Yamaha updated the new 2022 FX with all-new features and ground-breaking accessories!

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  1. Landerh1984 より:

    Is the speedometer more accurate than the 19-21 and does it read above 70mph?

  2. r より:

    More info about the fiberglass vs nano for us dummies

  3. Loren P. より:

    Nice comprehensive and detailed FX reveal, thanks Greg!

  4. TheReticKeeper より:

    Greg, you nailed this. Love that they switched back to Fiberglass. Those nano hulls were junk on the fx.

  5. John French より:

    Nice ski!

  6. Alex NutCasio より:

    They went back to fiberglass because Nano X Cel was much more expensive and slow process. Definitely can’t say Fiberglass is better.
    No mention of what they did to the SVHO engine for 2022? Any changes other than the hull and ride plate??

  7. Hooligan より:

    Cant wait to see more on these, awesome intro to the new models, all the info I would need

  8. Daniel Choi より:

    I’ve been enjoying your channel. What do you recommend for pulling skier between the FX and GP?