DonnyFL: $15,000 FX Impact Competition Setup

Izzy show off his FX impact that he will be shooting later this month at R.M.A.C.

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  1. Axel Horton より:


  2. Nick Nall より:

    Engoy show ?why pvc

  3. UpNorthAirGunner より:

    Now that is a GUCCI FX Impact! Nice work!!!!!!!!!

  4. WRXXXual より:

    That is a gorgeous rifle!

  5. Vince San Filippo Jr. より:

    You mentioned you were at 95 reg I would like to know what kind of FPS you’re getting and what grain pallet or slug you’re shooting. Thank you in advance.

  6. The Fowler Airgun Channel より:

    Holy wow man! Great stuff