[f(x)-4 Walls] KPOP Concert MAMA 2015 | EP.3

Meet your favorite KPOP artist and watch how they performed at KPOP Music concert MAMA 2015.
Who won the best KPOP artist on the largest KPOP world festival & KPOP award – MAMA 2015?
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MAMA 2015
The greates K-pop music festival in Asia. Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Not only is MAMA simultaneously broadcast in 4 continents, including Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, it is a ‘global K-pop music festival’ that brings global K-pop fans together and enables them to communicate beyond the TV screen, through online, mobile and various other platforms.

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  1. 민트떡볶이 より:

    0:22 아니 엠버 분위기 어쩔;;
    루나 이때 진짜 너무 이뻤다 ㅠㅠ
    오랜만에 아이돌 수정보니 넘 좋고 ㅠㅠ

  2. guin pen より:

    krystal so beautiful

  3. huiwen deng より:

    f(x) is the legend forever!

  4. 스트민 より:

    진짜 이 날 크리스탈 미친듯이 너무 예뻤음,,,,, 편곡도 난 맘에 들긴 했는데 분량 적어서 진짜 얼탱이없었던,,,,,,

  5. Liu Cathy より:

    amber’s fingers in the beginning anyone

  6. Albert Julius より:

    Why Victoria is not here?

  7. AAA 9705 より:

    Really miss fx

  8. AAA 9705 より:

    Fx forever

  9. а а より:

    я пришла сюда спустя пять лет после выхода чтобы сказать как сильно я люблю и горжусь ф(х) ни одна группа не сможет стоять рядом с ними просто факты

  10. より:

    에프엑스가 지고 난 후에야 진가를 알게 됨…
    이 날 포월즈는 걍 레전설…. 페미닌의 결정체.. 에프엑스의 진짜 색깔… 보아도 고뇌하던 대중성과 예술성 모두를 잡는 방법의 해답… 아이돌계에서 다신 나오지 못할 유일무이한 곡… 난해한 곡들에 묻혀서 보석을 못 알아봤던 나 자신을 탓하게 됨…. 이 무대는 걍 예술 그 자체임… 음악 안무 음색 춤선 외모 분위기 아우라 심지어 백댄서들까지 조화롭게 아우르는 앙상블의 향연임… 오히려 세 명이서 무대한 게 다행이라 여겨질 정도로 모든 게 완벽했음

  11. Cool Server より:

    이무대 클쓰 루나 다 너무 이뿨,,,,엠버컨셉도 독보적이고 너무 좋음 ㅜㅜ

  12. Cool Server より:

    에프엑스도 다 춤 잘추지

  13. oikawaii toru より:

    I miss them 🙁 no one can top krystal here omg her aura

  14. 금손영진 より:

    5분 전이라고 해도 믿겠다 세상에

  15. Agnes Laura より:

    Krystal cantik bettt

  16. Krystal Lim より:

    Miss fx so much

  17. Krystal Lim より:

    #fx #victoria #amber #luna #krystal

  18. Krystal Lim より:

    Still waiting fx comeback

  19. Krystal Lim より:

    MeU lets support fx

  20. Chiato the frog より:

    i love the intro idk why but it makes me remember loona songs like the loona style uwu i love it

  21. Nikolaus Heru Susanto より:

    Miss this era ❤️

  22. Dindut Tralala より:

    Hello everybody, i want to ask, why victoria not attended in this award ?

  23. Jordan Kriss より:

    Not surprising SM Entertainment has lost its way…this is pretty amateur performance

  24. love4eva より:

    y’all why was Victoria not there?

  25. Jzl より:

    We’re already in 2021 and in 4th generation of KPOP but still up to this day, no one still top Krystal’s visual for me. It’s not even just her beauty, it’s her vibe and aura. Like cold, chic and elegant. There’s just something about her that others doesn’t have. Her visual is eternal and unchanging.

  26. Giliene Feona Miranda より:

    I’m having crush on amber

  27. Maia Vitale より:

    imo Amber is the best SM female rapper so far, she’s very talented attractive and open minded
    she’s always been one of my favourite kpop female idols

  28. Danniel Dragon より:

    Krystal ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Danniel Dragon より:

    F(x) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Danniel Dragon より:

    Love all of f(x) members ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Chinee May Curativo より:

    No one can ever surpass Krystal’s authentic elegance and beauty. Not even in this kpop new generation

  32. Aaron Niccolo より:

    The rap of Amber seems familiar to me like I heard the lyrics before not so sure if one of the songs of EXO.

  33. Artech Pro より:

    where is victoria ??

  34. Jubairah cyra Delas alas より:

    Krystal is so elegant

  35. It’s Me Fer より:

    this MAMA’s were iconic!
    Epic performances.

  36. dreamies より:

    They reminds me of S.E.S

  37. Ird _0625 より:

    2015 song is so ahead at that time especially Love Me Right, View, 4 walls and Call Me Baby in short SM really vision what futue is like what they are doing with Aespa SM really says “I’m the blueprint”

  38. na fu より:

    just watch sweet sour….

  39. ピューロリンリン より:


  40. Nctzen Wayzenni より:

    I LOVE f(x)

  41. 老公 より:

    1:06 OMG Wendy?

  42. AllahAkbar より:

    f(x) was that group everyone loved

  43. 튭튭튭 より:

    스엠이 다시 이런 분위기의 걸그룹을 런칭할까.. 스엠 특유의 세련됨 쩐다

  44. Dian より:

    It’s from 6 years ago but it’s like 6 days ago, F(x) has their own color, that’s why it’s very rare for the current generation of kpop to cover F(x) songs because their songs are only made for them

  45. Nai Sae より:

    No hay ninguna como Krystal lcdsm es una hermosura

  46. Vi Bae より:

    fx’s walls and view by shinee are timeless songs that only sm artists managed to pull off,miss good old times

  47. FARAH AINI より:

    There’s still no idol can match as cold and elegant as krystal. Even her face feature is unreal. I don’t know why i like her lips and nose

  48. The Huntress より:

    Someone explain why Victoria is not here

  49. nurulhudasyarkawi より:

    Kangen f(x)

  50. Goguma L より:

    Ok pero Krystal mi mujer UwU

  51. Mavie R. より:

    SM wasted f(x) so bad

  52. widya putri より:

    am I the only one who think the dance concept remind me to the Naughty (Irene seulgi – Red Velvet) dance

  53. 주머니는헐렁했지 より:

    미쳤나.. 지금봐도 촌스럽지가 않음

  54. Yng renebae より:

    SM lost so much when these girls left the company I feel sorry for the fans but they deserved better than this mediocre company

  55. Deli Sh より:

    Where is victoria?

  56. Akhila より:

    Goddess Krystal

  57. fateme dn より:

    Any one in 2021?

  58. Sharkus より:


  59. Fredy Pangestu より:

    F(x) dan Miss A adalah korban ke egoisan agensi mereka. F(x) ini talenta banget, mereka berlima tuh super duper keren. Rindu OT5, Semoga Sully tenang disana..

  60. Aisyah Nisa'ul Fitri より:

    Idk why but i think fx is a perfect gg which were debuted in the wrong time

  61. asri asri より:

    5 tahun yang lalu

  62. aleya bardeeka より:

    Yep,this is still iconic

  63. Geovana Anjos より:

    Saudades disso ai

  64. Nicole Angel より:

    misshü huhuhu mga bebeq

  65. yeet haw より:

    this is so f*ckin iconic

  66. Ruhika M より:

    F(x) and girls generation had that glamour and hot vibes . Their stage presence is something else. But red velvet is great in vocals but lacks stage presence. I miss fx and snsd so much. Awards in the past were so nice and fun to watch but from 2018 it’s boring as hell. Girl groups lack glamour. They are more onto the cute side

  67. 少 PAN より:

    wuli F(x)

  68. 少 PAN より:

    Hold you four come back.

  69. 민트떡볶이 より:

    초반 리믹스 부분 신비로운 분위기가 에프엑스랑 너무 잘어울리고 엠버랩도 너무 좋음…
    그리고 곡 들어갈 때 도입부도 너무 좋고 ㅠㅠ 내기준 베스트 무대인거같아 거의 매일 보러옴
    너무 그립다 삼함수…

  70. Loreto Hidalgo より:

    Krystal doesnt have the perfect cliché face but she looks so elegant and expensive

  71. Nanda Aria より:

    F(x) is SM big loss, they mistreated F(x) and gave them improper promotion. No one can replace and copy f(x) concept, f(X) just need to save K-pop industry once again :'(

  72. Nur Aleena より:

    idk why the intro make me said zimzalabim hahaha

  73. 밤바 바 より:


  74. Fanny Alexander より:

    2021 and still mesmerized by Krystal’s visual here.

  75. Bernadeth Savariz Billones より:

    Im back again watching it hahah

  76. 전인철 より:

    이 세상은 실력 순이 아냐
    최고는 분명 에프엑스인데 인기, 영광은 엉뚱한 것들이 다 가져갔지 드러운 세상

  77. 항상 より:


  78. Kata rin より:

    i’m such a simp for amber

  79. SESS Tv より:

    Before this i dontknow fx…but i when i watch that year mama this group stole the whole show

  80. Synonyms for Luxury より:

    Krystal still most beautiful visual, her look is sexy chic and natural at the same time..no plastic surgery, natural beautiful skin tone.

  81. 하영 より:

    다시봐도 sm에 레전드로 남을 정말 아까운 걸그룹 •••