Introducing Sidus Link® Update 1.6 | Music FX™, Palette, Diagram Master™

Welcome to Sidus Link® Version 1.6.

This new update adds Music FX™ to our revolutionary suite of Sidus Link Custom FX, the new color Palette tool, and new and improved Diagram Master™ functionality.

Music FX™ analyzes any music track and translates it into lighting. You can import the audio from your phone or computer, or record the music live. Sidus Link will automatically recognize the beat of the song and program lighting effects to go along with it. Of course, you can manually adjust the BPM and map out different colors and different frequencies to your liking.

Palette is a new feature within Smart Console, which allows you to transmit color schemes to all the lights in your scene within seconds. You can choose from all sorts of styles, such as complimentary, analogous, and triad. With Global & Division Link, you can customize your color palette even further.

Finally, Diagram Master™ has been greatly improved, with a new feature called Wrap-Up list. It allows you to see all of the equipment that you plan on using in your lighting scheme in a single list, making it easy to see what you need to bring on shoot day. There are also new icons for new objects and different lights from many other brands, including ARRI, Astera, Kino-Flo, and more.

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