Don’t be confused! Thorpy FX Pulse Doppler

With great sounds comes a more complex user interface and a bit more of a learning curve…. so let’s learn what the Pulse Doppler from Thorpy has to offer!

#thorpyfx #pulsedoppler #lovetone

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  1. Ruthless CutThroat より:

    54 seconds ago.

  2. Oliver Amberg より:

    I would use it as a door stopper… 😉

  3. Rob Young より:

    Nice design all the knobs u DON’T want to hit accidentally hit r recessed : ) nice Jammies carry ON….

  4. Umberto Y Lost Trio Paranoias より:

    The steep modulation yanks my ear a bit too much. Kinda restless after a while.
    I had a moment of bliss when it was over, though.
    Kudos for your courage to dive into the abyss.

  5. Thomas Vogel より:

    that’s phantastic

  6. Erik Dodd より:

    I’m a sucker for pulse and throb.

  7. Cheddar Kung Pao より:

    This pedal sounds good as hell. Adrian stop making such good pedals I can’t fill my house up with all your pedals!!

  8. JH Skj より:

    Seems like a great pedal! Only it’s completely useless

  9. JH Skj より:

    You buy your clothes at the meme-store?

  10. JRR より:

    If only it was proper stereo