda, Utopia, and Certified Lover Boy combined

  67. The Fresh Prince of Philly より:

    Dicky definitely was having Blood on the Leaves on repeat when he was creating the first part but we need both to hit streaming seriously

  68. Alexis Maxwell より:

    I need these songs on Spotify

  69. whoIS AminoBlack より:

    In real life Allis new boyfriend is as talented as Dave/lil dicky. I highly recommend looking him up

  70. Jani Hatcher より:


  71. nolanb052 より:

    Bro I’m so hoping the album he’s working on is gonna have the songs from the show on it!

  72. Phyzon Pix より:

    LD is a Genius but drop a thumb if u believe that GATA is the man for the hype Job. N also drop a thumb if ur eyes got teary

  73. jeremy_hecht より:

    Like this if you cried during the final scene of season 2

  74. ayo ?? より:

    i need the fucking single where it’s the beginning all up till 0:43

  75. Florida Man より:

    ld a genius, if he drops the album irl it’s gon blow up

  76. Jon Greger より:

    how the eff can a rapper release a dope tune on a comedy show. this guy dave maaaaaan

  77. hot1shot80 より:

    The second song might have one of the best beats I’ve ever heard. I wanna know who produced that

  78. Clue より:

    can someone make a slowed version to the first part and lmk when you post it? you a real one appreciate you

  79. Patrick Mcneil より:

    I was not expecting this show to be as good as it is!
    I’ve watched the finale 10 times, and feel so happy for Gata’s character. And it’s crazy how Lil Dicky broke through his season’s writers block

  80. Serious Xs Gaming Channel より:

    I need someone to fly this over comicon

  81. najee smith より:

    Legit Tears Of Joy When Gata Came Out. You Really Win When You Put Your Loved Ones First!

  82. Matthew Rogers より:

    That beat as the credits hit is absolutely incredible