Stock Market BEARS Have History On Their Side!

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We look at the S&P500, Nasdaq(QQQ), Bitcoin, USDX, Silver, Gold, Russell 2000, and TSLA, AMZN from a technical analysis perspective to try and make some sense of what’s exactly going on.

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  1. Inf より:


  2. Doctor Horton より:

    Thank you Tom! ☕️ wasn’t faked out by those fake market futures!

  3. DrinkFreshJuice より:

    Tom. Keep up the legendary work. Blessings.

  4. crruzzzer1 より:

    Bahahaha, Tom, I’m worried. 35% cash. Main positions. An oil play and a semiconductor. Otherwise I’m out

  5. Oliver Quinn より:

    TSLA Ai Humanoid Robots announced at Ai Day!!! Let’s Go!!!

  6. Lancelot LinQ Secret Chimp より:

    Tom, love your commentary and explanations about your thought processes. Thank you!

  7. timwood101 より:

    Yes please. Like to see the pull call flow maps

  8. john owens より:

    Yes for the flow maps please

  9. Joseph Sgro より:

    yes for flow map calls/puts

  10. Wilfred Teo より:

    Youtube influencers are making a lot these days. Volatility is your friend.

  11. R!OT EARTH より:

    HSI is at almost -3% by lunch….

  12. Joseph King より:


  13. Vic より:

    Give us BLOOD. Im tired of this fake market propped up by mega tech. The FANGS need to fall 5% across the board and we’re going to flush.

  14. Mohammad Al-Khalifa より:

    Actionable data are great addations, thank you Tom.

  15. Anthony Young より:

    If oil hits 60 I’m buying with both hands. Unless there are further delta news happenings that will push it down.
    But I don’t think so. I think people are learning to live with delta. But I could be wrong.
    So minus weird delta news oil at 60 I’m buying with both hands.

  16. ajnaughtin1 より:

    That lighting bolt was great thank you. Watched it and traded it. 🙂

  17. General Jg より:

    Excellent TA . Great job Tom.

  18. Laila Visconti より:


  19. Tyrone Grant より:

    The options heat map is great Tom. Could you explain how the options contracts correlate towards making the share price rise, fall or stall out at expiration in the videos please.

  20. Teagan より:

    Best TA!

  21. Michael G より:

    Started selling covered calls on TSLA very profitable so far. Really appreciate your analysis calls and puts. Any insights into best strike price for a weekly CC would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Steve より:

    apparently spx went 400 days without 5% drop only 3 years ago

  23. brian poland より:

    Very nice video

  24. Orion Liebowitz より:

    Tom just keep doing you sledgend. You help us all make the money.

  25. Buylo Ren より:

    The Put/Call insights are pretty cool. A nice point of differentiation for FX, and probably good added context around the price action.

  26. NyquistLP より:

    moar options analysis PLS!

  27. Troy Gray より:

    Great video. Nice job adding the options heat map. Keep those coming brotha.

  28. Stack Overflow より:

    Thank you for the $TSLA analysis of bears v. bulls options, as well as the chart analysis in relation thereto, — greatly appreciated!

  29. KL より:

    UVXY paid off nicely. Holding VIXY in case it keeps going down. Everything else dumped. Really like the new graph.

  30. Francis Tung より:

  31. Brock Bah より:

    If you made a specialty Tesla discord or newsletter with up to date info like everything in your vids, I’m sure a lot of people would pay to subscribe- myself included!

  32. Christy H より:

    I like call/put ratio analysis/discussion. I would like you to point out the number of sellers vs. buyers. Are there more put sellers than buyers, etc… That indicates sentiment, right.

  33. Steve より:

    please cover 3067 – ishares hang seng tech, seems to be super cheap

  34. KrisoVT より:

    Please turn of discord notifications while recording. It’s very annoying making me check discord every time I hear it

  35. KNOCKNOCK より:

    love the put vs call flow widget Tom! great VID

  36. God of War より:


  37. Cameron Brown より:

    200 day EMA around the same level as the open gap at 400 on the spy. 9-10% pullback makes sense and is healthy

  38. Samna Saly より:

    FX is a top channel.

  39. Boytonius Maximus より:

    Always great insight Tom!

  40. Lauri Lember より:

    hey Tom, can you also cover the options info on gold? Love your stuff!

  41. David C より:

    Yeah the flow map was very interesting Tom

  42. cwsi より:

    Brilliant analysis, keep up the great work!

  43. William Ma より:

    More flow maps please

  44. solution focus より:

    Hi Tom
    May I know which site you using in your FX Evolution ?

  45. Llama Mama より:

    Yes plz more flow chart analysis

  46. John Autumn より:

    How to outperform the financial market; read thousands of annual reports, learn about margin of safety , buy undervalued stocks , insider information and seek professional help

  47. GhettoLenin より:

    New content is great

  48. superdupper hayseedfarmboy より:

    great video, especially right now when allot “pros” are getting rattled and are basically publicly talking them selves in to feeling better about their accounts rather really looking at what going on during a possible pivot point

  49. trkyjrky99 より:

    I like the flow maps

  50. Aaron Lum より:

    Crazy good video ! Learnt a lot ! Awesome !

  51. Catherine Hamm より:


  52. Will Thy より:

    Yes! Put/call heat maps please!

  53. Cory Johnson より:

    Keep up the options data. Thx!

  54. timwood101 より:

    And fear v greed too please.

  55. thomas otto より:

    Guys,we could see BEAR-TRAPs (S&P,QQQ´s)a little bit beneath the 50-MA,as a BULL I would like to see that !!!!! 🙂

  56. Mathew Carmen より:

    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a proffesionl trader and expecting profit is like turing water into wine,
    you would need a miracle, thats why i trade with Mrs Jane her skills set exceptional?

  57. Ai-jah!! より:

    Thats right! Shake you fckers off like a go damn flea!

  58. Momentum Charting より:

    The only thing “fake” was this supposed massive correction that everyone was warning about, which is now finished. Off to new highs we go again.

  59. dubayou see より:

    optiosn flow map on tsla was cool

  60. danny brown より:

    The $Dax look poised to gap lower next week…

  61. mrPmj00 より:

    Yep, I bought a ton on the dip. It’s getting cheaper relative to its current earnings (half compared to last year).

    Amazon invested $14 billion in the last quarter alone, the same as it spent in 6 months before that. It is a do not sell stock.

    …With the Delta virus coming at full speed ahead, pandemic sales will make a comeback.

    Amazon is investing so much money, that no competitor will ever be able to catch up.

    Amazon’s not going anywhere so I know that eventually it will come back.
    Fidelity considers Amazon as a large growth company (probably because as big as it is, it still only has 7% of the retail market)

    Get on board or be runover, it’s up to you.

  62. mrPmj00 より:

    ,,,…The problem about waiting for the stock market to tank 5%-20% is that while you are waiting, it probably went up by the same percentage so you’re buying at the

    same price now as you would have months ago.
    And if the market doesn’t tank, then you’re buying higher.

    that’s what they said last year and now those who stood on the sidelines are paying 60% higher because the market goes up in the long term!
    That’s what those who stood on the sidelines in 2009 said and now it’s 4-5 times more (or 450% return) because the market goes up in the long term!

    I bought these on the dips in the last few days.

  63. mrPmj00 より:

    Biggest risk is not investing in stocks, and sitting on the sidelines and complaining!
    I bought these on the dips in the last few days.

  64. mrPmj00 より:

    ===Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!
    CDC said the Delta variant is 1000 times more contagious than before.
    I’m shopping at Amazon so I don’t get sick.

  65. D. R. Cole より:

    No way fake…….bull market just starting-we will see markets 100% annual return for the next decade. Fed- has your back and hopefully the non wealthy will die off quickly. We do not need consumers anymore-just fed printing and corporate slurping..

  66. Timothy Silver より:

    I would say we shouldn’t waste our time trying to time the market, instead we should work to master our money instead. One thing you can do is learn how to use money as a tool by investing for passive income. This way whether the market goes up or down, you keep getting paid.