Fractal Audio: FM9 Amp Modeler / FX Processor

First we had the mighty AX8. People are still using it and loving that one, understandably. Then came the FM3 with its Axe-FX III looks and Cygnus firmware. Again, very popular. Now we have the FM9. Some might call it the “Goldilocks” product. I sure do! The FM9 has four DSP cores making it the most powerful floor processor Fractal Audio have ever built. Add the nine completely customisable footswitches, hundreds of presets and user slots, hundreds of amp blocks (you can have two per preset each with four channels); thousands of IRs, expandable control, FM9-Edit… Let’s just say there are a lot of good reasons to want an FM9, not least its industrial-strength build and future-proof upgradeability. I love it! I expect you probably will too.

Today’s tools:

Guitar: 2021 Charvel USA Custom Shop Select So-Cal.
Power Supply: Eventide PowerMax by Cioks
Mic: Samson Airline77 (me)
Camera: iPhone 11 Pro and Canon D60
Soundcard: PreSonus Quantum & Fractal Audio Systems
FM9 via S/PDIF (guitar, mixing and bouncing).
Desktop Monitors: PreSonus R80 R-Series Active AMT Studio Monitors ()
Computer: 2017 Apple iMac Pro, 2.5 GHz 14-Core Intel Xeon W, 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro Vega 64X 16 GB
Software: Logic Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Compressor.


  1. Braxton Curry より:

    I like

  2. Thrashpit66 より:

    Hell ya !! I want one !!

  3. Allan Ardon より:

    More CPU?

  4. Travis Griffin より:

    Is this real or fake?

  5. Duane Wilson より:

    Wow. I might have missed it but was there a movable send and return for bringing in other pedals?

  6. Marc Coté より:

    Sigh… If only I had the budget for this incredible machine. I’ll have to experience it vicariously through you, Brett. Cheers.

  7. M mgla より:

    I saw the memes with this thing 😀 thought it`s a joke, and then they released it XD Nice stuff!

  8. R.L Lynch より:

    We have waited years for this, FINALLY!! and I’m all over this one. Super stoked

  9. Robin-V より:

    Am I dreaming or with the Cygnus update this seems to be the only modellers brand in which each and every sound feels like the real thing…?!
    Great work as ever Brett !!

  10. David k Evans より:

    Wow! Any price on the unit and when will They sell them in Europe?

  11. Fabrizio Capecchi より:

    Price ??????

  12. Rippin' Lips より:


  13. hawg427 より:

    I didn’t see a price for the FM9 on the Fractal website. Wondering what the US price is? It does say you must be on the waiting list.

  14. 58lp2002 より:

    Very cool and great demo! Curious on how it hooks straight into a MacPro without using an interface. My UA Apollo interface won’t work at the moment due to incompatibility with the Big Sur operating system, tired of fooling with it.

  15. Philip Robinson より:

    I want one. Just falling in love with the FM 3. But FM 9 will be a really good upgrade

  16. MarshallAmp Man より:

    a pedal for the wealthy

  17. Heavy Brett-al より:

    Dam it! Now I want one

  18. Jason Tong より:

    Rounds out the line-up beautifully!

  19. Tommy Tomorrow より:

    Dear Fractal,
    From the largest consumer market on the planet, Your products regardless of quality are too expensive and hard to attain because for some reason you don’t utilize secondary distribution through companies like Sweetwater or AMS or ZZound or Musicianfriends or Samash or Reverb and so on. Getting your products just to see if they’re any good is such a huge inconvenience in comparison to your competitors makes me wonder if your company actually wants a bigger market share.
    The Fact that the Helix, Headrush, GTcore, Mooer GE300, and Kemper Floor (and equal cost to Neural DSP Quad Cortex) are all cheaper than these new devices basically ensures no one in the United States (outside of people who watch European youtube channels) will ever have a significant need for any of your products. Your the Disney Plus of the multi-effects pedal game, but only if Disney Plus was double the price and was only readily accessible in the EU.

  20. The Authentic Steve より:

    I can’t say the sound was very impressive in this demo.

  21. Rotten Potato より:

    Yeah let’s bring a boomer guitarist playing cliche licks to endorse a modern zoomer device

  22. Richard Spillers より:

    I hope they fixed the audio interface side of it. My FM3 is useless in that department.

  23. Ron Padgett より:

    Thanks Brett! Great video. Answered all my questions. I love my FM3 but being able to run 2 amps would be nice. Awesome!

  24. john gudgeon より:

    I nearly squeezed the trigger on a full fat Helix yesterday, thank the gods I didn’t!
    just joined the waiting list for this.

  25. Telly Swain より:

    What about Axe FX 3….?…..I can’t keep up?

  26. David Curtis より:

    This unit is freaking RAD!! You are the man as always! Great job explaining all the features and functions.

  27. Darryl of Sussex より:

    Is this thing available in Europe yet? I can’t find one anywhere.
    Edited: join an email waiting list on their website?! Okay, so back to plan A, other floor multi fx.

  28. TheSAJ11 より:

    Sounds like the Mooer latest pedal processor they made!
    Digital and plasticy!!

  29. bachelor 101 より:

    Look there’s roughly 65k subs here and if you all. Gave me 25 cents each I could get one these. Jeeves arrange the go fund me.

  30. red comn より:

    Oh they added another balance in.

    I can add another analog synthesizer into it.

    Yes synth guy use axe too for fx and sometimes the amp modeling.

    It’s easier using this for fx then using plugin and pedal live.

  31. Browns Fan より:

    Looks and sounds great!

  32. Anthony Ward より:

    All that and a bag of chips. Love it. 🙂

  33. DrRussPhd より:

    Now I know why the FM3 , FC12, and EV pedal were on sale as a bundle . . . so Fractal could drop this a month later. I bought the bundle but would have waited for this unit instead. This seems like something Line 6 would do.

    FM9 sounds nice, great demo Burgs.

  34. Jeff Sadie より:

    Amazing. Every tone was amazing. I’d like to hear the country twang of my Telecaster through it. Now, all I have to do, is come up with $1600 or whatever the price is. Then, I have to start playing as good as Brett plays.

  35. Shakespearian Copy より:

    My only issue with the lates modelers is that these seem not to care much about the quality of effects other than drives, cabs and sometimes reverbs. The phaser on this unit was weird up to an hilarious point, the feel was quite “ artificial “ compared to drives, same thing with vibe and others you displayed here. I hope people like you that has closer feedback with the brand can make this of notice to them. It seems like no modeler out there has a proper sounding vibe. Other than that, seems like a great unit and you did a magnificent demo. Cheers!

  36. PBGas34 より:

    Awesome presentation!

  37. robert l より:


  38. Ryan Herrera より:

    What the Fuc*, just WoW!!!!

  39. Waldemar Kulikowski より:

    I tried FM3 and it didn’t convince me. It’s the same sound, so it won’t convince me either. There are only more options that I rate positively. Good review.

  40. Dan Tana より:

    I will be getting this

  41. MrCrrispy より:

    Strange they didn’t add an expression/volume pedal. Of course you can have an external one, but..

  42. Charles T. より:

    What an amazing piece of gear!!! It’s so visually pleasing to look at this piece of equipment!!! This is what expected the Line 6 Helix XL to look like but the just cheaper out and made it look Frankensteinish….

  43. Tmidiman より:

    Holy Sh…………..!

  44. Phil DeGraves より:

    They should have had a built in expression pedal.

  45. Warren Hahnel より:

    Awesome Brett. As a long time user of the AX8 I have loved that unit, particularly as its so user friendly live. The downside for me with the AX8 was the processor power and the FX9 seems to address this and provide a lot of the options available in the AXE FX III.

  46. Dennis Belon より:

    Perfect timing. I was looking at the AxeFX3 but this is even better for my needs.