FX Airguns Impact Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuning Shroud Overview + Big Announcement!

Gear Used:
FX Impact M3 in .30:
Atlas Super Cal Bipod:
DonnyFL Suppressor:
Element Optics Titan:

When FX launched the FX Impact M3, I gave you all a first look at the the FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuning Shroud, but what I didn’t show you was all the technology we baked into this thing! Also, there is a new product reveal at the end of this video that will interest ALL airgunners!

Like I mentioned before, the tuning and damping properties built into the shroud gives precision shooting airgunners a new lever to control as part of their overall tuning process. Being able to set your FX Impact M3 up with the perfect tightness of velocity spreads and then being able to dial in the precise accuracy harmonic node is a game changer for airgun tuning.

In this video, we cover some the features not discussed before to include the all new interchangeable air stripping threaded FX Impact muzzle adapters and carbon fiber shroud body that provides much more than just the barrel bling we all love with the look of carbon fiber.

In this video, I cover how to install the FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuning Shroud, how to tune with it, the technology inside, and the history of the project. If you have been following me on YouTube for the last few years, you will remember seeing the beginnings of the project with my DIY ABS shroud and exploration of airgun harmonics. Well there is a much longer and detailed story to my journey and super excited to share it with you.

This technology has changed how I tune my airguns!


  1. Jenny Sok より:

    Great work!

  2. skinny Mitch AIR GUN BROTHERHOOD より:

    That’s totally brilliant!!!!! Great innovation and I appreciate the work you put into it. And making it available to the average air Gunner.

  3. Laquientas Lawhorn より:

    Started getting into big boar air guns. watching your videos for a while now since I live here in Michigan. it was nice to learn about Michigan airgun laws just wanted to say thanks

  4. William Czupryn より:

    Purchased the carbon fiber liner sleeve should be here soon. Interested in the possible results. I appreciate your videos.

  5. Chris Figueroa より:

    Awesome video Chris love it man thanks for sharing bsafe

  6. William Wallerstedt より:

    That’s a ton of great work! Wonderfully done Chris

  7. James Holmes より:

    Great job!

  8. Mr. Whisper より:

    Great innovation and thank you for your commitment to air rifles. It’s wonderful that you have the harmonic tuner but when will it be released? You first introduced the tuner some months ago and FX stated it would be released along with the carbon fiber sleeve and chronograph. To date, only the carbon fiber sleeve is offered. It’s wonderful to show these products but doesn’t do the regular shooters any good if the items aren’t available.
    Again, I thank you for all you do for the sport…

  9. Tomek K より:

    Nice when this will be available??? And how much$$???

  10. Gainstrup より:

    I have a few of my own things i want to try first,,,,,, when i get the Maverick i ordered 5 months ago.
    But always nice to have factory options.BTW shouldent the harmonic tuner have build in with the pending inline crono ?

  11. air gun fun より:

    your first group was the best

  12. El Lobo より:

    Interesting. I’m glad to see the design may have been perfected. I tried the original B O S S system on a powder burner when it came out. Never got a decent group. But it did make the rifle so loud that it hurt your ears even with hearing protection on. Of course that isn’t an issue with pellet rifles though.

  13. Bret Lawson より:

    That! Great work Chris. As for myself (and hopefully the entire airgun community) thank you seems like a weak acknowledgment…… I am really impressed and happy that this technology will be available to the entire airgun community, not just FX users. The visual representation really showcases what a subtle change can mean for a target puncher especially but I would imagine the ELR guys will eat this up too. What will be the effective accuracy range for a pellet now, or will it change? 
    I really like the carbon fiber use and reasoning behind it. There were some factors I had really not thought of ie: heat reaction, especially for the serious target shooters…..this thing really helps to keep focus on the skill with reduction (or even removal) of another set of variables. 
    Will the barrel tensioning system be available for all models of FX air guns? I am still farting around getting the funds put together for my first FX…(life happens). I still am waffling between designs/models and have decided that perhaps the best thing to do is go to UAG in person to try them all out. PJ’s video finally opened my ears to that idea….LOL. Anyways, here is to you (and FX)! Be blessed with all that you need pard.

  14. Eleni L. より:

    Nice! Absolute tune ability at your fingertips. Optimizing projectiles is the final frontier. I am waiting on a FX Impact .35 and have been casting Lee 95 gr slugs with a BC of .105. I cast, sort, powder coat, size and segregate by tenth of a grain. Helps pass the time til the 35 airgun becomes available. Thanks for all you do for us bench rest shooters.

  15. Paul Clarke Jr. より:

    I love it when a plan comes together!

  16. Corey Moyers より:

    Want this and a carbon fiber liner cover for my 600mm Maverick. It’s a laser already but at 70ft lbs it has a lot of vibration.

  17. Survival MX より:

    Awesome work behind this accessory.. hope to get mine asap. Thanks Chris for your work.

  18. Doug Dishler より:

    Way to go buddy I will be getting one as soon as there available!! Man you put some time into this project I’d be proud if u was you !!!your a hell of a shooter them group’s are awesome!! Thanks for all u do for the airgun industry. You helped me tremendously just by explaining the ergo grip to me the position of your hand does improve accuracy!!!! Thanks

  19. Saeed ALS より:

    Will there be one for the .35 cal ?

  20. Misc Mitz より:

    Nice! Will this be cross platform? I have an Airforce Texan…

  21. gil yost より:

    Really incredible Chris!!! Open the shooting/tuning clinic!!

  22. Jim Celmer より:

    Very cool Bro. Thanks for keep pushing/innovating.

  23. Nasir khan より:

    Highly appreciate

  24. Kevin Travis より:

    Great video! Talked to new neighbor that was at MTC when you were doing long range with the big bores. His name is Ron and just bought property across road from friends cabin. Address is Lake, Mi not far from Buckhorn Bar on M115

  25. Kevin Travis より:

    I was considering an FX Impact. Watching this video I see the magazine may be in the way for lefty shooters. Can’t tell for sure as have never held one b4. Have you ever tried to shoot lefty? Thanks

  26. Charles Peffley より:

    Your final group was not appreciably better than your first group, and your 5 shot group you call “just one ragged hole” is in reality one BIG ragged hole! At 50 yards a properly tuned FX Impact will put 5 shots in exactly the SAME hole the size of one pellet! And I also noticed that you conveniently didn’t do this test at 100 yards, when normally you can’t wait to show us 100 yards results.
    I’m sorry you put so much time and effort into this but your results certainly do not warrant the expense of this apparatus. It seems like you and everyone else is trying to figure out a way to come up with a new Impact accessory to monetize, but this one just doesn’t cut the mustard. Maybe you could try using it on your go cart muffler to tune the DonnyFl you put on it?

  27. Chris Thomas より:

    Nice video as usual. What size did those groups measure

  28. TJ TJ より:

    How much does it cost and can we order online??

  29. Joseph Rickard より:

    That is awesome. When and where can I get that set up?

  30. Tomek K より:

    So far i can’t find anywhere in USA!!
    No comment……

  31. Sam Houston より:

    Great stuff. Love your work as I have said before both tuning and deadening have real merit. I think I will be watching carefully for future progress. I agree on the carbon fiber 100%.

  32. BA STUFF より:

    I haven’t seen these in stock anywhere this is a big reason why i bought my m3 where can i go to order 1

  33. au smith より:

    Will see what Canada will allow

  34. Dwight Kenerson より:

    Thanks for the hard work doing this video.

  35. The Airgun Podcast より:

    This is so awesome!!!!

  36. rizen detorres より:

    Sana all fx airgun

  37. Drunkencat007 より:

    Liked, subed. Great video. I’am looking into buying a fx impact m3. Debating on the caliber .30 or .35 with the ideal to get a .22 or .25 barrel for pesting. Your thoughts?

  38. MrPyroMaster より:

    You would have made your own job easier if you had chosen less windy weather! 🙂 Excellent video! Your rifle is well tuned!

  39. Grandpa325 より:

    First great video very informative. Now 2 questions will the CF sleeve work on a STX Superior Heavy liner and will the harmonic shroud work with it as well