Walkthrough Yamaha’s FX Series Featuring the FX Limited SVHO

New levels of luxury – Introducing the All-New 2022 FX Series featuring significant enhancements that further distance the Yamaha FX Series from its competition, including a full-featured infotainment system, premium factory-installed audio speakers, and enhanced handling and comfort.

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  1. Marcos Reyes Compley より:

    Finally colors in Waverunners FXs!!!

  2. ShawnFromFL より:

    Digging the larger display. Hopefully a GPS speedo?? Nice improvements in the glove box. Tech needed a tuneup for sure. Much better.

  3. jorbe2 より:

    SMC on the FX line!, great news!

  4. The Jay VODL Experience より:

    So so so glad I waited

  5. benee56 より:

    Dear Lord….I want one please!!