Failure on the 50 yard range with the FX Impact M3 Compact

FX Impact M3 Compact, Black PCP Air Rifle
Looks Small But Don’t Let That Fool You!
500mm FX Smooth Twist X Superior (STX) Barrel System
End of shroud is threaded 1/2″ x 20 to accept a moderator (not included)
Interchangeable Calibers and Barrel Liners (Sold Separately)
Featuring the new FX Quick Tune System for nearly tool-free tuning
Dual Externally Adjustable AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) Regulator
Externally Adjustable Hammer Spring Tension with Macro and Micro adjustments
Externally Adjustable Valve Control
250 BAR (3,625 PSI) Max Fill Pressure
Equipped with the 72cc Power Plenum 720 – allowing for an even wider range of power adjustment
.22 and .25 cal M3’s feature Dual transfer ports – one optimized for pellets, one for slugs
Male Quick Disconnect Fitting
Reversible Forward Mounted Sidelever Cocking
Removable 300cc Carbon Fiber Air Cylinder (Additional Cylinders Sold Separately)
Picatinny/Weaver Scope Mounting Rail with 20 MOA Compensation
Picatinny accessory rails below cylinder and on each side of the forearm
Two Stage Adjustable, Match Trigger
Improved, Wika dual pressure gauges: one for air cylinder pressure, one for second regulator pressure. First regulator has a standard FX gauge.
Height Adjustable Rubber buttpad
AR15 style Hogue pistol grip
AR15 style manual safety
Side Shot Magazine Capacity: 38 rds. in .177, 28 rds. in .22, 28 rds. in .25, 23 rds. in .30
Maximum Muzzle Energy: 25 FPE in .177, 45 FPE in .22, 60 FPE in .25, 80 FPE in .30
Includes one side shot magazine and 3 year transferable warranty
Hard Case
Dont let the size fool you, it packs a punch
Swedish manufacturer FX Airguns continues to turn out new models, blending power and accuracy into a very small package with the new Impact M3 Compact! Featuring a 500mm barrel and an overall length of just 25″, the Compact only comes up short in one area, and that’s the length! A stubby 300cc removable carbon fiber bottle is the only other departure from the standard Impact, and still provides a solid shot count despite the small size.

From a 250 BAR fill, you can expect up to 150 shots in .177, 110 shots in .22, 70 shots in .25 and 30 shots in .30 caliber. With plenty of energy to accompany those shot counts, you can expect up to 25 FPE in .177, 45 FPE in .22, 60 FPE in .25 and a whopping 80 FPE in .30! Long time fans and followers of the Impact platform may recall that early versions of the standard size rifle produced about those same specs, with a longer barrel and larger air cylinder. FX is able to achieve this impressive stat line thanks to the power plenum 720! Adding 72cc of firing chamber volume and new valving allows for these impressive numbers that simply couldn’t be achieved before this innovation.
Of course, the rest of the rifle packs all the innovation the Impact is known for. This includes dual AMP regulators, external hammer spring adjustment and valve control. This creates the new Quick Tune System! The Compact still utilizes the Smooth Twist X Superior barrel liner system, which has proven to be astonishingly accurate. This means you can easily change out calibers and liners. You can even turn your Impact Compact into a standard size Impact if you so desire. The possibilities are truly endless with this platform!
Max Velocity 905 fps
Overall Length 25.0″
Buttplate Adjustable
Function Repeater
Weight 6.1 lbs
Scopeable Weaver/Picatinny
Safety Manual
Suggested for Small game hunting/target practice
Caliber .30″ (7.62mm)
Muzzle Energy 80 ft/lbs
Loudness 4-Medium-High
Barrel Length 19.68″
Shot Capacity 23
Barrel Rifled
Front Sight none
Rear Sight none
Trigger Two-stage adjustable
Action Sidelever
Powerplant Pre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill 30
Body Type Rifle
Fixed/adj. power Multiple settings
Cylinder Size 300 cc
Shrouded Yes
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  1. Larry Coleman より:

    That’s disappointing to see the air leak and would be VERY frustrating to say the least. It is such an incredible platform and yet its reputation gets bloodied over silly things that just shouldn’t happen on a new Airgun. Hopefully it all get’s sorted out soon for you and your back to business with Squirrel thumping. I guess the silver lining is even when it is crashing it still shoots lights out and better than most if not all of of the competition. 😉 Keep us in the loop on the fix…

  2. Jason Perrine より:

    nice one man.

  3. skip campbell より:

    easy fix ,buy daystate.

  4. Anthony Defillippis より:

    Did you install the slug kit?

  5. Rob Moore より:

    Love my MK2 impact

  6. Gary Postell より:

    O rings

  7. Gary Postell より:

    Not happy!

  8. Gary Postell より:

    Should not happen on a high end gun period!

  9. El Lobo より:

    Thanks for the information. Now I’m scared. I have an M3 ordered and could possibly take delivery within 2-3 weeks. I hate to see that FX is allowing sub par product out of their factory.

  10. Gman Neo'd より:

    Sorry that happened to your rifle Moose.With pushing the power of all air rifles in the last 10 years, new engineering techniques and materials were destined to run into growing pains similar to other products!

  11. Gary Postell より:

    Very disappointed

  12. Gary Postell より:

    Shame ! Absolutely unbelievable

  13. Gary Postell より:

    Good thing you have many other guns to shoot feel bad for a person that only had that one!

  14. First State Airgun より:

    There you go doesn’t matter if it’s 200 or $2,000 we’re all in the same boat at the end of the day there’s a lot of great airguns out there for everyone budget it’s unfortunate when something like this happens but excellent work turning a bad situation into a great video

  15. Jeff Mert より:

    Still a good shooter though and at least FX will stand behind it and fix it.

  16. Captain_Dirt より:

    I expect FAILURES FROM CHEAP CHINESE CRAP , but from FX ? A $3,000.00 dollar gun should be FLAWLESS FOR YEARS TO COME !

  17. The Fowler Airgun Channel より:

    Hey man. If you cock it and fill and it does not leak but does after you put the hammer down it could be too much hammer tension or not enough valve spring tension…?

  18. The Fowler Airgun Channel より:

    That’s why I spend $500 on a rifle and make it shoot damn near like a 2k rifle after tuning.

  19. MrLlosent より:

    I think the MKII is better option to buy now. The M3, after a few months on the market, we all see is having issues… May them were so fast to put into the market???

  20. Don E より:

    Thanks for being real Moose, ive got an m3 coming and im not going to sweat it, anything man made is subject to failure every now and then, FX is not a fly by night company so rest assured that it will be taken care of. Shoot safe and often.

  21. Doug Dishler より:

    Iam having problems with mine too moose sent u a video did u get it ???real bad front reg creep

  22. David A. より:

    Im not even that deep down the PCP rabbit hole but am hearing way too much similar stuff about FX lately. Being a cheap S.O.B I’d spend that kind of money if it’s worth it but I wont lay it down until things normalize. I can happily live with the guns I have now

  23. Carlos Carter より:

    well that is a big “ouch there”

  24. Mar Vel より:

    And this Is why I bought the Kaliber cricket 2 tactical which Is a tank of a gun , watched your video on that by the way great job .

  25. Idaho Airguns and Outdoors より:

    I had a similar problem with my RTI Prophet Performance .22. It is said to be set up for 25g JSB Redesigns. It came out of the box rippin 44fpe. Shooting at that tune for a couple weeks, all was good, but I had to lower the reg to 70 bar to shoot 14.3 grainers, then the valve started leaking & I couldn’t get it to reseal. Seems like some of those valves are set up for power, heavy pellets, or slugs. I returned the Prophet & replaced it with an Uragan.

  26. heavy impact より:

    I totally agree about the poor quality control from FX.

  27. Jim V より:

    Dang it moose… guess you should have bought that vixen long. I’ve been shooting that with dean. Man that thing Is amazing.
    He truly appreciates you going through the paces with it.
    That thing outshoots anything I’ve seen . Even on youtube.
    Thank you man.

  28. Jeff Ojibway より:

    My Maverick VP did the exact same thing the cocking lever came free from the cocking rod and blew the breach open and air into my face. After that I had constant POI shifts, and the first stage of the trigger disappeared just went off when I touched the trigger. Got a M3 in compact 30 cal. No problems yet with that one.. great video.

  29. Justin Parker より:

    After my .35 mk2 headaches I’ve gone away from FX.. Just sad people put up with this and idolize people like your neighbor “up there” who gets hand picked best of the best parts to show subscribers. Maybe ignorance is bliss but it’s clear production rifles are not the rifles the big You tubers receive keeping this cycle on going. It’s not the ” M3″ or a “post apocalypse” problem. Years of this poor QC now, years.. ~falls of soap box and remembers to breath again~

  30. The bearded airgunner より:

    Damn brother. That sucks. Hopefully, you get this rectified and have no further issues!!!! Thanks for keeping it real man!

  31. nathan jones より:

    I hear ya my m3 and 30 cal maverick has had issues fx
    USA has been good about sending parts but I’ve been paying for the parts out of my own pocket for brand new guns.just saying pathetic for two and three thousand dollar guns,thanks for the video.

  32. Rafa RodMir より:

    FX are great guns but reliability is not their strongest point unfortunately. I also had issues with my MKII, however when it works well is by far my most accurate gun. For my next gun, reliability will come over tunability… Hey Moose which are for you the most reliable high quality (accurate for granted) pcp guns?

  33. All about HPA Airgun reviews より:

    I have shot thousands of rounds and my m3 is rocking and rolling

  34. All about HPA Airgun reviews より:

    You have the regulator to low homie that will fix it

  35. Rapalaron より:

    To much tralala with PCP,s Moving parts, gaskets, o-rings, bottles compressors etc. Buy a good reliable springer and with a tin of pellets you have whole day fun.

  36. All about HPA Airgun reviews より:

    Maybe even 10 bar

  37. KING FISH / PHILL より:

    Sorry to here that bro such a awesome pcp Moose , thank God I haven’t had any problems with my fx vp maverick 22cal I’ve ran over 3000 rounds thru her and she still kicking ass I only adjusted the hammer spring 1/4 turn that’s it didn’t ajust regs , she’s pushing a 21gr h&n barracuda at 930 fps right out of the box

  38. All about HPA Airgun reviews より:

    Regulator 2

  39. Sam Houston より:

    They are all machines and machines break all the time. It can be due to small defects or who knows what including operator errors that are blamed as a defect. Fx is not exempt from this although they are high quality they are still foul able. That said thanks for the heads up and the temp fix.

  40. rcpilot2007 より:

    My 25 cal M3 was set at First Reg 165 Second Reg 110 Macro 16 Micro 3.5 Valve at line 4. This was setup at Utah Airguns when I received it. Shot great only problem was the Eagle Vision scope mounts must not have been torqued tight enough because it was shooting 23 inches high at 35 yards.

  41. All about HPA Airgun reviews より:

    It can’t hurt and try it