Top Mods Weekly: NEW Combat Overhaul, Enchantment FX and MORE (Skyrim XBOX Mods)

Welcome to another top 5 mods of the week video,
Consisting of the top 5 Skyrim XBOX mods of the week according to me,
They also are all available on PC as well.
This week we have been blessed with a ton of awesome mods from a new Enaisaion combat overhaul,
to crazy visual effects like flaming swords… finally a competitor to VAE (Visually Animated Enchants).
There are new weapon packs and armors as well as maybe a slightly misleading name for some new samurai killmoves.
I hope you like my choices!

Come and discuss it with us over on my discord:

– (XBOX Mod): SKSE for XBOX:
– (PC Mod): Samurai Killmove Special Edition (SKSE):

– (XBOX Mod): The Revamped Quivers:
– (PC Mod): The Revamped Quivers:

– (XBOX Mod): Soulsborne Themed Collection 1k:
– (XBOX Mod): Soulsborne Themed Collection 2k:
– (PC Mod): Soulsborne Themed Collection:

– (XBOX Mod): Reprisal – Vanilla and Summermyst Enchant FX:
– (PC Mod): See Enchantments SE.
– (PC Mod): Overflowing Magick – Animated Enchantment Effects V2.
– (PC Mod): Realistic Enchant FX.

– Valravn – Integrated Combat of Skyrim:
– (PC Mod): Valravn – Integrated Combat of Skyrim:

As always special thanks to my buddy Ehatch who provided the music for this video,
he does a ton of a amazing stuff which you can find here:
– Youtube –
– Soundcloud –
– Twitch –

Intro 00:00
SKSE for XBOX 00:26
The Revamped Quivers 01:43
The Soulsborne Themed Collection 03:21
Reprisal Vanilla and Summermyst Enchant FX 05:27
Valravn Integrated Combat of Skyrim 07:18
Outro 10:56


  1. James Estrada より:

    Are you a United fan by any chance? What do you think about Ronaldo’s transfer??

  2. Soldierboy54b より:

    Whatever you do, my friend. Don’t move back to England. Come here to Oklahoma; so you can live in relative freedom. For the most part, we don’t even bother with that mask bullshit.

  3. feno より:

    My ass really got excited when I saw “SKSE for XBOX” on the timestamp. Oh well, the killmoves are pretty cool

  4. Bernardo Guitti Leite より:

    Great vid mate

  5. rubest 151 より:

    Thanks for the video. Ive been having trouble going southeast of solstheim by trouble i mean the game crashes, does anyone have this trouble?

  6. Matt Lawrence より:

    M, have you thought of using storm of steel w/ valravn? Is it even compatible? Using valravn myself atm and enjoying the directional blocking among other things. Thanks for the vid as always.

  7. Infinite Mads より:

    I do like the ultimate dodge mod but im stuck with the default dodge mod 3rd person look. For some reason i cant center my character. Dope mods tho!!

  8. Umar C より:

    Is the combat mod kind of similar to storm of steel?

  9. John O'Carroll より:

    How do you have your swords on your back witcher style at the beginning?

  10. Xezbeth より:

    Yooo in always down for some Soulsborn weapons and armor! Good stuff this week bro
    Good luck on the move

  11. Just some random Crusader より:

    What category should I put reprisal under. I’m pretty new modding and finally got a load order that doesn’t crash and I wanna be safe.

  12. TimeTrnr より:

    What Display Enhancements settings are you using? I tried out the same ones you were using on your Dragon LO but it didn’t look the same at all, and I wasn’t using any other light mods (and had the same LO as you).

  13. Boere Pompie より:

    Hey man, I use the 150 mod load order you made about 4 months ago, I love the combat mod at the end but may I ask how I would put it into that other load order, where do I put it and what do I take out?

    Also I use immersive movement, what movement mod would you reccomend or is that combat mod also a movement overhaul?

  14. RoleplayerAsocial より:

    LMAO, I love the first mod.

  15. King Furbs より:

    Two questions 1 is can you still use heart breaker mod with skse?? What would you recommend with flagrant graphics overhaul for landscape?

  16. Unscbug12 '-' より:

    Gotta agree with integrated valravn, I wanted something to challenge me but thought both were not it. Valravn to me is what I wanted and adding know your enemies to this makes a great challenge

  17. Virus GlitchMaster より:

    Another great vid my man

  18. just bob より:

    Hope your move goes smoothly…
    Another great week of mods

  19. Jeremy Alexander より:

    7:05 You literally took an arrow to the knee.

  20. David Cornell より:

    As much as I like enchanted weapons I really don’t see the point in Skyrim. If something is enchanted it should be a perminant enchanment, you should not have to carry soul gems around to recharge weapons. If you’re supposed to be a master of enchanting then why would one have to keep recharging your enchanted weapons? Your armor takes a beating and yet you don’t have to recharge it. This is why I choose not to enchant weapons.

  21. Mr. security_unknown より:

    Much love my dude keep at it! I’m a huge dark souls fan and any mod that brings the worlds together I’m always down!

  22. Rick OldDirty Sanchez より:

    Can you imagine having the SIG MG338 in fallout 4. AP rounds loaded up would destroy Raiders or SuperMutants (and wreck pretty much everything else), but their bases as well.

  23. havocisomega THE GIGADDI APP LIFE より:

    Good luck safe travels as i always say thanks for the info on the mods

  24. Malu Cod より:

    You the bast in mods !! I Like your vídeos.

  25. Rick OldDirty Sanchez より:

    So SCP comes to Skyrim.

  26. Rick OldDirty Sanchez より:

    Damn, and I just put in the WildCat/Archery bundle.

  27. Awesome Sauce より:

    What grass mods are you using in this video if i may ask?

  28. ndcp2379 より:

    Once again great mods. I wish there was a trimmer/stream lined version of Thunderchild.

    Also I am using populated roads, immersive patrols, radiance, extended encounters, and IA 92 Warzone, which two do you think I should get rid of to improve game stability.

  29. Jim Björk より:

    Thanks bro, I’ve used Reprisal vanilla and summermyst enchant fx for a few days and wow. I will never play without this again.
    I felt the other animated enchant I tried was just overkill and made all weapons into glowsticks rather then a beautiful weapon that had added enchantment.

    Will try Valravn, seems nice with some added difficulty, yet not enough to make it into a new game.

  30. Jim Björk より:

    Skyrim Mercenaries (XBOX)
    Amazing mod when having heavy mods like deadly bandits/draugr of skyrim to protect npc and making sure it’s not impossible to kill them. Also seems more believable for there to be more soldier or mercanaries in a world like skyrim then what there are.

  31. Muhammad Ali より:

    I’m deffo a fan of more executions, thanks for the highlights. Keep up the great work and I hope your move goes smooth without any problems.