FX Dreamline Tactical .25 FAC – Jackdaw Pest Control

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Finally sold the Wildcat and now have the FX Dreamline Tactical .25 in FAC.
Today I was controlling problem jackdaws which were entering the feed troughs and eating and defacating around the livestock.

Equipment used:
FX Dreamline Tactical 600mm .25 (Velocity 860fps – 41ft/lbs)
Donny FL Sumo silencer
Accu-Tac Bipod (Crapu-Tac)
Magpul AR-15 MOE Mil-Spec Butt Stock
D.S. Arms AR-15/M16 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube
UTG AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter
Optisan EVX 4-16×44 F1 FFP
Eagle Vision Infinity Elevation Adjustable Scope Mounts FAE-S50
Eagle Vision M4 Scope Bubble Level
FX 25.4gr Pellets
Reg pressure 117bar
Digital Pressure Gauge (1/8 BSP 28mm)
Bipod Rail Extender
Eagle Vision scope cam
Eagle Vision lens
GoPro Hero 7 Black
SMW Engineering Barrel Band 34/20mm (Short)
Picatinny mount adapter
Hawke LRF400 Rangefinder

Additional accessories:
Accu-Tac BR-4 G2 QD Bipod
“The Punisher” Dust Filler Cap
FX Impact Magazine holder
Deerhunter Muflon Jacket
Deerhunter Beanie Hat
Deerhunter Rusky Neck Warmer

Lancs Vermin Control


  1. donald marks より:

    Very informative Lancs. Look forward to the next one soon. 🙂

  2. malc1730 より:

    Great vid how many shots do you get

  3. ALAN POVEY より:

    Love your videos but what is the total cost of your rig,or is it a case of you dont want to know.

  4. silverbob999 より:

    really liked the slow mo at the end of your shoot & the gun review was brilliant imo, honest, not to technical & informative thanks for taking the time to post

  5. Robert Howe より:

    Nothing wrong with giving info out…. U get a lot of questions when h get a new set up.. Up and running…

  6. Casper Boo より:

    You got it dialed in nicely mate, cracking shooting, great slow mo’s and just honest down to earth info, that we can all understand, nice one, Cheers

  7. Durham Grey Squirrel Pest Control より:

    Another mint video bud, must admit to not considering the Dreamline and now I know why. Couldn’t see me getting on with that. Think I will go down the FX FAC route soon but dunno which model.

  8. Julian Weeks より:

    Sadly my dreamline tactical is sub 12 as I don’t have a license, however with the jsb 15.89 Jumbo’s it’s a tack driver out to 50 yards. I also have the crapu tack, tightened everything thing up so tight it is rock solid so can’t use it as it should be used. Once again mate great video 🙂

  9. John Woodward より:

    Fantastic videos,keep them coming. I’m reliving my youth through you. I didn’t have the chance to go shooting like you. Still back garden plinking with my 40 year old Diana .22. Used to be 50yd range,since moved and now only 10yds, not so much fun.

  10. DAVE 1 second ago より:

    great shooting and nice new menacer bro

  11. Edward Nuttall より:

    Excellent vids and shooting. You never fail us. Do you prefer air rifles to your bullet guns ?

  12. Killing Time Productions より:

    Great shooting and I consider your review spot on. No BS just your honest opinion.

  13. James Down より:

    Just started watching your vids mate. Just getting in to PCP, waiting on my first rifle to turn up. Really enjoy your format any simplicity. I sense you’re a veteran as well ✌️

  14. Jason Kirk より:

    Actually enjoyed the chat at the end more than the shooting in this one. Curious to know if you have a cleaning routine for new rifles or do you shoot straight out of the box?

  15. TheMystyblues より:

    Lancs, you make real videos. Love them. Hey could you have used .22 instead? Is this because it’s your new gun?

  16. Steffen Schmidt より:

    Mega awesome film, Why the 25 instead of a 22

  17. Janice Barker より:

    Great video again, hope you enjoy the new gun

  18. Brian Lodge より:

    Seven jackdaws well done time to fill your mag don’t forget another good quality video.

  19. Captain_Dirt より:

    I think you made a good choice with the Dreamline tact. Maverick’s are having MAJOR leaking issues. I sent mine back for warranty repairs twice now , still waiting for it’s return …. again ! For the price of that gun , it should rub my nuts for me , not leak all the time. This will be my LAST FX gun , i will never buy from them again. Good luck with your Dreamline.