The FX Harmonic Barrel Tuner is Real-and it is Spectacular!

I had the extreme fortune to be in the right place at the right time and was able to get my hands on one of the first Harmonic Barrel Tuners for the FX Impact for some testing.
Prior to this I would run through any new rifle set up with a variety of moderators. The effect of changing from a sumo to a tattoo was to shift the center of gravity of the barrel thus altering its harmonics. I always found that one moderator would win out against the others in terms of group size, and that’s how I would decide which moderator lived on which rifle. I can’t say that I understood exactly why things lined up that way, but I do now.
Other people will describe the science of how and why this works to improve precision, my aim with this video is to add my voice to affirm that the idea of moving a weight forward or backward along the end of the barrel does in fact change the point of impact of the pellet. Interestingly, it doesn’t even just move it up or down. As you’ll see in the video different positions of the way it actually adjusted or shifted where the group was left or right of center. This was not the result of wind in this test, I have done this test over and over and consistently get the same results.
If you don’t believe me, you’ll just have to try it for yourself.


  1. peteralexben より:

    these barrel tuners work wel on the fx system ,but i do not think that it would do much on a stiff strong steel bull barrel ,lets say a 18 mm stress relased steel barrel ,,exspecially on a low pressure airgun compared to a firearm. . the grouping you see is the movement of the barrel . if you got speed difference shot to shot or pressure difference , a tuner can not help.

  2. Frog Roost より:

    I shoot straight ! It’s the gun that doesn’t !

  3. Doug Dishler より:

    Nice Pj good luck At rmac!! Do you have the carbon fiber barrel sleeve installed???

  4. All about HPA Airgun reviews より:

    I can’t wait until it becomes available

  5. Casper Boo より:

    Good job Pj and good luck at rmac mate, ill be routing for ya Cheers

  6. Tomek K より:

    It comes with fiber carbon sleeve???

  7. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    Hey PJ! Great video. When will those be available?

  8. Vinny C より:

    Very interesting. I haven’t seen that yet. Will be watching for more info. Thanks.

  9. NUMIZA Airguns より:

    Nice buddy

  10. Craizg35 より:

    Thank you Sir. They keep telling me “by the end of summer”. I really need a chrono and am waiting for the inline with the rail mounted display. I wonder how many things we will all have hanging of our barrels. LOL Tuners, moderators, chronos, etc.