Hi everyone! This video is the Baker Airguns FULL REVIEW of the new FX Dreamline Power-Pup. Below are links to the written report that accompanies this video, as well as links to the Power-Pup itself.

Link to the FX Power-Pup:

Link to the written review:


  1. Richard Rodriguez より:

    As an avid and passionate Condor supporter, I very well try to purchase one of these finely made air rifles regardless of price tag. Nice configuration even appears to be ergonomically comfortable to shoot. Nice air rifle without a doubt

  2. Corey Moyers より:

    This would be nice in .357

  3. michael balazki より:

    I think the best coincidence about the intersection of high powered airguns coming out in 2021 and the high price and unavailability of powder ammo makes airguns like this and others have a dual role of both fun and home defense. You think a bad guy stands a chance at 60 – 110 fpe ?
    Also, 225 shots per fill on .177’s ??? That’s INSANE ! That’s an entire day of shooting at the range on ONE fill !!!