Air gun hunting evolution is here with the Fx Impact 800mm slug barrel starting its debut hunting on my channel. Air gun hunting is my profession and with my Fx impact in my hands i can do any air gun hunting. The 800mm (22 caliber) slug barrel is the latest creation from Fx air guns and now i can push my air gun hunting to new limits. Adding power and accuracy to my existing setup makes this truly a air gun evolution. The new future of air gun hunting is slug shooting and this new 800mm slug barrel completes a perfect package. Join me in this episode on a high energy hunt with some amazing slow motion 1000 frames a second footage that will blow your mind. I promise you after you watched this video you will be amazed to what this air gun can do in real life hunting conditions.

Gear used:

Fx impcat M3 800mm
Element Optics Nexus scope
Saber Tactical bodykit
Donnyfl Ronin Silencer
Accu-Tac Bi Pod
Red laminated Form Rifle Stocks Grip

Conon Ax11
Go Pro Hero
Canon 250D
Side Shot action camera system

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    No1 like no1 coment.from indonesia

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    Kok mbok dawakne larase lek?
    Genaku nek njowo malah cendek²an

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    Vc e muito bom de mira mn!!!


    indonesia… like bradder

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    Nice …

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    Bahia Brasil

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    As soon as the 800 mike mike barrel is available for the .30 cal I’m going to be all over that like a Javelin on a Dassie!

  9. PN Choi より:

    Great video, do some head-shots next time please.

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    I like air gun you…my neme suprianto from indonesia…

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    I love fx m3

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    Gerhard is back…love those beautiful shots ….big from India

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    Hi Gerhard
    What Slug you used ? And what is the speed ?

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    Cacada del pombas gacias

  19. Louis Kruger より:

    Quick question – I have noticed H&N is your preferred slug lately… Does the Javelins not like the 800mm Barrel? You are the supplier of Javelins afterall, so i expected to see more of them than others. Not a biggy, just want to know if the H&N is an option for my next batch of slugs (After i finished my Javelins 26gr .218 – Serious long range accuracy from my Sumatra)

  20. Ganchop Jingdam より:

    I’m very interested to see. God bless you bro.

  21. Steven Purcell より:

    “This is the coolest 800mm barrel and shroud assembly that you can’t buy”. Just like you can’t buy the offset manometer or the barrel resonation adjuster. Only Matt, Roelf and Carrot. Not you.

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    Nice shot.

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    Nice to be on the inside and able to experience the new ideas that may or may not come to production

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    Not only wonderfull airgun but also great skills u have..
    Just wanna say “amazing” from indonesia..

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    Indonesia jossssssssssssss

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    I wish fx could deliver on the rifle pre orders a little faster. Id buy a tighter twist 800

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    I am impressed

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    perche tu e i tuoi colleghi youtuber state facendo la gara di chi mette la canna piu lunga ,che senso ha?

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    io ho gli stessi risultati con la canna da 580mm

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    A great video as always. Thanks Gerhard.

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    i wish you good luck with the competition

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    Víp pro

  35. corny155 より:

    Stilling trying to figure out what that carbon barrel system is?
    Just by looking at it, it appears to be a moderator tensioned shroud System?
    Where could I get more information?

  36. Carlos Yokota より:

    Brasil. Meu sonho é ter uma fximpact

  37. KevinWood44 より:

    Jesus Christ, you’d think hunters wouldn’t be such whiners!! Half these comments are about the shroud that they can’t buy yet, get over it!! OR build your own youtube channel, get sponsored and you’ll get test products like this!! I’m waiting 15 weeks for my M3 as well, it is what it is.

  38. Paul Hemstock より:

    Keep meaning to ask what is that shooting table you use? keep up the great work Paul

  39. Martin Lionel より:

    How much is it bro?

  40. Casper Boo より:

    Great results Gerhard, good luck with the practice, Cheers

  41. James-M. より:

    Why is the slug power kit so important in the M3? U.A. disagrees. U.A. told me they stopped installing the slug power kit (for a fee of course} in the new M3s because it made no difference in performance. I was going to purchase the kit installed when I ordered my new M3, but U.A. talked me out of it. My M3 Sniper is scheduled for delivery on 8/24/21.
    Any input on the subject would be welcomed.

  42. Steve Reese より:

    Have you tried a barrel tuner with the 800 mm barrel yet?

  43. Jeff Ojibway より:

    The carbon fiber tensioner on the barrel looks awesome on the M3, and very accurate.

  44. Steve Reese より:

    Also, I don’t understand why the travel ban for coming to the USA. I see other channels that guys from over here recently have gone to Africa on safaris with no travel ban issues. I think when they return they have to quarantine themselves for a couple of weeks, vaccinated or not I do not know. Wish you guys could of came. Maybe yall could have a similar event over there.

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    Love hunting from Mizoram India