FX Maverick Sniper .25 – FULL REVIEW (RDW)

This video is a review and user’s guide for the FX Airguns Maverick Sniper .25 caliber airgun.

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  1. Praetzel Projects より:

    Let’s go!
    Your uploads are always a treat!

  2. Ed Musick より:

    Hi Steve love your reviews! 100 yard accuracy wasn’t that great especially considering the cost of the Maverick Sniper?

  3. Thomas Kelly より:

    Been waiting for this one!!

  4. Iñaki より:

    Very very good vídeo
    Subtítulos please . I’m spanish

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  6. UNCLE BUZZ より:

    Awesome review, as always.
    God bless you and your loved ones.

  7. Ankita Kirttunia より:

    Many many thanks brother.

  8. Lee Hay より:

    WOW! RDW! I’m there! This is my “grail” level gun.

  9. Keith Sadler より:

    That gun is amazing for the price. Another great video with a lot of good information.

  10. Jacob Wade Sumner より:

    RMAC 2021 I will be shooting a borrowed gun. 2021 EBR will I be shooting a Maverick .25 or .30? Yes, even if I have to sell a family jewel.

  11. Justin makes repairs より:

    I always appreciate your reviews!

  12. Bryan Hokkanen より:

    My next air rifle.

  13. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    Awesome video Steve. And those are THE best slug groups I’ve ever seen. Was that with the standard pellet liner?
    Thank you.

  14. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    You were exactly right about adjusting the regulator a little higher after you reach your desired speed. I think it helps shut that valve a little quicker.

  15. Sleepy .Time より:

    FX makes such great products, love my wildcat and impact

  16. TM Rogin より:

    Always appreciate your reviews and even learned to read the fine print
    Would you please do a video on your EQUIPMENT SET UP FOR RMAC

  17. skinny Mitch AIR GUN BROTHERHOOD より:

    So good to see you.

  18. T3lamon より:

    You deserve more subscribers

  19. Mr. Direct より:

    But you forgot to mention what is the correct headsize? The bigger head or the smaller headsize? Which is better?

  20. Tools N Tech より:

    Awesome !! Gun, review & shooter.

  21. Hajimoto Productions より:

    On the podium, on the stage, in the auditorium, lesson taught…. MIC DROPPED.
    Dope @ss review Steve, damn that was dope.

  22. James-M. より:

    Carbon fiber liners “only like 30 bucks”? Try again. $49.19 for a fact. $39.99 + $9.20 shipping. In stock at “910 Airgun Tuning and Repairs LLC” Just so ya’ know. I tried S.P.A.W. ( Preorder $30 + Shipping $ ?} Info as of 8/19/21.

  23. James-M. より:

    HaHa! Steve. You say “Go out and invest in a pellet gauge”. Yet, you borrow one.

  24. Air Shootist より:

    Well, ya see, I was gonna do a review on my Maverick…. but now.. I sorta don’t have to! Haha! This is perfect, thanks!

  25. Bret Lawson より:

    Nice review as always Steve. Thanks for your awesome efforts and continued candor.

  26. janrobertbos より:

    yeah, yeah, yeah……………………and again, we Europeans are discriminated against……………………………………..and it is a EUROPEAN airgun too!!! LOLLOL!!!

  27. michael balazki より:

    Considering what you get, $1400-$1800 is a very fair price. You figure a Hatsan NeutronStar is nearly a grand, so for a little more you get all this. Customer service is a factor, too and Hatsan USA is REALLY Horrible !!!
    I don’t own an FX and don’t know if one is in my future, but another great video, Steve ! Oh, also with the price of ammo these days, I’d say this is DEFINITELY a home defense weapon, as well.

  28. Chris Reilly より:

    Always love your reviews man. It’s absolutely insane how accurate these FX air guns are. I really hope to own one these days. Keep it up Steve.

    Any future reviews that you know about? Specific guns?

  29. Mike Carter より:

    Good to see you back:)

  30. Travis Bumpy より:

    Very nice!

  31. Brandon Thibodaux より:

    Great video I loved it

  32. mario moso より:

    will you ever test an aea rifle?

  33. felix apolinar より:

    I say .. waooooo you are the best and de maverick too. Waoooo

  34. Jerald Hessler より:

    How did the hybrids do at 100?

  35. jaret davies より:

    I had the same problem with the 30 cal getting a weird random flyer. I will be getting a pellet gauge to see if it’s the same. thanks

  36. Samuel Angel より:

    Amazing review as always. Reason I picked up my dreamline classic .22. Any tuning vlogs on impact mkii w/ pp .25 cal? Or recommendations for the setting. Looking to make it as accurate as possible with good power. Thanx

  37. William Czupryn より:

    My, my, my……..don’t we think a lot about ourselves?!?

  38. Hunter One より:

    Great video. This is an amazing rig.